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Real Estate In Türkiye

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Çınarcık, Yalova
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Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 2 + 1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 53 - 86 M²
Kepez, Antalya
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Bedroom Bedroom 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 2
M² 130 M²
Arven Damla Residences Kepez Antalya
Kepez, Antalya
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Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 2 + 1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 84 -94 M²
Beautiful Apartments in Uskudar Istanbul
Üsküdar, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 101-203 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 1 2 3 4
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3 4
M² 67 - 290 M²
Apartment for sale in Kartal with sea view
Kartal, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1 4+1 5+1
Bathroom Bathroom 2
M² 90 - 210 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 2 + 1 3+1 4+2 5+2
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3
M² 95-276 M²
A Fabulous Project in Asian Side of Istanbul
Maltepe, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1+0 1 + 1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 47-83 M²
Buying Beautiful Apartments in Esenyurt Istanbul
Esenyurt, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1+0 1+1 2+1 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 68 -136 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 2,5+1 3 + 1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3
M² 260-295 M²
Beautiful Apartments in Eyupsultan Istanbul
Eyüpsultan, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 4+2
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 80 -220 M²
Beautiful apartment complex in Beylikduzu
Beylikdüzü, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1 4+2 6+2
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 120 - 300 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 2 + 1 3 + 1 1+1 2+1 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 55-162 M²
Çınarcık, Yalova
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Bedroom Bedroom 1+0 2 + 1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 47 - 160 M²
A Brand-New Modern Project Of Kağıthane
Kağıthane, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1+1 2+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 56-91 M²
Brand New Apartments For Sale In Istanbul
Eyüpsultan, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 2+1 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 50-147 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 52 - 223 M²
Brilliant Villas For Sale In Kuşadası
Kuşadası, Aydın
Bedroom Bedroom 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 150-158 M²
Arven Premium Apartments Kepez Antalya
Kepez, Antalya
Call for pricing
Bedroom Bedroom 2 + 1
Bathroom Bathroom 1
M² 84 M²
10+2 Re-Sale House In Yalova With Sea View
Koruköy, Yalova
Bedroom Bedroom 10+2
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3
M² 380 M²
2+1 Re-sale Apartment In Küçükçekmece With Sea View
Küçükçekmece, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 108 M²
A Residential & Commercial Project With 5-Star Hotel Services
Bahçeşehir, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 2+1 3+1 5+1 6+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2 3
M² 54-467 M²
Beautiful apartments in Beylikduzu, Istanbul
Beylikdüzü, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2 3 4 5
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 150 - 347 M²

Buy Property in Turkey

Turkey is a country with unique opportunities for investors in different parts of real estate marketing such as residential properties, commercial properties, lands and farms; in addition, the Turkish government’s legitimate friendly investment programs make investing easy and suitable.In addition other remarkable advantages prompt Turkey to be an attractive destination to international investors. This article aims to introduce Turkey and gives useful information about buying property in this beautiful country. 

Advantages of Buying a Property in turkey

Talking about the advantages of buying a property in Turkey is an overwhelming subject. In a brief explanation, Turkey has turned into a profitable and pleasant destination for international investors with various fields to invest in.

Satisfying Investment in Turkey

Tukey is a capital destination for investment property because every nationality can purchase commercial property and residential property. In addition, compared with other European countries, the properties’ price is remarkably reasonable. 

Moreover, with the help of Turkish government policy, investment in Turkey is safe and out of risk with a return investment guarantee. At last,buyers, without considering their nationality, obtain worthwhile benefits through property ownership programs.

 The Writer tries to explain some of them below:

  • Obtaining citizenship permission through a property ownership program is the most important advantage of buying a property in Turkey. Citizenship permission is achievable if the property’s value is at least 250000dollers.
  • Owners achieve real estate residency permission.
  • Benefit from high-end public facilities.
  • The Special location of Turkey gives a particular opportunity to investors to join their international investment in both Asia and Europe. 
  •  Livelihood is cheap in comparison to other European countries.
  •  Return investment possibilities in the company of tourism industry and international education programs give property owners a chance to lease out the property during a year.
  • Apart from being a suitable living place, Turkey is a pioneer in the industry with a dynamic economic system that provides a notable situation in commercial property investment to run a business or benefit from the rental investment.
  • Buyers Get an international Turkish passport after obtaining Turkish nationality.
  • High quality and scientific, educational systems and well known international universities in different languages support children to have a bright future in the country or any other place of the world. 

