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Best Turkish Brands: Fashion & Clothes

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The best Turkish brands, fashion and clothing that suits every age group are Herry, Gizia, Mavi, Derimod, Oxxo, Koton, AVVA, Desa, Inci, LC Waikiki and AdL.

Best Turkish brands such as LTB, Hatemoglu, KAYRA, Vakko, Bigg Shop, Sarar, Bueno Shoes, Lidyana, Karya, Faik Sonmez, KAFT, Sail Laker’s, Kikyrnik, Ipekyol are popular as well.

Turkey is a great country that is a bridge between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is situated in one of the most precious lands in the world known as Anatolia. Since the beginning of human history, Anatolia was home to many cultures and civilizations such as ancient Greece, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

All these civilizations and cultures have made contributions to the Anatolian tradition in many ways. In particular, the fashion style of Anatolia fully represents its cultural variety.

Besides, the contemporary and vibrant lifestyle of Istanbul has molded the best Turkish brands of Anatolia as the last touch.

Herry - Stylish Women's Clothing Brand with High-quality

One of the best Turkish brands is Herry. Herry brand’s story started with the opening of a women's clothing boutique in Istanbul in 1992. Since then, Henry, Turkey's premier maintains his journey as one of the best women's clothing brands. With its creative and innovative modern designs, Herry was the first option of domestic and abroad fashionable women who gave importance to fashion and appreciated fashion.

Gizia - Best Turkish Brands Online Shopping Store

Gizia is an internationally famous brand for its incredibly high fashion design that was born and realized in Istanbul. Each product and component of Gizia collections has been separately and specially designed by designers inspired by the whole world.

Hatemoglu - The Indispensable Preferences of Stylish & Charismatic Men

Hatemoglu, Turkey's first apparel manufacturer began in 1924 and has contributed a lot to the modernization process with its classic style. Aiming to middle-aged and old men with suits, shirts, ties, coats, sports coats, raincoats, accessories, casual clothes and classic clothes, Hatemoglu as the best Turkish brands stand out in a selective style that focuses on every detail.

KAYRA - Appropriate Brand of Quality

KAYRA is a great brand that has been serving in different sectors since 1982. This luxury brand launched working in the field of clothing production in 1992. KAYRA is one of Turkey's prominent companies in the garment sector. With a yearly manufacturing capacity of 500,000, this luxury brand meets thousands of customers worldwide.

Dogo Store - The Perfect Turkish Brand with Innovative Designs

Dogo Store is the best Turkish brand launched in 2006 in Izmir province of Istanbul. Dogo is a Turkish company that managed to print inventive designs on shoes for the first time all over the world. Throughout the years, this wonderful brand has achieved a tremendous archive of more than 5,000 original models designed for shoes, bags, clothing and house decoration products.

Bigg Shop - Brand Consisting of Art and Design Components

Bigg brand is one of the special and best Turkish brands founded with the power and experience of the Biggplus family. Big design works offer quality products that reverberate the genuine styles of modern Turkish designers and artists. The collections presented by the grand brand of Biggdesign comprise art, design and quality constituents.

Shopi go - Contemporary Designers' Latest Season Collections of World-famous Brands 

Shopi go continues a powerful relationship by contacting its designers, manufacturers and official retailers by having a special meeting with each of them through direct communication. Therefore the Shopi goes always providing customers with rare and high-quality products.

Bueno Shoes - Women's Shoe Industry Known for its Genuine Leather Products

The roots of Bueno Shoes best Turkish brands have a history dating back to the 1950s. It has been able to create its own style by making handmade, comfortable, quality, grace in the brand and women's shoe industry produced with genuine leather. This luxury brand showed its success in Europe and Asia by exporting its products to thirty-five countries in Madrid America's protocol. It is also a registered brand that is 100 percent Turkish property.

Aker - The Pioneer of Women's Clothing Turkish Brands

Aker is a brand that combines the most modern fashion of the world and traditional patterns in their design studios and fashion scarf designs each season in Turkey with more than 1,000 designs and colorful scarves. As one of the major and modern factories in the world, the Aker production facility maintains its silk quality at the greatest level with its mode-r technology-manufacturing systems.

