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Types of SIM cards in Turkey

SIM card in Turkey

Buying a Turkish SIM card is the concern of many people who plan to travel to this country. Turkey is a country where you can easily enter and buy a SIM card with your passport without any special documents. In this article, we are going to talk about the purchase price, types of SIM cards and Turkish operators, the best credit SIM cards, etc. in this country.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a SIM card in Turkey, it is better to know its rules from 0 to 100. Stay with us to talk about how to register a SIM card and related costs.

SIM card in Turkey

It is necessary to note that using Iranian SIM cards in other foreign countries can incur a lot of costs. In general, buying a Turkish SIM card can be very affordable.

In addition, buying a SIM card is very easy and hassle-free, and there is no need for travelers or expats to use free internet at high costs. If you plan to live in Turkey for a long time, we suggest that you buy a Turkish SIM card so that you can easily communicate with your friends and family members.

Buy Turkish SIM card

Regarding how to buy a Turkish SIM card, you must first complete the information form through your passport. Then, to buy a SIM card in Turkey, you must first go to SIM card sales representatives and Turkish operators, and by presenting your passport to these people and filling out the registration form, you can easily receive your SIM card.

Another important point is that if you intend to buy permanent SIM cards, you must be a citizen of Turkey or have received permanent residence in that country. Tourists are only allowed to buy credit and tourist SIM cards.

Turkish SIM card price

Various operators sell SIM cards in Turkey, each of which has a different price. We will discuss them below:

  • As the top operator in this country, Turkcell operator offers prices from 50 lira to 150 lira for its SIM cards.
  • The pricing rate of Turk Telecom operator starts from 50 lira.
  • Vodafone operator , which is the largest operator in Turkey, sells SIM cards up to 70 lira and provides high-speed internet.

SIM card in Turkey

Types of Turkish SIM cards (permanent-credit-tourist)

In Turkey, SIM cards are divided into three categories: permanent, credit and tourist:

1. Permanent SIM card

If you plan to stay in Turkey for a long time, it is better to purchase a permanent SIM card. The costs related to the permanent SIM card are calculated with the bill, as in Iran. All these three mentioned operators sell Turkey SIM cards of permanent type.

2. Credit SIM card

If you plan to stay in Turkey for 1-2 months, one of the most affordable SIM cards is credit. Credit SIM cards need to be purchased every month.

3. Tourist SIM card

This type of SIM card is specially designed for tourists, which is provided by Turkcell, Turk Telecom and Vodafone operators. You will definitely need a passport and ID card to buy it. The tourist SIM card is valid for 3 months and needs to be renewed after that.

Types of permanent SIM cards in Turkey

Regarding permanent SIM cards, we must first mention that only people who have a residence card in Turkey can get a permanent SIM card. In general, permanent SIM cards are classified into two categories: credit and debit, and all three operators in Turkey, such as Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telecom, offer permanent SIM cards.

This is not the case in Turkey, unlike in Iran, where their SIM cards are determined to be permanent. You can even convert your credit SIM card to a permanent one after some time by presenting a residence card.

The best permanent SIM card in Turkey

In relation to the issue of which Turkish SIM card is the best in terms of permanent, we must say that in general, permanent SIM cards do not differ much from each other in terms of call and internet packages as well as price.

Most Iranians prefer to buy Turkcell SIM cards in order to have proper coverage. But if you don’t plan to travel to a remote or special place in Turkey, our suggestion is Turk Telekom, which is the most suitable in terms of price and costs.

Permanent SIM card price in Turkey

The cost of permanent SIM cards in Turkey is not much different from Iran. In addition, it is calculated with a bill like in Iran. The price of Turkish SIM card is different according to the type of SIM card received from Vodafone, Turk Telecom and Turkcell. But if the cost is important to you, you can make your purchases from Turk Telecom operators, which are very economical and low-cost. Usually, the price of Turkcell SIM cards starts from 400 liras.

The price of call and internet packages on a permanent SIM card

According to the obtained reports, the price of the call and internet packages in the permanent SIM card depends on several factors. In other words, 20 GB of internet along with 200 minutes of conversation is calculated at 400 liras.

