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Marvelous Villas With A Unique Design For Sale
Silivri, İstanbul
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Buy Property In Silivri Istanbul

Silivri is a unique place with a successful resume in tourism attraction, trading and foreign investing. The city is beside the Marmara sea and a large suburb of Istanbul with an exceptional transportation network. This article aims to explain the area and guide you through buying an appropriate property. If you want a property for sale in Istanbul, read this article.

Information About Silivri Istanbul

Silivri is one of the biggest suburbs of Istanbul and 60 km west of Istanbul downtown, which lies on the coast of the Marmara sea. Silivri is an important empire in terms of industrial and trading ,thanks to a comprehensive and capable transportation network. The transportation system consists of the maritime, railroad, and main roads connecting residential districts, even small villages, to industrial parts.

Siliveri will possess a more significant position after theThird Bridge Istanbul project and Canakkale highway, which pass the area and make the transportation system stronger. This fantastic role in the trading and industrial sector catches the attention of investors and merchants. Thus Silivri always attracts businessmen successfully.

In addition, the Silivri municipality gives advantages to the city’s green space and aesthetic then puts effort into establishing public parks and green space. These activities turn the area into a tourist attraction.

Silivri District and Real Estate Projects

Executives of Silivri struggle to expand the area’s potential in public conveniences, such as extra efficient transportation system, constructing modern residential complexes, working on green space, and increasing tourist attractions. The municipality of Silivri plans a yacht berth and metro line; moreover, 400 new flag buses are added to connect all parts of the city easily. Numerous residential complexes with modern materials and top facilities are in hand.

Unique green spaces are established besides unprecedented amenities like universities, schools, and amusement parks. All these attempts accelerate investors’ demand for all types of real estate investment, whether land, residential or commercial property. The more demands on investment, the more property prices per meter are predictable. Each year the value of properties per meter shows notably rises with compression of previous years. In other words, Silivri provides a profitable investment with a future growth guarantee.

Pleasant Investment Opportunities in Silivri Istanbul</>

With the help of the municipality of Silivri the area has been facing flooding of foreign investors in all types of real estate investments. Still, different nations show a tendency on special properties. The most nationalities willing to buy a property are Arabs from Emarat and Kuwait, Greek, Germanian, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and other countries. According to evidence, the majority of Arabs are working on lands to keep horses, Germans are buying residential properties, and Greeks are investing in farms and lands. It is worth noting that 15% of land is sold to foreigners. This proportion of overseas investing prompts optimistic prosperity and future growth.

Apartments For Sale in Silivri Istanbul

Many residential properties are constructed by famous companies with high technology and facilities; most of them provide beautiful overlooking and great accessibility. Elegant apartments serve fantastic conveniences such as concierge service, swimming pool, walking path, tennis court. Ordinary types have amenities like two to three bedrooms, a semi-furnished kitchen, and a playground.

Lands for Sale in Silivri Istanbul

Vast lands are available for commercial activity and agricultural production, and livestock. These properties prepare many observers to be profitable and return investment.

Farm for Sale in Silivri Istanbul

Farms are a great opportunity for those who want a comfortable country house in nature and earn money by selling agricultural productions besides benefits from top public facilities.

How to Buy a Property in Silivri Istanbul

It is essential to be on the right track to make your dreams come true. City Realty Turkey is a professional team that will serve you with professional expertise through team working.

We always take over the area, and our website is renewed every day with new and countless cases of all types of properties commercial, residential, land, and farm. So you could check out our website and make content with us.

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