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Divan Residence Konak İzmir
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Buy Property for sale in Izmir

Izmir is the third largest and most popular city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara, which is privileged as a commercial, industrial and port city. The city of Izmir, which is called beautiful Izmir in Turkish, is also located on a long and narrow bay, and the shores of the Turkish Aegean Sea are among the most beautiful landscapes of this city. With its developments in recent years, many people have decided to buy property in Izmir.

There are many different properties according to all buyer’s budgets. Some of them are cheap, and some of them are so beautiful and luxurious. Knowing all the steps and trusting a real estate agency like CityRealtyTurkey can be the key to your success in finding and buying property in Izmir.

For the people who like other cities it isn’t the only choice to buy property in Istanbul to have their dream life. Buying and living in these properties in Izmir will bring joy and peace to your life, and you can live happily in one of the most amazing cities in the world for the rest of your life.

Izmir is an attractive city for an exciting and memorable life. That is why buying property for sale in Izmir is one of the best-selling and most popular investments of Turkish citizens and foreigners in Turkey, which is probably unique.

If you are a fan of sunny and relaxing weather, you can achieve this dream goal by buying Izmir property for sale; Because the city of Izmir has a Mediterranean climate that has a very mild and temperate climate most of the year due to its proximity to the Aegean Sea. All in all, it can be said that one of the reasons for the unparalleled welcome of buying property for sale in Izmir Turkey is that this city, due to its four seasons, is one of the most popular cities for all tourists and in all seasons, many tourists enter to this city.


Benefits Of Buying Property In Izmir

You will never have to worry about access to the public transport system to buy a property in Izmir. The city of Izmir has excellent access to all sea, land, and air transportation systems. The city has a very large train with several stations in all parts of Izmir and a systematic metro.

Cultural activities and holding international exhibitions in Izmir; Many prestigious international exhibitions are held in Izmir, which attracts people of all ages and nationalities worldwide. Such cultural and artistic activities in Izmir, in addition to the city’s economy, are one of the important factors for investors to buy property in Izmir.

One of the most famous areas suitable for living and doing business in Turkey is Koriyama. Koriyama is one of the most popular areas and the fifth largest area of Izmir, an excellent opportunity for scenic and commercial location due to its location by the sea and proximity to the mountains.

This area has access to the public transportation system and many luxury housing projects tailored to the budget and taste of each person. And also, it’s only a few hours away from one of the largest tourist destinations in the world.

One of the best attractions of Cheshmeh beach is in Cheshmeh city of Izmir. The reason for its popularity is the best recreational equipment and up-to-date facilities and services of this beach that you can experience all kinds of games and water sports in this part of Izmir, Cheshmeh beach and home. A villa around it has always attracted the attention of tourists to spend holidays and property buyers in Izmir. You will spend the weekend every week on a pleasant holiday by buying villas for sale in Izmir, around the beautiful beach of Cheshmeh in the city.

Discover peace in the villages around Izmir; around the city of Izmir, there are many small and sometimes modern villages with a clean climate and nature. Imagine that while you have your luxury property in Izmir, you can travel to one of these pure and beautiful villages around Izmir in a very short time to spend a comfortable time or buy pure food products and return home quickly.

Having many tourist places and access to the beach are other benefits for buying property in Izmir. The Clock Tower, Alsancak Beach, Izmir Elevator, Kemeralti Bazaar, and famous shopping malls in Izmir such as Asmacati Shopping Mall and Ege Park Mavisehir Shopping Mall, and Forum Bornova Shopping Mall add value to investing and buying property in this beautiful city.

It should be noted that Izmir State University is one of the best universities in Turkey and the world, especially for studying medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. Another important reason to buy a property in Izmir is the unique weather conditions of this city, the liveliness of the streets of this city, especially in summer, and the low cost of living in Izmir compared to.

Prices Of Property For Sale In Izmir

Konak district in the center of Izmir is one of the most luxurious areas for buying property in Izmir. Konak Street 1 is comfortable and luxurious in the Konak area. This street in Izmir has luxury apartments that are 25 to 30 years old. The price of an apartment for sale in Izmir Turkey in the Konak area starts from 4500 meters per meter. Also, new projects and a residence is being built in this area.

The starting price of residences in Izmir in the Konak region starts from 5500 lira to 6000 lira. In other neighborhoods of the Konak region, prices start at around 1,500 to 2,500 Turkish lira per square meter. In Bornova district, three neighborhoods (Ataturk, Kizila, Ono) are popular and preferred neighborhoods for buying property in Izmir. The properties in this area are also safe from earthquakes and have a very beautiful view of the bay.

