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Spacious & Modern Apartments For Sale In Istanbul
Başakşehir, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 4+1
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M² 118-210 M²

What Do You Know About Basaksehir?

Basaksehir is one of the attractive and trendy districts of Istanbul. It possesses a savory climate and vast green spaces with scientific urbanization and amusement centers. These characteristics caught the attention of a flock of investors. Therefore high-quality towers and commercial residence complexes, modern villas in European styles for the people who want to buy villa in Istanbul are at hand in every part of the city.

Basaksehir is located in the northeast of the European part of Istanbul, sharing borders with Arnavtkoy in the north, Bagcilar, and Kucukcekmece in the south, Avgilar, and Asanyourt in the west. Moreover, Basaksehir doesn’t have any coastlines. Basaksehir includes 10 districts , their names are Altinsehir r,Güvercintepe,Kayabas, Bahcesehir,Basaksehir,Basak,İkiteli,Sanlar,Ziya Guk Cop ,Sahintepe.

History Of Basaksehir

During the Osmani reign, this area was a dominative military center to stock military equipment to defend against enemies; hence the ancient name of Basaksehir was Azatlik that means freedom. Moreover the huge dam was founded by the Osmani emperor to save water that remains today and is one of the most famous sightseeings.

Public Facilities And Amenities of Basaksehir

Basaksehir is known for high ranking both public and private  elementary and high schools. There are also prominent local colleges and international universities . some of the important univercitise are Murad Khodavandegar and Ihu Iban Hakdoon

Furthermore, adequate well-equipped hospitals are established in Basaksehir; they are serving patients in both private and public centers.Some of the hospitals are Basak Dovlet Hastanesi and Basak Medical Center.

Public Transportation System Of Basaksehir

Citizens in Basaksehir benefit from a capable and organized public transportation system. Basaksehir subway is one of the most competent subways in Istanbul; on the one hand, it connects Basaksehir to Ataturk airport, and Marmara, on the other hand, connects Basaksehir to Asia parts of Istanbul like Majidie Koy, Besiktas, and Taksim. Other vehicles such as buses, minibosses, taxis are available in clean and new condition.

Why You Should Better Think About Buying Property In Basaksehir

Basaksehir is one of the proverbial districts of Istanbul with remarkable advantages that turn it into a suitable place to buy an ideal home or invest in a good property for those who want to buy property for sale in Istanbul. As mentioned before, Basakdehir is a tourism industry zone with a prosperous and growing economy that triggers many investors and construction companies to construct more apartments, villas, residential, commercial complexes, and a flock of willing buyers to buy a good property or do a return and secure investment.

Moreover, Basaksehir possesses modernity and comfort with awesome education and medical facilities with satisfying green spaces and sightseeings. All these features make the city ideal for those who want to live in Istanbul but never be trapped in an urban landscape. Basaksehir offers more opportunities for families to settle or investors to find an appropriate case. Like other places in Turkey, according to Turkish government policy, by preparing a property, you are allowed to get residency or citizen permission based on the case’s value.

Apartments for sale in Basaksehir

There are a variety of apartments offered with different facilities and locations. The prices are variable based on the condition of the apartment, location, and level of facilities. Some apartments provide ordinary facilities like a spacious living room, two to four bedrooms, and a fully furnished kitchen.

Others are present with extra luxurious amenities like concierge service, fitness centers, a decorated pool, restaurants, and prestigious locations. Affordable apartments are available that need to be renewed; although some of the old apartments are ready to move, it is possible to decorate them according to your priorities.

Villas for sale in Basaksehir

If you want to have your privacy and tranquility and decorate your place according to your needs and preferences, then villas could be suggested. Menu prosperous people prefer villas to an apartment or residential complexes. It is possible to have a walking and jogging path, garden, barbecue set.

What Is Your Strategy To Buy A Property In Basaksehir?

If you make up your mind to buy a home or investment, whether in Basaksehir or every part of Turkey, you will need a trustworthy advisor .Our team in City Realty Turkey provides a large portfolio of properties and investment opportunities. City Realty Turkey established its position on the market as a renowned agency. Our aim is to provide an ideal home and  investment opportunity  to our customers. You can move to this project through our reliability and international team.

Last point Bahcelievler Properties

Basaksehir is a suitable place to buy a house or investment opportunity because of future growth and progressing economy; you can experience a secure and return investment moreover benefit from modern public facilities and a peaceful environment. All these dreams are in your hand with a reliable, professional, and knowledgeable agency established well on the market. City Realty Turkey is committed to its customers to provide them with the best portfolio.

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