Residence Permit and Purchasing Property

Investment in property strengthens the connection of investors, labours and marketing that could be either a residential property for living, saving feature, benefit from other opportunities or commercial property as a new source for earning money. Buying a residential property allows investors to follow their interests and dreams through getting residency permission achievable by investment in the residential property field. On the other hand, commercial property prompts a fabulous chance to run a business or lease out to other business owners; in this case, investors gain a steady income source.

Public facilities in Turkey

Turkey is a developing country with top facilities in the educational system and medical amenities; besides, the country is civilized with a modern atmosphere. The government intends to provide public comfort through erecting constructions to meet citizens’ cultural needs, such as libraries, sports salons, and green spaces.

 Also, the government gives advantages to vigorous society, thus lots of comprehensive shopping centres, cinemas and restaurants serve the citizens. The most worthwhile point is that Turkey gives an experience of peace and serene life in a hopeful situation. 

Multifarious investment alternatives in Turkey

Turkey’s policy insists on absorbing foreign investment, then supports different investment alternatives through residency investment programs, citizenship investment and offering a fertile economic situation to initiate a business activity. Thus different investment options include land, shops, farms and residential properties, including apartments and houses.

house to buy in Turkey

These days a flow of investors show a tendency to buy a house in Turkey because they get more than they pay for. Houses are offered at a reasonable price, a great option for those who prefer more privacy. Also, a variety of houses exist such as off-plan, new construction and key ready, reselling and ready to move houses.

Value of Houses in Turkey

The value of a house in Turkey starts from at least 275390 lire. The surprising point is that this amount of value is enough to prepare a 50 m2 apartment in landmarks like Istanbul .in. West of Istanbul is considered a luxury location, a two-bedroom apartment in 70m2 is around 300000lira. In other cities, for example, Samsun, the house’s value is reported around 2000 per m2. In other places like Antalya, the value of a mediocre house is almost 4000 per m2. Izmir is the other important city in Turkey and preparing a house is possible by 3500 lire per m2.

Apartment for sale in Turkey

An unbelievable variety of apartments are available in Turkey. Off-plan, residential apartments, luxurious apartments and complex residential apartments. In other words, different types of apartments are in hand suited to different tastes and budgets. The main point is that the apartments’ prices in Turkey compared to other European countries are significantly fair.

Luxurious apartment for sale in Turkey

Luxurious apartments provide a wide range of anti-earthquake constructions to engineering green space facilities. The prices are valuable according to location, type of material is used, and amount of provided conveniences. Some amenities are a camera surveillance system, fitness centres, swimming pool, spa, playground, etc. residential complexes are planned to meet citizens requirements that they don’t need to go out; for example, citizens benefit from supermarkets, shops and shopping centres.

Reasonable apartment for in Turkey

Reasonable apartments are an authentic choice for return investment and benefit from a stable rental investment. Off Plan cases are suggested for a reasonable investment. Although reasonable apartments are not expensive, they provide efficient conveniences to owners.

Commercial property for sale in Turkey

Turkey is a country for residential destination and is a suitable area for business purposes. Thanks to the dynamic economy of the country, many investors wish to come into the commercial property investment field. The tourism industry and other production such as textile manufacturing make Turkey a suitable place to run a business.On the other hand Many buyers count on stable rental investment by renting the property to other business owners.

Land for sale in Turkey

In some parts of Turkey, lands are available to build residential property, public facility constructions, entertainment intentions and other wide range of purposes. Besides, as a result of the continuous raising of values, some investors count on land as a future investment.

Farm for sale in Turkey

Turkey hosts thick and dense forests, especially in the Asia part of the country; thus the government puts effort to preserve the green space and provide facilities for investors willing to do activity on agricultural fields .It is possible to have countryside near the farm, and mostly there are adjacent to public facilities.

The Safe Way to Buy a Property in Turkey

Purchasing a property in a foreign country is challenging and confusing. A reliable advisor could be a relief in selecting the best options among numerous cases provided by a professional team that established itself in different parts of the real estate market. City Realty Turkey is ready to assist clients through worthwhile information about the properties and lawsuits that make the process safe and sound.

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