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High-standard Houses in Asian Side of Istanbul for Sale
Çekmeköy, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 3+1 4+1 5+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 189-327 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 4+1 5+1 6+1 7+1 8+1 9+2 10+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3 4 5
M² 641-2640 M²

Buy Property in Cekmekoy Istanbul

Buying a property in Cekmekoy unquestionably is a great opportunity for people who want to buy property in Istanbul and they are interested in beautiful nature and modernity. In this article, we explain the area and how to buy a profitable property.

Information About Cekmekoy Istanbul

Cekmekoy is one of the good-looking places in the Asia part of Istanbul. Generally, bushy and thick forests take up a large proportion of the Asia side of Istanbul, contributing to the green panoramic sights. With the help of the Turkish policy, taking advantage of the beauty of nature gives a title of progress and pride. The whole area is approximately 148 Km2 with a population of 148000. Sahiba international airport is almost 35 Km from Cekmekoy and Taksim is available in 35 minutes by car.

Feature of Cekmekoy Istanbul

Cekmekoy fame stands out through its habitable, modern urbanization, and alluring nature. It provides comfort, a stable atmosphere and beautiful view with completed and modern facilities for life which meet all residences requirements; thus they don’t need to leave the area to provide their needs. Also, citizens benefit from a strong transportation network that makes life easy for commuters and prevents air pollution.

Schools and Universities in Cekmekoy Istanbul

Cekmekoy comprises numerous educational centers such as schools, institutions, universities, and all educational process stages like kindergarten, the elementary and high school divided into private and public systems. Also, some well-known universities in Cekmekoy are Istinye University and Doğuş University.

Hospitals and Health Services in Cekmekoy Istanbul

Cekmekoy encloses several well-equipped hospitals divided into public and private systems which provide complete and different medical health services. One of the important hospitals is Cekmekoy State Hospital.

The Markets in Cekmekoy Istanbul

As we explained about the modern atmosphere in Cekmekoy, shopping centers, commercial malls are part of it. There are several newfangled and comprehensive shopping centers suited to spend a fabulous time with your friend and family.

Infrastructure in Cekmekoy

Cekmekoy is a district with well-developed urbanization and beauty and green overlooking with capable and novel facilities. Citizens benefit from unique nature, comfort, and a modern atmosphere. Therefore prominent companies put their effort into creating structures following the unique environment of the city. There are new and well-equipped properties in a wide range, from elegant current apartments to trendy and luxurious villas.

Investment advantages in Cekmekoy Istanbul

Cekmekoy is an excellent place for those who seek nature, modern, well-established urbanization, and strong infrastructure. These significant advantages had attracted many investors successfully in real estate investment. Besides friendly projects, investment makes it possible to buy an affordable future in Turley. The investment citizenship program in Turkey is an appropriate opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport in 3 months by investing 250000 dollars, not to mention landowners’ ability to lease out or resale the property after three years.

Real estate investment in Cekmekoy Istanbul

Cekmekoy is a winner to draw a large crowd to invest in the most important area, real estate investment, because the city provides top, highly qualified facilities, modernities in a serene and glamour nature out of congestion. Moreover, property owners can obtain Turkish passports and benefit from stable renting investment and reselling investment that intensively evokes investors from other countries.

Apartments for Sale in Cekmekoy Istanbul

If you are looking for apartment for sale in Istanbul, we are happy to say that there are plentiful apartments in Cekmekoy with incredible conveniences such as waste green space, alluring overlooking. Swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centers, full furnished kitchen, and concierge service. Citizens have the opportunity to experience quiet days away from crowds and noise, enjoy the coastline, and be near TIM highway to benefit from famous shopping centers and efficient transportation networks.


Villas for Sale in Cekmekoy Istanbul

Buying a villa in Cekmekoy is a sweet dream, especially with elegant facilities and trendy location, and well accessibility. It is possible to enjoy inhaling fresh air and looking at pure nature while shopping from comprehensive shopping centers and access to a strong transportation network, a modern educational system, and well-equipped hospitals.


Established a Risk-Free Destination

Undoubtedly Cekmekoy is a magnificent opportunity for investors with a beautiful environment and well-developed infrastructure and modern public facilities, completed shopping centers, and many other advantages such as landlords’ permission for reselling and leasing the property to others and obtaining an international Turkish passport. All of these could be in your hand without taking a risk if a reliable advisor was to guide you appropriately till your dreams come true. City Realty Turkey is a professional team with a rich resume to serve clients with an exhaustive portfolio with crucial information about cases and put its effort into finding the best property based on your budget and goals.

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