Of course, this amount is the cost of call packages for Turkcell SIM card. To get more detailed information about the cost of Turkish SIM card call and internet packages, the desired codes should be taken and the actual prices displayed.

Permanent SIM card roaming tariff in Turkey

The roaming tariff of a permanent SIM card in Turkey is at least 3000 Tomans per one megabyte of internet. These roaming charges in Iranian money usually start from 6500, which depends on the amount of minutes of conversation.

Types of credit SIM cards in Turkey

Turkcell SIM card is another type of credit SIM card. People who have a residence card can get this SIM card at a lower price. Vodafone SIM card is the second type of credit SIM card that has many fans. Because it has excellent communication coverage. Although compared to Turkcell, it has a smaller area.

The best credit SIM cards in Turkey

We can boldly say that the best credit type SIM card in Turkey belongs to Turkcell. In terms of service, it has potential performance and you can get the best price with an Iranian passport. Since 1994, this SIM card has many fans among tourists and guests of Turkey.

In fact, you can find the best internet packages with great volume and good price in this type of SIM card. Most of the remote areas can be connected with Turkcell SIM card.

Credit SIM card price

Regarding the price of credit-type Turkish SIM card, we must say that considering the costs, this type of SIM card is one of the most affordable SIM cards for tourists. The amount of this SIM card is about 250 to 400 liras. Usually, most foreign and domestic people use credit SIM cards, and by participating in some festivals, you may be able to buy a SIM card at a better price.

The price of call and internet packages on a credit SIM card

As we said before, the price of calls and internet packages of credit SIM cards are different from each other. For example, we can consider the amount of at least 350 lira for the Vodafone SIM card. By presenting your passport and ID card, you can apply for the call package registration.

People who have a Turkish residence card can pay 300 lira when buying Turkish Telecom SIM card packages. Therefore, with all the details, the price of SIM card packages in Turkey depends on the type of package and the amount of items we have mentioned, just like in other countries.

Credit SIM card roaming tariff in Turkey

After you enter Turkey, your mobile phone will be roaming by operators. You must check if roaming is active or not. In relation to Turkish SIM card roaming tariffs, you will be charged some fees. For example, if people from Iran have called you, you have to pay 6500 Tomans per minute.

You will be charged 2500 Tomans for sending SMS. These costs can be different according to the amount of your conversation. For more information in this regard, you can contact our experts.

Types of tourist SIM cards in Turkey

One of the types of tourist SIM cards is Turkcell. This type of SIM card offers great facilities to citizens. We can safely say that it is one of the most widely used tourist SIM cards. The second SIM card is the Vodafone SIM card.

Vodafone Turkey SIM card is ranked second in terms of coverage and provides users with prepaid packages with high volumes. Turk Telecom is the third tourist SIM card, it does not have many features in the big cities of Turkey, but it has a very good internet speed and provides you with various packages.

The best tourist SIM card in Turkey

One of the best tourist SIM cards you can buy is the Vodafone SIM card. By purchasing this SIM card, you will get free internet, messages and calls for 30 days. In fact, Vodafone has the fastest internet and excellent network coverage.

With this type of Turkish SIM card, you can have good communication in all cities and villages. The price of this SIM card starts from 50 lira.


Tourist SIM card price

Regarding the tourist SIM card tariff, we cannot provide an exact price in this regard because the prices can be different according to the type of SIM card, type of volume and package. Next, it is necessary to take into account that tourist SIM cards are valid for a maximum of 3 months for people, and after these three months are over, it is one-way, and after six months, you will lose the credit completely.

Consider at least 50 lira to buy a Turkish tourist SIM card. Usually the prices start from 50 and continue up to 150.

The price of call and internet packages in the tourist SIM card

In fact, the price of the call and internet packages in the tourist SIM card depends on the type of internet volume. For example, for 14 GB packages, we can consider a price equivalent to 80 liters. For the 10 GB package with 75 minutes of conversation, the price is about 75 lira.

