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About Bagcilar Istanbul

Istanbul’s bagcilar area is located on the European side of the city. The population of this area is very large, which is why it is ranked third among the neighborhoods of Istanbul. The word bagcilar in Turkish culture means grape growers. In addition to the vineyard, this area has textiles, food, and metal industries. Property for sale in Bagcilar Istanbul can be found at Wholesale dry goods and second-hand car markets are located in this area.

Buying a home in bagcilar Istanbul is one surefire way to invest.


History of Bagcilar district of Istanbul

As mentioned in the first paragraph. This area is located in the European part of Istanbul. If you’ve been to the Bahchel Euler neighborhood, you will find this area right behind the bagcilar. It is located between the two main highways, TEM and E5. The Bagcilar region has a very long history, and in 1980 it received many immigrants. In the past, Bagcilar was the same as the Bakirkoy area. However, in 1992, the two regions separated. You can visit our site to search for property for sale in Bagcilar Istanbul. The bagcilar area of Istanbul is well-known for its many shopping malls, luxury buildings, cafes, and restaurants, and those who want to invest can buy property for sale in Istanbul. The best option for this is the bagcilar area of Istanbul.

What is the price of an apartment in Bagcilar?

The people who are searching for apartment for sale in Istanbul should know that the price of apartments in Bagcilar Istanbul has increased by about 3% compared to a few months ago. The average price of an apartment is approximately 3842 lira per square meter. Therefore, the cost of each apartment in Bagcilar Istanbul is between 286086 to 478000 lira. Property for sale in Bagcilar Istanbul can be found at


Turkey is known as a country with a rich history, impressive cultural heritage, favorable climate, and beautiful beaches.

Why and how to buy a property in bagcilar?

bagcilar and surrounding areas offer great projects of newly built residences, houses, apartments, holiday homes, and luxury or land villas with sea or mountain views for sale at very reasonable prices. The bagcilar real estate market is very attractive to investors from all over the country and for those who want to buy property in Turkey. Property in Istanbul is one of the best in Turkey where buyers will surely enjoy living in this city; also, investors may enjoy rental facilities and a significant income prospect. You can visit our site to search for property for sale in Bagcilar, Istanbul.

Steps to buying a property in Bagcilar Istanbul

The process of buying property in Bagcilar Istanbul and Turkey as a whole is very similar to that in several European countries. When signing a contract with a real estate consultant, you must make a deposit. The final payment is given in connection with the transfer of the title deed (in Turkish Tapu). Property for sale in Bagcilar, Istanbul can be found at

According to the new regulations, the purchase price of a house in Turkey is $ 250,000.


Required Documents

Your passport with a photocopy of your passport, Six passport-sized photos, Bank account in a bank located in Turkey, Turkish tax number, If you buy a property through a real estate agent, a government employee with a notary public. You can visit our site to search for property for sale in Bagcilar Istanbul.

Purchase costs

Proxy about 100 euros Translator about 50 euros Photo about 10 euros The transaction cost is about 4% of the appraised value of the property received from the parties.


The average rental price for the whole of Istanbul is about 14-15 Turkish lira per square meter.

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