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A piece of brief information about Atasehir

Atasehir is located in the Anatolia part of Istanbul in Turkey, it is extended to the east of Istanbul and shares borders with Kojali island in the west, but in contrast most of the cities in Turkey Atasehir does not have coastlines. It is named Atasehir after many companies were interested in starting new projects in this area; because of the applicable and appropriate potential of land for construction. Atasehir consists of 17 sections which are : Ataturk , Barbaro, Esatpasa, Ferhatpaşa,Fetih,Icerekoy, Iinonukayisadagi and Kucukbakkalkoy.These days the whole area is approximately 26 square Km, and the population is 400/000.


The main feature of Atasehir

Thanks to fair and qualified lands in Atasehir, many famous companies focus on the city to build many modern properties, amenities, facilities and amusement sites such as parks, shopping centres, cinemas and restaurants. The whole city is planned systematically based on modern technology and scientific urbanization to benefit citizens to experience comfort and modernity with a green and clean environment.

Although Atasehir is famous because of many constructions and towers, the most proportion of the city is occupied by many stunning parks leading to fresh, clean and savoury air. Also there are lots of pleasant places for spending time with kids and family members.

Atasehir is the main destination for tourists to visit, because of luxurious hotels and shopping centres, and other interesting resorts.The main shopping centres are Bendium, Palladium and Boulevard. Besides, a water garden is a tempting place to experience exciting moments with family.

One of the biggest phytology parks, which are named Nezahat Gokyigit is in Atasehir. In addition, there are a bunch of elementary schools and high schools for kids. Also, many high ranking universities are available, one of the prominent universities is named yeditepe.

Moreover, there are many well-equipped hospitals in Atasehir; some of them are FatihSultan Mehmet, Eren and Atasehir Florence. These advantages convince people from all over the world to settle in Atasehir, and Iranians are the most nationality  who prefer to settle in Atasehir.

History of Atasehir

Previously Atasehir t was divided between Kadikoy , uskudar , urmaniya and Kartal. After 2009 Atasehir became independent, and its municipality was founded. When new projects were started in 2005, this area was separated into two parts; the new part is in the east and the old one in the west.

The new part faces a lot of high technology projects  For example, the unique Ulkersportarna stadium is located in the new part of the city. It is good to mention that in 2005, Atasehir was awarded a habitat prize.

Type of climate in Atasehir

Atashehir has a typical Mediterranean climate. Winters are usually cool and in opposite summers are warm to hot.

The transportation system of Atasehir

A planned and systematic public transportation system is a crucial need for Atasehir, which is fulfilled efficiently.  Although Atasehir is a crowded area with high raised towers and many buildings, living here is not nerve-wracking because of different public vehicles which are accessible easily and Connect the whole city appropriately.

Neat and decent buses are in hand any time; also the subway is the fastest  one with a reasonable price to catch.Obviously, taxis are available at a high price. Other services like minibuses are in hand.

The most important point is that the transportation system is always renewed and updated continuously. This modern and appropriate transportation system helps citizens to enjoy fresh air, comfortable and clean environments and save time which is necessary for students and employees. So for ordinary activities, a personal car is not an emergency need.

Advantages of buying Property In Atasehir Istanbul

Atasehir is the main economic pole of Istanbul with remarkable opportunities for business and education and many resorts with modern and scientific urbanization,in addition  a new comperhensive transportation system that prevents air pollution. All these reasons make an investment in Atasehir authentic and profitable.

Offered Types of Properties To Buy In Atasehir Istanbul

As mentioned before, Atasehir is one of the important economic centres in Istanbul with many education systems and amenities that always attracts well-known companies; therefore, there are many options offered. Each of them could be suitable according to the client’s purpose and preferences.

Furthermore, by buying a property in Turkey, you have a chance to get a residency permit and a Turkish international passport. As you are searching property for sale in Istanbul, there are Apartments, villas, commercials and offices; we try to explain all of them to clarify your vision.

Apartments For Sale in Atasehir Istanbul

If you want to buy apartment in Istanbul, there are ready to move apartments in Atasehir. Besides, professional companies develop new apartments and projects. Furnished ones are also possible; luxurious apartments are in modern towers with various services such as pool, jacuzzi, supermarkets, gym saloons and tennis court or basketball court. Ordinary apartments usually are located in the old part of Atasehir; they could be with one or two bedrooms without luxurious services.

Villas For Sale in Atasehir Istanbul

For large families, various types of villas are affordable with wide and spacious green space. It is possible to have more privacy and a serene environment by preparing villas. However, villas are delivered without extra facilities.

Still, you can bounce ideas off the construction company and order any facilities you want, and the company will definitely design the whole property according to your plan. Villas usually are located in the new part of Atasehir. ost prosperous people prefer villas because of the peaceful situation

Office For Sale in Atasehir Istanbul

Since 2009 Atasehir has changed to a noteworthy economic pole in Istanbul; plentiful groups of construction companies were eager to build offices in a different part of the city for diverse business purposes. Various types of offices are ready with special advantages and preparing styles. prices vibrate based on amenities, location and accessibility.

Commercial For Sale in Atasehir Istanbul

There are numerous trendy commercials in Atasehir which are built by famous companies. It could be part of modern towers, or an ordinary building also, different residential commercial complexes are available which are affordable at high prices. residential commercial complexes could be a fantastic option for those who want their office to be near to their living  Place and benefit from extra facilities and save their time and energy as they do not need to commute between home and office.

The right way to buy properties in Atasehir Istanbul

Atasehir is a city with abundant structures. Each of them has its own advantages and positive aspects, besides many projects are developed in the city and making the right decision is challenging.Therefore, finding a reliable agency to guide you truly is crucial.

City realty turkey agency could be the correct choice to help you reach your dream and make the best diction according to your budget and desires or priorities.

Our team is combined with expertise in different majors like lawyers, engineers, architects, and financial expertise to serve you exhaustively and appropriately.

Please check out our websites and find the property which you like, then get in touch with us any time anywhere. We are always ready continuously to share information and give a hand.


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