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Best Places to Take Children on Holiday in Turkey

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Best Places to Take Children on Holiday in Turkey 

How is Turkey for traveling?

Is Turkey suggested for family holidays?

How is children holiday in Turkey?

Where are the best places in Turkey for children?

How much are the fees in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best tourist resorts and family holiday destinations. Turkey is the first choice of European families. Different reasons make Turkey the hub for families to have a fantastic time with their children. 

This country has eye-catching and clean beaches, attractive places for enjoying the sun and walking on sand. 

There are numerous sea activities for all family members. Moreover, Turkey hosts great comfortable hotels with unique entertainment for kids, from facilities for varieties of sports to computer games. Turkey provides countless activities for adults and kids. 

The critical characteristic of Turkey as a popular destination is affordable prices compared to other countries. In addition, this country is safe and welcomes different cultures and people from every corner of the world. 

Turkey is a place that provides vast amounts of entertainment for kids and family members that creates memorable moments for them. 

More than this, tourists need to have a travel plan in advance to make optimum use of their time due to limited time. In this article, the writer tries to introduce parents to the best places in Turkey to spend impressive time with their kids.

Positive Aspect of Taking Children to Turkey on Holidays

Among numerous activities in Turkey, like beach activities, the most positive aspect is the optimal value of money. 

  1. The price of accommodation, food and entertainment are much more suitable than in other countries, and the flights are short and inexpensive. Therefore families can travel to different parts of the country like beaches.
  2. Turkey has visa-free contracts with most countries. Thus, you can plan to travel at any suitable time and take advantage of registering for tours.
  3. Turkey hosts large inclusive hotels with countless conveniences like complete reasonable meals, various entertainments, and accessible accommodation.
  4.  More than one hundred beaches are marked with blue flags that guarantee cleanliness and safety and are free of business enterprises.
  5. Turkey has deep roots in history with worthy historical places attractive to the young generation.
  6. Turkey is famous for its delicious foods and sweets that many nations and whimsical people prefer to try.

Is Turkey a Safe Place to Take a Vacation?

According to many visitors, Turkey is safe for traveling, although you are always advised to be cautious and intelligent- traveling, especially in major cities. 

There are some places you really must not go. Any place 10 Km from the Suriya border and Diyarbakir region is not safe to go.

Remember, Turkey is a vast tourism drag. In 2014 the country was nominated the 6th tourist resort in the world. The Turkish government pays close attention to the tourism industry as it is a primary income source for the country.

Thus the government gives all of itself to prepare tourist security. Visitors are the top priority of the government and the Turkish people.

What Should be Considered while on Holiday in Turkey?

When you want to travel to Turkey, it would be better to consider some important items. First of all, remember to take your passport, visa and payment card. It is necessary to always carry your passport during your stay in Turkey. 

Moreover, you can stay in Turkey with your passport for 150 days from arrival. You need to unblock your payment card to use it outside of the European Union. 

Some countries’ citizens are part of legitimate visa-free travel to Turkey, but if you need to get a visa, please apply for it through online services in advance.

You need to have your insurance pass, flight ticket and hotel reservation. Also, you need supplementary information such as the phone number of your traveling organization and the address of the place you will stay.

Note that it would be better to make a copy of your important document.

If you travel with kids or older people, remember to take enough clothes suitable for various weather conditions. Turkey has different types of climate, even on a single day.

The Best Places You Have Better to Go in Turkey

Parents always wonder where the best places are to travel with their kids in Turkey. The best recommendation for parents is a place with a clean beach, pleasure temperature, and many options to do, near the main cities and airport for easy movement. 

The places that meet these aspects are Belek and Antalya, especially Kemer and Marmaris, which are suitable for six years old kids and older.

If you are looking for children-friendly resorts with top accommodations and inclusive hotels, then you can focus on Belek. A large part of this area hosts five-star hotels. Beleck welcomes you with a clean golden sandy beach, a green walking area, and impeccable hotels. 

The cost of traveling to Belek is 30%-35% more expensive than other tourist resorts in Turkey, but the price is fair according to extensive conveniences. It takes 40 to 45 minutes from Antalya airport.

If you are looking for a budget tourist resort with attractions for kids, then Antalya could be your choice.

Beaches in Antalya are clean, but all of them are not sandy. Some of them are covered by pebbles. However, the Mediterranean sea climate has a beneficial effect on children and adults. You can resort.

