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Residential investment project in the Zeytinburnu
Zeytinburnu, İstanbul
Bedroom Bedroom 2+1 3+1
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M² 101 - 224 M²
Bedroom Bedroom 1 + 1 2 + 1 3+1
Bathroom Bathroom 1 2
M² 71-156 M²

Global Information About Zeytinburnu Istanbul

If you want to buy property in Istanbul and in Zeytinburnu area, here we share some information with you. Zeytinburnu is located in the European district of Istanbul, which shares borders with the Marmara Sea, and extends beyond the YediKule forest. The most prominent location of Zeytinburnu makes it to stand out among the other parts of Istanbul, and it is one of the ancient, significant, and critical areas in Turkey.

Surrounded Areas Of Zeytinburnu İstanbul

Zeytinburnu embodies 13 neighborhoods and 971 streets and alleys. The whole area is estimated around 24,000 square Km. The most nominated neighbors around Zeytinburnu are Fateh in the east , Ayub Sultan in the north, Bakirkoy, and Gungoren in the northwest. Furthermore, the Marmara sea is in the west. A historical wall related to the Byzantine reign separates Fateh from Zeytinburnu.

History and Culture of Zeytinburnu in Istanbul

Marmara Sea coastline in the east of Zeytinburnu, which seems like a nose. There are expanded olive farms along the area; Burun and Zeytin are meant nose and olive respectively,therefore this is why the area is called like this.

This place was the crucial economical center in past decades, thanks to the leather industries which were the prominent career of citizens for a long duration. Because of its long economic history, there are many business and shopping centers. One of the most well-known is the Olivium shopping center.

Most people are middle class and educated who welcome tourists and foreign investors. Most of the citizens are Muslim, although other people from different religions get along peacefully.

Transportation System in Zeytinburnu Istanbul

Zeytinburnu benefits from a decent and efficient transportation system that connects the whole area amazingly. Different vehicles are planned to fulfill everyone’s personal choice and needs.

Like taxis which are the most expensive, in contrast, buses and subways are available easily with a fair fare.

Amenities of Zeytinburnu

There are different business and international shopping centers which are worthwhile to visit.

Moreover, there are plenty of restaurants, coffees, and other coastline resorts. All above them many sightseeings like the Panorama museum and Molavi Yeni Kapi exist. Also equipped hospitals, famous schools, and universities are accessible.

Why Buying a Property in Zeytinburnu Istanbul

Zeytinburnu is a calm and serene land; moreover, the geographical position is a reason for clean air. The Marmara sea donates a mellow view that is appealing with olive farms beside the coastline, in which you never get bored as Zeytin shows off its blue and green picturesque environment.

With the economic history of the area, efficient transportation system, and plenty of amenities, and being a suburb of Istanbul, which creates unexpected opportunities without the difficulties of crowded areas; makes Zeytinburnu a fantastic outskirts of Istanbul, which is a dream of many investors.

Modern shopping malls and historical markets, equipped hospitals, and well-known schools are mindful triggers to open up a wide door at profitable and suitable investments.

Moreover, in light of Turkey’s government facilities, such as cutting taxes and guaranteed international Turkish passports, motivates people from all around the world to settle in this unique situation.

Offered Types of properties For Sale in Zeytinburnu Istanbul

The extraordinary situation of Zeytinburnu is a reason for significant quantities of desires that induce competitive investments on several properties which are available for different budgets and priorities.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul, wide land houses, villas for sale in Istanbul, and penthouses are offered in Zeytinburnu. Prices are variable according to distance from the shopping malls or subway and level of modernity and size of the properties.

How to Buy a Property in Zeytinburnu Istanbul

Finding a reliable and knowledgeable counselor is a crucial element to chase your dreams. Our professional team is always ready to stay with you from the first step to the last till you will reach your goal. Our coworkers are an experienced team of lawyers,and state agency experts, who help you to make the best choice.

You could follow CityRealtyTurkey website and make contact with our experts. We cover the whole area of Zeytinburnu and update our information continually. Our final goal is to help and guide you to have your dream in your sight.

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