The average price of a property in this area is very reasonable. For example, on Ataturk Street in the Bornova district, a house’s average price per meter is about 1,000-1,350 Turkish lira. Karsiyaka district is an ideal residential area for buying property in Izmir, where numerous luxury housing projects have been built in recent years. This area is one of the attractive areas for trade with rent guarantee.

Also, the projects of this area benefit from a beautiful view of the sea. Located in the northwestern part of the Karshiyaka region, the Mauveshir region is a region that is constantly evolving and attracting new investments. Extensive housing projects under construction or recently completed are available in the area.

The price of a property in Izmir in the Aksoy region is between 1,350-1,550 TL / m2 Turkish Lira. In the Atakent region, it is between 1,400-1,600 TL / m2 Turkish lira. In the Bostanlı-Demirköprü neighborhoods, it is between 1300-1,850 TL / m² Turkish lira. In the Nergiz-nrnekköy neighborhoods, it is between 1,250-1 500 TL / mL Turkish Lira.

One of the old and beautiful areas of Izmir is the Boja district. Due to its Aliağa-Menderes expressway, the Hippodrome is one of the world’s largest equestrian racetracks and close to Dokuz lül University Izmir. This area is only 15 km away from Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir.


Property Investment In Izmir

The new Turkish law makes it easier for those who want to stay through investing and buying a house than the previous laws, and the value of the property has been reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250,000. Buying property or land in Turkey has its own rules. For example, one of the conditions for buying property in Turkey is that the Turkish government usually allows countries to buy property in their country that is allowed to buy property in Their country is also.

Countries such as the United States, Canada, all EU member states, and Iranian citizens can buy property in Turkey. After purchasing the property and completing the following documents, the property will be traded, and the transfer process will be completed by referring to the Turkish Notary Public Office (Notre Dame).

The applicant must then go to the Turkish Immigration Office, make an appointment, and answer the interview questions after attending the office. After one month, a permanent residence card in Turkey will be sent to the person. The only limitation here is that the purchased property must be kept for up to 3 years.

If you buy a property worth less than $ 250,000, you will receive a one-year residence permit that you must renew every year after completing all the steps mentioned above. After 5 years, you will receive an unconditional You can get a Turkish passport or Turkish citizenship.

Of course, this is related to before 2020. According to the new rules, you can no longer extend your one-year or temporary residence, and you must apply for other ways to obtain residence in Turkey. To the most up-to-date Turkish law on residency through the purchase of property in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property (house, apartment, land, etc.) worth at least US $ 250,000.

For all the growth and prosperity, we see in the Turkish economy, this country, like any other country, has standards in its investment affairs and publishes statistics about each of its indicators. In 2019, Turkey was introduced as the second foreign investor country. The Netherlands is the first and largest foreign investor in Turkey, followed by the United States. Investment in Turkey has stagnated slightly due to the recent clashes.

All Rules Of Obtaining Turkish Residency With Buying Property

It is not like buying a property, getting Turkish citizenship, and selling your property in Turkey. To maintain this citizenship, you must keep the property you bought for up to 3 years. After obtaining citizenship, you can apply for a Turkish passport, which takes about 65 to 80 days.

If you do not have $ 250,000, do not worry; with $ 60,000, you can get a tourist stay in Turkey, which you can extend for up to 10 years. The point is that you cannot work with this residence because you do not have a work permit.

Other laws related to obtaining residency through purchasing a house in Turkey include the fact that with a study permit, no matter how many years you are in Turkey, it is not considered one of your years of residence for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey.


Living Conditions

The new conditions of residence in Turkey include tourist residence or one year, according to which it cannot be extended after one year of residence in Turkey. So, what should people who have a tourist residence in Turkey and live in this country do? There are two ways for these people:

1. Apply for a residence permit through other means such as studying, working, or investing.

2. Leave Turkey for one year and then stay again to receive tourist accommodation.

Under the old conditions of residence in Turkey, you could change your permit permanently after five years, but this is temporarily impossible until new laws are enacted. Among the reasons that can be mentioned for changing the rules of obtaining residence in Turkey are the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the increasing demand of foreign nationals, especially dear Iranians, to buy property in this country.

How To Find And Get More Information About Buying Property In Izmir?

For more information about buying any kind of property in Izmir of Turkey, please visit CityRrealtyTurkey, where everyone can answer their questions about buying properties like houses, villas and apartments easily.

Prices Of Buying Property In Turkey Izmir

The prices of buying a property in Turkey Izmir can be different according to the area. The average prices can be between 300000 and 3000000 Lira.


  • Is Izmir a good city to buy a property and live with the family?

Probably yes. Izmir is the best and most peaceful city to choose for living. Buying a property in this amazing city will be the best thing to do in your life.

  • Is Buying a property in Izmir cheap or expensive?

There are lots of options for all people according to their budget. Visit or contact CityRealtyTurkey for more information.

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