Mavi - A Wonderful Brand that Adopted Jean as a Philosophy of Life

Mavi is a brand of jeans and jean garment brand based in Istanbul in 1991. This luxury brand produces jeans for both women and men, with the target audience of the younger age group. Most of the celebrities and artists have the pleasure of wearing jeans of this luxury brand includes Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton. Also, Barbara Palvin signed a contract with Mavi to occur in a marketing campaign that recorded several commercials.

Lidyana - Best Turkish Brands Designed by Most Talented Designers

The world-famous fashion brands and the most skilled designers in Turkey are gathered by the Lidyana brand under the same destination. At you can find all the products you are looking for to enjoy your daily style or complete your most luxurious evening look.

Faik Sonmez - More Elegant and Cozy WOMEN Clothing Brand

Faik Sonmez Turkish brand pro boundless choice for female audiences with more than 700 new collections every season. It allows women to be more elegant and cozy in special moments with evening dresses, appealing to businesspersons with formal combinations, offers comfortable stylish options for daily comfort.

LTB - Clothing Brand Concentrated on Sport Fashion 

LTB by Little big is a jeans brand established in Istanbul in 1994. LTB brands in Turkey is one of the largest jean company and annually produce 17 million pieces of clothing.

KAFT - Different and Creative Products

KAFT is a design based on two values: inventiveness and care. It meets the needs of people who are after beauty to art lovers whose choices are not shaped by famous culture.

Sail Laker’s - Most Stylish Shoes Turkish Brand for Men &Women

This is one of the best Turkish brands founded in 1958, Sail Laker has more than half a century of manufacturing experiment. Sail Laker produces many famous brands in addition to the shoes it produces. Its target is to deliver its quality to its precious customers anytime and anywhere.

Kikyrnik - Admiral Fashion Store for Women

With its original designs and modern products that reflect fashion, Kikyrnik always supplies the expectations of its customers. This luxurious brand has a special concept is based on the relationship between product, quality and the image of a compatible and united brand from its unique designs.

Derimod - Turkish Brand Jacket, Shoe and Bags Products Designed with Leather

Derimod, a magnificent brand founded in 1974 to combine leather and fashion. This modern brand has become the leading figure of a modern new lifestyle and grace with the elegance of leather in fashion patterns. Derimod the first to combine leather and fashion in Turkey, after 43 years as one of the industry's leading organizations.

Roman Brand - Inspired by the strength, confident and true spirit of women

Roma, which is producing high-quality clothing and accessories products for the female group is one of the leading brands in Turkey.

Penti - Most Well-known Turkish Brand

The story of the Penti brand started in 1950 as two distinct companies, and this company later merged under a single brand. Within years, Penti continued its development in the manufacture and retail activities, widening its range of footwear, home wear and sportswear, underwear and beachwear lines and shoes, targeting audiences such as women and girls.

AdL - Innovative Women's Turkish Clothing Brands

Strong and stylish adL designs that follow fashion closely, dynamic and vivid country style, besides, an adL line, Night Zoom collection always night elegance, well-known collaborations, such as Cengiz Abazoglu, Mert Aslan, always combined with the principle of seeking perfection with a wide product range, is just a few of the significant ingredients that diversify the brand in the industry.

LC Waikiki - Popular Turkish Brand that Attracts Everyone with its Reasonable Prices 

The journey of the LC Waikiki brand began in France in 1988 and continued as one of the best Turkish brands after 1997. In the recent time, LC Waikiki is serving in 848 stores in 38 countries, and with the company's philosophy of “Everyone has the right to dress well,” it provides people to enjoy accessible fashion with quality products at reasonable and appropriate prices.

Hotic - Shoes & Accessories with Original & Elegant Designs for Men & Women

Hotic Brand was founded in 1938 by Salih Hotiç, Hotiç is a shoe and accessory brand that produces a unique and gracious design appropriate for the lifestyle of modern men and women. Real leather and natural materials are used for products concerted to lifestyles that extend fashion and trends from today to tomorrow.

Ipekyol - Best Turkish Brands

The first store of İpekyol brand, established in 1986, was started its services in 1989 in Nisantasi Rumeli Street, Istanbul. Many fashion lovers, businesswomen and especially prefer İpekyol. İpekyol sells its products in 7 countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Cyprus, Northern Iraq, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.

