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Residential apartments in the center of Ümraniye
Ümraniye, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1+1 2+1 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 50 - 150 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 1+1 2+1 3+1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 73-277 M²
Modern Apartments In Asian Side of Istanbul
Ümraniye, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 1+0 1 + 1 2+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 36-194 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1 4+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 105-321 M²

Buy Property in Umraniye Istanbul

Urmaniye is a prosperous area with top public facilities, an efficient transportation network, and modern infrastructures in a beautiful environment, numerous parks and forests providing fresh air. This article provides some useful information about Umraniye and guides you to buy property in istanbul.

About Umraniye Istanbul

Umraniye is located in the Asia part of Istanbul with many shopping centers ,and distinctive beauty. In contrast to other districts in Turkey, Umraniye does not have any coastlines and is not adjacent to the Bosphorus but possesses critical advantages that will be described.

It borders Atasehir in the south, cekmekoy in the north, and Beykoz in the northwest. Previously Umraniye had been part of Uskudar since 1987 became an independent district. These days this area consists of 35 neighbors, and the whole area is 220000m2.

History of Umraniye Istanbul

Before 1987Umraniye was a cozy area with 900 population, but gradually some immigrants from the Marmara sea, uskudar, and Anatoli came to Urmaniye and prompted a significant population raising. Then many European citizens paid attention to Umraniye, which was the starting point of conspicuous growth of Umraniye.

Transportation Network of Umraniye Istanbul

Residents in Umraniye never worry about stocking up in traffic or transferring in the district with the contribution of a capable transportation network. Every corner of the area is accessible by metro. In addition, bus stations are available everywhere.

Educational Facilities in Umraniye Istanbul

Umraniye is a place with different high technical and scientific schools and universities divided into public and private organizations. All education stages are offered such as kindergarten , elementary schools and high schools .Some of famous schools and universities are Özel Bilfen Koleji , Özel Ümraniye Atakent, Uluğbey Okulları, Özel Ümraniye, Uğur Okulları,Özel Eyüboğlu Koleji.

Medical facilities in Umraniye Istanbul

Different public and private hospitals serve comprehensive and diverse medical care to patients. Many specialists are involved in well-equipped hospitals.One of the important medical center is ÜMRANİYE EĞİTİM VE ARAŞTIRMA HASTANESİ

Shopping Centers in Umraniye Istanbul


Can park is a comprehensive center with cinema, restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets and a great place for all occasions with family and friends.

Akyaka Park

If you are looking for a thriving shopping place with diverse restaurants and pricey clothes, you’d better drop in this center.

Buyaka Shopping Center

This center is full of trendy shopping and famous restaurants.

The Best Places in Umraniye Istanbul

Umraniye is well known because of its numerous parks and interesting green spaces. A large proportion of the area is covered by parks, green spaces, trees, and flowers, which provide appropriate places for spending time with family, hiking, jogging, and picnicking. Also, there are valuable historical places such as Merkez Efendi Cami.

Privileges of Buying Property in Umraniye Istanbul

Umraniye hosts high-end facilities and modern residential complexes. Constructions are bold engineering, fantastic green space, and special conveniences. Views are bases for the excellence of the district, based on the concept of high.

The majority of constrictions are anti-earthquake and planned based on the latest technology. Besides, the Turkish citizenship program through property owner investment is a great opportunity for investors, commensurate with Turkish citizens’ ability to reseal and rent a property.

Apartments for Sale in Umraniye Istanbul

Umraniye is a magnificent district with top innovative residential complexes in companion with latest conveniences and combined social amenities, creating a complete place for satisfying living. This area is a perfect selection for those wishing for current top apartments surrounded by alluring nature. The majority of apartments provide camera surveillance systems, concierge service, incredible fitness centers, comprehensive shopping centers, fully furnished kitchens, etc.


How to Buy a Property in Umraniye Istanbul

Although Umraniye is a prosperous district of Istanbul with novel and high technology construction, finding a reasonable property is not impossible. You can guarantee your investment under a professional advisor who provides a large portfolio of properties and gives competent advice to clients to spot the most profitable property that suits their preferences and designer.

City Realty Turkey is an experienced team in the real estate market that accomplished fame through its abilities and responsibility. We enjoy staying with you till your dream comes true.

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