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Top Turkey Cities to Buy Property

cities to buy property in turkey

Top Turkey Cities to Buy Property are:


2- Ankara

3- Izmir





City Istanbul

When you buy a property in Turkey Istanbul, you will find that there are many options in terms of where you intend to buy the property, especially a city like Istanbul provides you with many ingredients and reasons that make you confused when you need to be in Istanbul, The owner of a specific property in one of the regions.

Istanbul is the main centre of tourism, education, commerce, and economy, accounting for the proportion of its real estate population. City Istanbul offers many options and extends in all directions, and more than 55 countries worldwide are only a 4-hour drive from Istanbul.

Cities to Buy Property in Turkey- istanbul

In addition to this, there is the new third international airport, which is a significant attraction in the country and Istanbul, making travel more convenient. 

Istanbul is expected to be among the top five cities in the world. The country’s economic policy for 2023 includes all the main attractive options that will make Istanbul the most desirable city for people with nightlife and modern conveniences. Istanbul is at the top of the list of Turkish cities. It has the highest proportion of the working population and attracts millions of tourists every year. Istanbul also has some amazing historical sights, such as the Blue Mosque.

City Ankara

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the country’s administrative center and the second-largest city after Istanbul. It has approximately 4.5 million, which is why Anakara real estate is highly sought after. There are luxury family houses, large houses, and large apartments. 

There are different advantages to buying and investment property in Ankara. Ankara is a city where real estate is booming. This city has attracted the attention of many foreign investors. Even if there is a general negative trend in the market, the loss of house value in Ankara is still minimal.

Ankara has many cultural values. There are many museums and galleries of art in the city. Ankara is an ideal education city. Ankara University is in the world rankings. This city offers good job opportunities and accounts for 9% of the country’s GDP.

There are bus services from the intercity bus terminal to all parts of the country. 

Projects that add value to Ankara will cause serious activity in the land market in the short term. Real estate investment can be made in Ankara or land investment.

Here are the main pillars of Ankara’s investment environment:

• Special industrial and technological zones

• Industrial and regional revitalization

• Knowledge centers, research centers, science parks, and campuses 

• Industrial clusters 

• Logistics centers 

City Izmir 

Izmir is Turkey’s third-largest city, with the country’s second-largest port and a perfect transportation hub. The city has tens of thousands of college students, scientists, artists, business leaders, and scholars. The tourism investment in Izmir, Turkey, is one of the best tourist attractions in the city, with millions of tourists visiting tourist attractions every year. 

Izmir, has the best features for nature lovers, such as scenic beaches, unique markets, and beautiful neighborhoods. Izmir has 13 organized industrial zones, four technological development zones, and two free zones, providing an ideal investment environment and infrastructure for more than 4 million investors. 

Among them, 42% of the witches are 30 years old. Under the age of 10, Izmir’s youthful spirit is one of the most productive cities in Turkey. Izmir has high rental potential for homeowners. Their annual income is 4-7%, depending on the house’s quality, the property’s characteristics, and additional facilities such as gardens and landscapes.

City Kusadasi 

Kusadasi is one of the earliest tourist destinations in Turkey and the first city for cruise tourism in Turkey. Today, Kusadasi has the third largest cruise port, and it is home to the largest cruise ships from all over the world. Kusadasi is famous for its tourist attractions.

Without visiting Kusadasi, the trip to Turkey would not be complete.

Kusadasi is connected to Istanbul via Izmir Airport, a 55-minute flight. This city on the Aegean coast of Turkey has attracted the attention of global investors for many different reasons. 

Although the local bus system from the city center provides residents with cheap and fast travel options, if they want to go further, the main Otogar in the suburbs also has routes to other parts of Turkey. Of course, for car drivers, the nearby Izmir and Aydin highways provide access to many easily accessible areas. 

One of the most important reasons for investing in real estate in Kusadasi is that the city’s real estate portfolio offers many apartments and villas for resale. The starting price for a two-bedroom apartment is around £60,000, and the payment plan depends on whether you are buying for resale or off-plan. 

Compared with other regions, real estate prices in Kusadasi are lower. The location offers a variety of properties, from affordable apartments to luxury apartments. Kusadasi itself provides terrific views and atmosphere. It has two of the largest theme parks in Turkey. The beach with white sand is breathtaking. With huge travel and tourism potential, Kusadasi properties also promise to provide guaranteed income in the form of holiday homes.

City Bodrum 

Turkey is famous for its perfect combination of modern and traditional architectural styles. In terms of real estate in Turkey, Bodrum offers the best architectural styles. Many ongoing projects incorporate traditional architectural styles into their buildings. And this trend of mixing modern and modern architectural styles is now the latest darling of foreign buyers.

Bodrum offers a comfortable lifestyle in all aspects. Whether it’s a weekly market, convenient transportation facilities, and numerous shopping and sightseeing options, Bodrum provides citizens with all-in-one packages. This peninsula location is also a tourist center. Bodrum is famous for its boating and yachting venues and impressive resorts. In addition, Bodrum already has a large number of foreign real estate owners. The language and culture of Bodrum give you peace of mind that all the locals here speak fluent English. 

City Antalya

Antalya is the second most popular tourist destination. This is a place where there is a never-ending demand for real estate because its history, entertainment, food, and relaxed ex-pat lifestyle make Antalya the best place to buy and own real estate. 

The tourism characteristics of Antalya city have attracted many huge investments. , Especially the favorite destinations of European and Russian tourists, until the annual increase of foreign tourists to 2 million. 

As long as you choose a good investment location and type, you can bring good returns to investors in this regard. Foreigners like Antalya because Antalya is a place of dreams to settle down. 

Interestingly, this location has been the most desirable place for foreigners in the past 60 years. When the Turkish government opened the door for foreigners to invest in real estate, Antalya witnessed the first increase in demand for real estate. . Own, that is a prosperous city.

It also has different locations and provides different environments. The climate of Antalya is pleasant, with nearly 300 days or more of sunshine a year. The two airports in Antalya have also established super connections with other cities. For those who want a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, Antalya is the best place.

City Alanya

Alanya If you have always wanted to live abroad, Turkey may be your best choice. As a livable place, you can also make considerable profits from any investment property in Alanya. 

It may be not easy to imagine (especially if you have been looking for properties elsewhere in the world), but the real estate market in Alanya is definitely in an "upward" phase at the moment. People can finally get desirable prices for their properties, but they are still a truly outstanding investment in basements compared to the rest of the world. 

If we look back over the past ten years, official statistics show that hundreds of foreigners bought a freehold property in Alanya, Turkey. Located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean coast, the city center and smaller seaside towns have quickly developed into popular destinations in the Turkish real estate market. After Istanbul, which is known for its diverse population, Alanya ranks second. 

The location is a perfect example of a multicultural partnership. Yes, this place is currently a warm home for people in more than 80 countries. Alanya attracts real estate investors in many ways. Mainly the price is affordable. Next, it is worth experiencing the cleanliness and atmosphere of this place. 

The climate in this seaside town is pleasant. Not surprisingly, people from any country feel at home in this town. Another top-secret that allows foreigners and foreigners to invest in real estate is their affordable and portable lifestyle. Alanya provides a global life experience, but you only need to pay part of the cost in any other western or European city.

Final thoughts

Considering all its ‌facilities, Turkey could be the best choice if you have always wanted to live abroad. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the location and type of houses. Turkey can become a paradise for foreign real estate investors.

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