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Hotel For Sale in Center Of Istanbul
Fatih, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 7
Bathroom Bathroom 7
M² 217 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 2,5+1 3 + 1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3
M² 260-295 M²

Buy Property In Fatih Istanbul

Undoubtedly Fatih is the most conspicuous district in Istanbul. The city is spotted for interesting historical heritage and turns it into an unprecedented tourist zone; hence the area is a tourism industry pole and possesses a crucial economic role in Turkey. Also, Fatih has a weighty geographic and strategic position. It shares borders with the golden horn in the north, is boarded by the Marmara Sea to the south and Constantinople Walls, which are important historical walls, is in the west. If you are searching property for sale in Istanbul, The Fatih area can be a good choice for you.

History of Fatih Istanbul

Fatih has an extremely strong civilization background as it was the capital city of many reigns. In the beginning, the city was constructed by a Greek emperor and called Byzantium. During the Romanian emperor, the name of the city had changed to Constantinople. According to documents, Fatih had been the capital centre during the Greek and Romanian emperor. since1453 the city had been occupied by Sultan Mohamad Fateh, who had built Fateh Mosque, and that is the reason for the city name.

Features of living in Fatih

Fatih could be translated to the beating heart of Istanbul. It means the city provides magnificent advantages to residents which are hardly accessible in other places. The main beneficial aspect of living in Fatih is continuously flowing tourists. Therefore the area has powerful potential to invest in commercial properties or run a business. In addition, there are modern, prominent, and international schools and universities in Fatih which attract plentiful international students who want to lease a property. Then most investors follow rental investment by leasing out their property to students and tourists, whether short term or long term renting duration. Also, the transportation system in Fatih is efficient, cheap and easy to access, which is the secret of tranquillity and peaceful environment in the centre of Istanbul. The transportation systems used in Fatih are the subway with affordable prices, buses, tramway, and taxis, the cheapest and the most expensive respectively. Fatih is a city of countless opportunities, a historical place with a flock of tourists, capable amenities and facilities, calm, and restful environment.


Advantages of Investing in Fatih Istanbul

As mentioned before, Fatih possesses significant historical, geographical and economic positions and amazing facilities. These characteristics cause vast opportunities such as rental income, mid to long term investment, running a business, and commercial property investment. Although constant demand for properties arouses prices, profitable, under price properties exist. Fatih unquestionably is a place for secure and return investment with abundance cases based on different budgets.

Apartments For Sale in Fatih Istanbul

A variety of apartments are offered in Fatih, from key ready cases to resale studios. Prices are variable according to location, material, modernity and accessibility.

Luxurious Apartment For Sale in Fatih

Fatih is a place of trendy apartments for people who want to experience prosperity, glory and comfort with incredible facilities like a decorated pool, fitness centre, restaurant, tennis court, walking and jogging path, concierge service and intelligent heating system.

Resale Apartment in Fatih Istanbul

Resale apartments with reasonable prices provide acceptable facilities are suggested if you plan to make a profitable investment with limited budget.

Off-plan Apartment For Sale in Fatih Istanbul

It is possible to buy an off-plan apartmen , and benefit from an instalment payment.

House for Sale in Fatih Istanbul

Houses are suited for those who want privacy and design the property according to preferences and requirements.

Commercial for Sale in Fatih Istanbul

Fatih provides different commercial properties because of the special economy and geography statute, which motivates a desire to buy commercial properties to run a business or lease out to others.


How to buy a property in Fatih

Fatih is the centre of the tourism and economy of Istanbul, which is always vigorous and charming, loaded with opportunities from commercial properties to a permanent year-round residence, holiday home or rental income. Although the prosperous economy in Faith constantly evokes higher prices, many affordable off-plan, resoled and under price cases are available. Then, buying a property in Fatih would be confusing and challenging unless a professional advisor showed the way. City Realty Turkey is a well-known team, and its fame stands at reliability and serving clients with a completed portfolio of diverse cases.


Preparing a property in Fatih is a lucrative and secure investment, but it never happens unless with a counsellor established on the market through its trustworthy working. You can browse our website, which gives key information about properties, and if you are around the district, contact us, and a viewing time will be arranged; besides, we are ready to answer any query.

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