Different Areas in Turkey Cater Tourists’ Expectations

  1. July to August is the best time to rest with your family along the Aegean sea and the Black sea coastline because you will be pleased by the moderate temperature and humidity. The Mediterranean and Marble coastlines could be your top preferences in late spring and early fall.
  2. Kemer is another beautiful beach to spend peaceful moments beside your family. If you are sensitive parents, it is better to know that pebbles cover the length of Kemer beach. Kemer is full of pine crops that turn the area into a center of climatotherapy.

The positive side of traveling to Kemer is you will not come across a language barrier.

  1.  On The other side, there is the other tourist attraction zone with the less green area; beaches are sandy, with sharp to gentle slopes. If you have a three years old infant or under, please specify whether hotels have convenient conditions for holidaying with three years old kids or younger.
  2. Places around Marmaris mountain are highly recommended traveling destinations for families with sandy-pebble coasts. These regions are safe for children due to the lack of tall waves, and an island locks the bay’s entrance. The price of vacation is mostly waving at lower ranges.

Where to Visit and How to Entertain Children in Turkey?

Turkey has a long and deep history; thus, if you are a fan of historic places and want to walk in the history, you will not have enough time for a beach holiday. 

It is better to save your time by employing a guided tour which takes you to visit sightseeing around the place you settle. Historical places are not only informative for children but also exciting. It is better to give preferences to manage your time. 

Here the writer has some suggestions for you: Marmara Kalsi in the heart of Marmaris, Cleopatra Island, ancient Kenidos town. Also, there are many picturesque suggestions like the Marmartaris Singing Fountain, the Dolphinarium and Atlantis Water Park. 

Numerous children’s entertainment centers can be selected according to your family’s preferences and wants. Here the writer introduces some leisure activity centers for children. 

Izmir, Cesme

Cesme sits on the west coast of Turkey in Izmir province. This beautiful niche turns into a whimsical tourist drag in the country, thrives on tourists and is famous for its clubs, restaurants, different beaches, and easy access to Greek islands. 

Cesme hosts waste and eye-catching scenes of aniseed, artichoke, sesame, fig and gum trees. There are lots of activities in Cesme to do in the company with your family. Cesme owns numerous beaches, ideal for taking children and spending memorable moments. 

One of these beaches is Ramo Beach, which has a shallow section of the sea, aqua-clean water, and a clean sandy beach. Also, Ramo beach is full of restaurants serving Turkish and fast food.

Moreover, Cesme is well-known for its nightclub and summer music festival, where many famous artists are invited to hold various concerts.

Mugla, Kusadasi

Kusadasi is attached to Aydin and counted as one of the country’s first tourist drags. Kusadasi is known as the largest harbor in Turkey. Most popular cruise tours are easy to access in this region.

Kusadasi is a paradise, which gets attractions thanks to its unique nature and magnificent historical sightseeings, and can be a perfect destination for vacation expectation in every feature.

You can cater to your kids’ craving for new experiences by choosing Kusadasi as a vacation destination.

Dilek Peninsula National Park in Kusadasi is recommended to drop in with your kids.

Beaches in Kusadasi are safe and clean for kids’ activities. Also, all hotels in Kusadasi have inclusive convenience facilities for kids. 

Mugla, Fethiye

Fethiye is found on historical sites of the ancient city Telmessos and sits along the Mediterranean seashore. Fethiye features reflect a cosmopolitan beach with deep roots in history. A boat trip to Fethiye is fabulous for enjoying nature and secluded islands. 

If you are looking for a cozy place with beautiful nature to carve unforgettable moments in your family’s mind, then Fethiye is for you. Fethiye is a protected bay with fresh, clean beaches, safe for children.

Mugla, Bodrum

Bodrum, on the southern coast of Turkey, offers a mix of sights and pleasures from aquatic, ancient, and nocturnal. A day trip in Bodrum with clear blue sky, turquoise sea, and fresh air, then let loose in a bar or restaurant, could be enchanting. 

One day you do not want to have a hangover; take a glimpse of Bodrum’s incredible past. By making a trip to Bodrum, you can explore the Greek too. You can have your fair share of Greece sites here in Bodrum. 

You can have a day trip around Bodrum. Bring your swimming suit, you will spend a lot of time, with your family, in the ocean. 