In addition, if you intend to buy 6GB of internet with 500 minutes of talk time, you can pay the equivalent of 65 lira. Of course, these prices fluctuate over the years. For more information in this regard, we suggest that you contact our experts to obtain sufficient information in this field.

Tourist SIM card roaming tariff in Turkey

It is necessary to note that before using mobile services in Turkey, you must activate roaming services. According to the rules, the roaming tariff for a tourist SIM card in Turkey is around 100-200 liras. By activating roaming, you will have access to global conversations and various internet packages.

Getting a Turkish SIM card and activating roaming is the easiest way to communicate with friends and acquaintances abroad.

The best and cheapest mobile operator in Turkey

Now the question is, among the three operators Vodafone, Tercel and Turk Telecom, which one is considered the best and cheapest SIM card? In fact, all three of these operators are among the best and we cannot distinguish much.

But in terms of price and which one is the cheapest, usually Turk Telecom’s packages and calls are much cheaper than the other two operators, and in terms of being the best and covering it, it is very appropriate, and we also recommend Turkcell to you dear ones.

However, we said earlier that Iranians prefer to buy Turkcell. As we said, if you think about its possible costs, the best SIM card in Turkey can be Turk Telekom, which sells its SIM cards for 330 lira.

Vodafone is also the best option for people whose priority is mobile internet because it has very good internet package rates.

Benefits of buying a Turkish SIM card

In this section, we will mention the advantages of buying a Turkish SIM card. Buying a SIM card in this country has potential benefits that are as follows:

  • The possibility of using router programs in Turkey using the Internet
  • Reducing free charges and preventing roaming charges
  • Very convenient and hassle-free access to the Internet
  • Reasonable and affordable costs of internet and call packages
  • Very easy contact and communication with others
  • The relatively low price of Turkish SIM cards compared to other SIM cards of other countries

Necessary documents to buy a SIM card in Turkey for Iranians

As we mentioned, buying a Turkish SIM card is very easy and hassle-free, and you only need your passport and filling out the purchase form to register the SIM card. In fact, you go to the agencies in the city after presenting the passport, pick up the special form, fill it and present it again.

 The only thing you should pay attention to is that if you intend to buy a permanent SIM card, you will definitely need Turkish citizenship and permanent residence. In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you can buy a property in Istanbul worth 400 thousand US dollars, city real estate will be your guide in this direction.

Buying a Turkish SIM card in Iran

If you are in Turkey and want to buy a Turkish SIM card, you can go to its centers and operators to make your purchase, but if you are in Iran and want to buy a Turkish SIM card, visit this website. There are many sites that help you in the supply of SIM cards.

Of course, in order to be safe and cut the hands of profiteers, you must make your purchases from reputable stores and avoid buying used and second-hand SIM cards separately. We can guide and help you in buying all kinds of Turkish SIM cards in this area.

Charging Turkish SIM cards from Iran

This question may arise in your mind, is it possible to charge Turkish SIM cards from Iran? In response, we must say yes. Today, many websites are active in this field and can recharge SIM cards in less than a few minutes. Keep in mind that the Turkish SIM card needs to be recharged for activation after some time of use.

Additional tips about buying a SIM card in Turkey

  1. Keep in mind that if you plan to stay in Turkey for less than two months, you do not need to register your mobile phone and pay the SIM card tax.
  2. When you buy a Turkish SIM card, you may be entitled to free calls, which do not include calls to foreign countries.
  3. If you are planning to buy a SIM card in Turkey, airports usually provide SIM cards at higher prices.
  4. Turkey is not part of the European Union, so you cannot use free roaming of European SIM cards in Turkey.
  5. Don’t forget that the purchased SIM card will be unavailable as soon as you leave the country. Because these SIM cards are only valid in Turkey for 3 months.
  6. Be sure to buy from reputable stores.

the final conclusion

Finally, we should mention that you can easily buy a Turkish SIM card in Turkey. The Turkish SIM card will be deactivated after 3 months, and you need to activate it to renew it.

If you have not activated after 3 months, the SIM card certificate will be blocked. You can share your comments with us. If you need more information about the types of permanent, credit and tourist SIM cards in Turkey, contact our experts.

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