Vakko - A Magnificent Brand Combining Luxury, Quality and Fashion

Vakko is one of Turkey's prominent fashion companies. It manufactures and sells textiles, leather goods and accessories for both women and men. Vakko is one of the most significant and best Turkish brands connected to luxury.

Sarar - Offers High-Quality and Unique Products

Sarar is one of the most popular brands in the world's leading fashion trends in the premium portion. Sarar's head office is occurring in the Bomonti region of Istanbul, with top quality sewing and material designs. The highest level of quality craftsmanship and products is largely recognized by the world's leading brand names. You can find these luxury brands in malls in Istanbul.

Koton - Rich Collection with Products Suitable for Every Taste 

A perfect brand with its inventive, innovative, customer and technology-oriented treatment, Koton interiorizes the policy of combining seasonal products with original designs and providing them at perfect locations and affordable prices

Kigili Famous as One of the Best Turkish Brands

Kigili is a contemporary men's garment brand that is preferred by Turkey's professionals and successful men. They maintain to be unique for the city's professionals with their creative visions and first-class collections that challenge the years.

Desa - A Brand that Offers Fashion From Head to Toe

The Desa, the best Turkish brand company was established in the early 70s by chemistry student Melih Celet to manufacture leather products and a domestic market for export through Desa's own retail stores. A great office was opened in New York City in 1986 and at the present Desa exports leather garments and accessories in the USA and Europe.

Inci - A Brand Specialized in Shoes & Bags for Women and Men

Inci is one of the important Turkish brands in Turkey that specializes in shoes and bags for women and men. It has a wide selection between sports and dress shoes in various designs and colors. You will catch the latest trend with Inci products, which will provide a comfortable use with the usual real leather quality while adding a modern atmosphere to the clothes you combine.

Inci is suitable for various occasions, work and various social activities. Inci is a well-known retailing group company as best Turkish brands and as a shoe manufacturer with its modern factory.

Oxxo - Turkish Clothing & Accessories Brand

Oxxo is one of the most famous Turkish brands that started in 1993 at a Galleria shopping mall. This brand produces and sells high-quality and relatively economical women's clothing and accessories. Most products are made of natural and durable fabrics. In addition to originality, they attach great importance to quality.

AVVA - A Turkish Brand Well-known in the World Fashion

While AVVA continues to be appreciated as a best Turkish brand in the world fashion, with its unique design and quality, it become as one of the most important brands in the textile sector in Turkey as well.


Colin's is a great Turkish clothing brand established in 1983 by Eroglu Holding. It offers a wide range of products such as daily outfits, fashion and accessories for both men and women.

It is part of Eroglu Holding, a domestic company serving in the textile, real estate Turkey and retail sectors. Colin's as one of the best Turkish brands serves in 38 countries with more than 600 retail stores.

Is Zara made in Turkey?

Zara is not a Turkish brand, but you can find this brand besides other best Turkish brands in almost all Shopping Malls of Turkey. The wonderful Zara brand is a Spanish-based clothing and accessories brand. This luxury brand is watching how fashion has changed day by day. Zara Brand designing new designs outfits and puts them on the showcase within each week or two.

Is made in Turkey good quality? - Turkish Clothing brands Offering High Quality

Yes in general. The tailoring quality of Turkish clothing brands is very high, even for cheap garments. In comparison to most "Europe" clothing brands, its quality is high. That's why Europ clothing brands such as Zegna or other brands, make most of their production in Turkey. Moreover, the fabric quality of Turkey productions is excellent.

Where Can I Buy Turkey Clothes Online? 

Most Update Best Online Shopping Websites offering Turkish clothing brands sales in 2021 - Turkish retail online clothing stores
Hepsiburada - Dropship and Wholesale - Dropship and Wholesale and offers worldwide shipping.
Breshka - Wholesale and offers worldwide shipping. 
DDFS - Wholesale also has a worldwide shipping service.  
Clogs Clothing Supplier - Dropship and Wholesale and offers worldwide shipping.
Fimka Store - Wholesale and offers worldwide shipping. 
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