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Beautiful Apartments in Uskudar Istanbul
Üsküdar, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 101-203 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1 4+1
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M² 70 - 253 M²
Incredible Investment Opportunity In Asian Side Of Istanbul
Üsküdar, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 3+1 4+1 5+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 208-557 M²

Buy Property in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar is an important tourist attraction, industrial and high position area in Istanbul with a unique position connecting both European and Asia sides of Istanbul. Buying a property in Uskudar is a sensible future investment. This article will give information about the district and guide you on how to find the best property for sale in Istanbul.

Information About Uskudar District in Istanbul

Uskudar is a spotted area in the Asia part of Istanbul with fame circulated by writers, visitors and artists. Geographically Uskudar is a valley surrounded by hills that descend slightly from the north to south, and it reaches the Marmara Sea through the Bosphorus. Two hills lie in its borders are Buyuk Camlica and Kucuk Camlica, tourist attractions.

Not to mention Mosque Camlica was one of the historical sightseeings in Buyuk Camlica. With its vast green environment and biological value, Uskudar was the richest place in Turkey.

The whole area is approximately 36 Km and with the 585000 population of people and 663000 people distributes around 13 neighbours.

Climate of Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar usually faces a typical Mediterranean climate which is nice and moderate in summers and rainy in winters. Actionable cold winter comes from Balkan. The average rainfall is almost 650 -700 Kg per, humidity 75%, and annual temperature is around15 degrees celsius.

Best Places to Buy Property in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar is an ancient place in the Anatoli part of Turkey divided into Kadikoy and Uskudar. The deceiving nature of Uskudar had caught kings of ottomans since then abundance structures such as the palace, masque, bath, and markets had been built. In other words, the unique geographical position of Uskudar and possessing valuable historical importance to stand out the area as a distinctive symbol of Turkey caught the attention of investors successfully.

Here some of the tourist attractions are worth paying a visit.

  • Kız Kulesi
  • July 15 Martyrs Bridge
  • Kuleli Askeri Lisesi
  • Beylerbeyi Sarayı
  • Mihrimah Sultan Camii


The Transportation System in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskdur is located in the central part of Istanbul and is counted as the main area for both maritime and road transportation systems; in addition, it has the Marmara metro line. All these transportation systems connect both European and Asia sides together, which is the top strong and substantial position of the area.

Moreover, Uskudar is in the middle of the Bosphorus bridge, considered as a prominent transportation route in Turkey connecting both European and Asia parts of Istanbul; thus, the area distinctive position influencing the value of a real estate and commercial investment and plentiful investors are willing to prepare a property in this fantastic gate of world.

Education Facilities in the Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar has a completed foundation of countless educational systems consisting of all stages, including elementary school, intermediate school, high school and other institutes and numerous good training international universities and local colleges . all these mentioned educational systems are serving students in both private and public organizations.

Health and Medical Facilities in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar provides complete and efficient medical services to citizens in both private and public well-equipped centers. Furthermore, some specialized medical centers prepare specific medical care, such as cardiovascular hospitals and children’s hospitals—physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers.

Accessibility of Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar is available through the European part of Istanbul by the public transportation system, including

  • The Marmara metro line passes under the Bosphorus bridge and connects the European and Asia side of Istanbul together.
  • The ferry boat departs from Eminonu to Uskudar part and provides an enjoyable cruise towards sea viewing restaurants, especially glassy hotel and restaurant of Uskudar,
  • It is possible to reach Uskudar by personal car through Marmara tunnel, and Bosphorus bridge called July 15 Martyrs Bridge recently.

Urban Development in Uskudar Istanbul

The Turkish government gives intensive advantages to Uskudar as its distinguished geographical position, aesthetic of nature and constant demand of tourists. Thus efficient public facilities and top municipality services are provided, which raise the fame of landmarks.

Likewise, the rare and distinctive position of the area nominates Uskudar to a host of many residential and commercial properties. Not to mention the evidence of the crucial role of Uskudar in Turkey as an independent municipality.

Advantages of Buying Real Estate in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar is a center of a residential area with a high demand for investors. This situation is created by a magnificent geographical position and sitting near the Bosphorus bridge. Like a gate connecting Asia to the European part of Istanbul, .it is an important trading center with Iran.

Uskudar possesses beautiful nature and provides top facilities such as well-known universities and an efficient transportation system. It faces a booming tourist season because of many activities around the ferry port and neighboring Kadikoy. All these features encourage companies to construct high-quality infrastructure compatible with the value of Uskudar; the area is full of luxurious residential complexes and commercial properties.

At last, investing in property in Uskudar in all types of it, especially real estate, the investment seems authentic and sweet. It is worth remembering as Uskudar is a dream of many students, and they usually need a flat to rent, so property owners benefit from rental investment around a year.

Apartment For Sale in Uskudar Istanbul

There are countless apartments for sale in Uskudar, from top luxurious to ordinary ones and resale cases. Luxurious apartments provide incredible facilities such as concierge services, sun traces, panoramic green space, trendy material, full furnished kitchen and open sea overview.

Also, some ordinary apartments with reasonable prices are ready to move or need renewing. Some studios can consider a rental investment or personal use.

Skadar Apartments in Acibadem, Kandili and Camlica neighborhoods offer amazing views and have strategic locations near banks, shopping malls, and schools are the best places to live in.

Prices of Apartments in Uskudar Istanbul

As well as demand for buying a property in Uskudar is rising, the price of properties goes higher every year per meter. This price raising is excessive in the real estate market rather than other properties markets.

Residential property in Uskudar Istanbul


Land for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul

Even though few lands are offered in Uskudar, many old buildings are clasped and replaced with new structures; thus, new projects are always run with companies.

Commercial Property for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul

Unquestionably Uskudar is a prosperous trading center; hence limitless commercial properties are offered with friendly process investment programs and instalment payments that make it a lucrative investment.

How to Buy Property in Uskudar

Undoubtedly, settling a destination to prepare a property in a foreign country, especially in an area like Uskudar with copious cases, is confusing and high-risk. Unless you have a professional advisor, stay with you honestly and have a sense of responsibility. City Realty Turkey is a famous team on the real estate market with a golden resume in this field. Our team [provides you with limitless cases and assists you in selecting the best within the company, your goals and your budget.

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