You can get a boat and make a journey to the ocean. These boats stop in the middle of the turquoise ocean for swimming and snorkeling, which are enjoyable for children. Sunbathing and relaxing are other stunning adventures you can take with your family. Traveling boats usually serve drinks and meals.

Antalya, Kemer

Kemer is one of the rare holiday resorts where Halliday makers can find loads of entertainment and outdoor activities.

Also, Kemer has an enchanting umbrella of crystal clear sky.

Kemer is one vacation destination that boasts about anything, such as fantastic beaches, water sports, cruise journeys, boat trips, theme parks, and water parks. Also, you can enjoy outdoor adventures like cycling, hiking, jogging, mountain biking, and sailing. 

Other leisurely activities like shopping, sightseeing, and daily excursions are available. More than this, Kemer is the center of various restaurants and bars that serve delicious food with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Antalya, Kas

If you are looking for a vacation destination in Turkey that is cool but not snoopy, hip but not commercialized, refined but not cozy, then Kas is suitable. 

Kas offers chill vibes, unparalleled beauty, and a unique ambiance for relaxing far from crowded big cities and spending time with the people you love.  

Antalya, Alanya

Alanya is on the southern coast of turkey. Visitors always like Alanya’s golden sandy beach and crystal clear aqua sea. 

Alanya has turned into a tourist attraction in Turkey and draws millions of tourists every year, not only because of its fine beaches but also because of numerous water activities like swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, parasailing, and banana boating. 

Alanya owns different beaches. You can make a trip and create pleasant moments for the people you love. These recommended beaches are Kleopatra Beach, Damlatas Beach, and Tosmur beach.


Istanbul has timeless charms thanks to its beautiful nature and historical monuments visible all around the city. Moreover, the city is full of modern malls and shopping centers, like amusement parks, with top leisure activity centers for kids. 

Also, cruise and boat trips are available for sea touring around Istanbul. Usually, boats and cruise ships serve meals and welcome guests with live music. You need almost more than one week to visit Istanbul completely.


Sakarya is the capital of the same name as a province in Turkey, near Istanbul. Sakarya is located in northwestern Turkey. The city owes its beauty to the Blak sea on one side and Sapanca lake on the other. 

The adjacency of the Anatolia highway to Sakarya makes it easily accessible. Beautiful nature, friendliest people, and easy traveling facilities turn Sakarya into a hub of tourists.

Note that these are just samples of millions of exciting places you can take children and create memorable moments. Every city in Turkey offers its adventures. 

What are the Advantages of Taking a Holiday in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that is recommended to take a trip at least once a year. Numerous documented reasons make Turkey a holiday resort that offers noticeable advantages.

First of all, the price of beverages and meals is still low. 

It just costs 300 lire for a family of four to eat out. Also, hotels have cooking facilities for those who prefer to make food in their corner. Fresh vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients are available in supermarkets and malls. Turkey is well known for its tasty agriculture and other food ingredients. 

After That, Turkey owns at least 400 beaches that cover 8000 Km of coastline. Most beaches are granted blue flags that are signs of clean and safe beaches. 

Also, many water activities are available for sports lovers. You can relax and sunbathe or spend time with kids on golden sandy beaches. Also, many restaurants with international menus welcome visitors. 

Lastly, the transportation system in Turkey is one of the most capable transportation organizations in the world. Buses, taxis, and ferries are ready to give service to passengers. Also, the subway is available in big cities. However, it is possible to hire a car from car renting firms.

Turkey has international airports with absorbent departure to Europe, and their countries and holidaymakers can easily travel to Turkey. Note that domestic flights in Turkey are reasonable. 

The Best Seasons for Holidaying with Children in Turkey

Like most tourist resorts, Turkey has high and low travel seasons. It is vital to consider climate features because this country has an excellent geographical position that comes from various types of climate in different tourist resorts. 

Turkey has long-length seashores with four seats: Mediterranean sea, Marble sea, Black sea, and Aegean sea.

Although each season in Turkey has its unique beauty and attraction, the best time for setting traveling time is from early April to late October. The reason is, during this period, your family enjoys a sunny beach, and the temperature is usually steadily warm during the day. 

In the evening, your kids benefit from the pleasant cool breeze from the sea. Moreover, from April to October, you can go out to eat with your family and benefit from fresh vegetables and food in all markets, restaurants, and hotels.

On the other hand, from April to October, the travel plan is more affordable because several tours offer fantastic and reasonable prices. Also, you can do reasonable shopping with great discounts because shops want to sell their previous products and bring new ones for next season. Keep in mind, take warm clothes for kids as evenings are cool.

What can be done During the Summer Vacation with Children in Turkey?

It is better to set enough time during summer vacation in Turkey because there are countless offers in this country, from visiting beaches to different water activities. 

Nothing is worthwhile than taking a boat trip around the alluring sea and relaxing in a cozy bay, then letting loose in a night beach club or restaurant. Also, green and untouched jungles around the country provide a terrific chance to fill your lungs with fresh air.

Put swimming in the ocean and sunbathing in your trip schedule. Keep in mind Turkey has loads of historical sights to visit.

What can be Done with Children During the Winter Holidays in Turkey?

Most visitors think of traveling to Turkey during summer vacation. Although Turkey hosts flocks of visitors from August to October, this country is a suitable place for winter vacation. Stick to reading to get information about the best leisure place when water is dominant.


Next to Istanbul city, there is a lake called sarpanch next to Istanbul city with a picturesque scene worth visiting every season. It is ideal for those who want to escape from a noisy and crowded city and relax in a beautiful, calm corner. 

Sapanca offers numerous friendly accommodations in the middle of lush nature, and you can make a long memorable time for your family, especially kids who are fans of adventures. 


 If you are looking for vigorous and exciting events when winter is dominant, then Kartalkaya is a suitable place to choose. Kartalkaya owns an esky center called Blue that attracts much attention due to its beauty and rich nature.


For winter sports lovers,palandoken is a modern esky resort, which can cater to visitors’ expectations from an unforgeable winter vacation. Palandoken hosts the longest ski slope. There are many tracks in Palandoken that vary according to the difficulty level. 

Also, there are specific tracks for children. Hotels with panoramic views are at your service for those who prefer a cozy corner with a hot cup of tea. You can sit in a hotel, relax and enjoy daily sports in Palandoken.

Exciting Camps for Children in Turkey

Summer holidays are exciting for students. Turkey is a popular summer vacation destination for students and school-age children. Thus if you want to present memorable times for your children in Turkish summer camps, you need to book six months before the expected traveling date. 

You would not have a problem selecting refugee camps in Turkey as there are numerous student camps at every seaside. Here the writer brings some top student camps to help parents to choose the best for their children.

  • The Benan camp in Analay is a well-known resort club in Turkey offering organized food, language practicing and tours.
  • Wizard club in Marmaris is another main camp designed for school-age children under the license of Wizard Language School with the perspective of learning the English language in combination with daily life interaction during summer vacation.
  • Bodrum camps also are popular, serving 8 to 18-year-old students. They are based in both English and German languages. Bodrum camp fans steadily increase because of high-quality services and modern pedagogical procedures. 
  • Naika Children’s Camp in Kemer is a scientific couple for 7 to 12 years old children, a pioneer in holding a meaningful vacation for children.

Where to Buy a Summer House in Turkey?

Holidaymakers are into buying a summer house to extend their stay during summer time and enjoy relaxing beside their family. Different summer options at reasonable prices are offered in Turkey, along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coastline. 

These summer houses are built based on the latest standards and designed by well-known firms. Besides, buying a summer house in Turkey is an affordable investment if you wish to let it out when you do not use it. Also, buying a summer house in Turkey is an opportunity for rental return.

Kusadasi is one of the most popular places to buy a summer house among buyers, located on the Aegean coastline and caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

The other recommended place to buy a summer house in Turkey is Izmir, which provides top popular facilities for citizens.

Antalya and Alanya are the ideal locations for buying a summer house along the Mediterranean sea. These mentioned locations have a large international airport and a mature tourism industry.

Note that properties in Turkey are offered with exceptional facilities and different beneficiaries at a reasonable price compared to other developed countries. We recommend you to take a look at property for sale in Istanbul or other pages in the site and if you liked you can buy your preferred property with CityRealtyTurkey.

Last words

In conclusion, traveling to Turkey is an unforgettable vacation and an opportunity to have golden memories with your family. It is better to book a hotel or rent an apartment in advance to have a successful vacation. Moreover, you need a complete traveling plan and a list of things to do.

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