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Everything About Living in Antalya

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Where is Antalya?

Have you ever heard about Antalya?

Have you ever considered Antalya as a permanent living destination?

Do you know about living features in Antalya?

Are you looking for a reliable source to get complete information about living in Antalya?

Antalya is Turkey’s fifth most populated city and the capital city of Antalya province. The city borders Taurus mountain from the southwest and is the largest city along the Mediterranean coastline. Antalya itself has an almost one million population.

Antalya is a Riviera city in Turkey and has established itself as a top tourist zone. Antalya is the first tourist destination in Turkey. 

Moreover, Antalya is a nice place for expats to live. It is not hard for the city to attract people as tourists due to its deep roots in history; besides, many tourists wish to live permanently because of adorable nature, like golden, clean sandy beaches and modern living facilities.

Many people fall in love with Antalya easily and vow to back because of the combination of sun and sea with the shining sandy beach of the Mediterranean sea and, more than alluring nature; the city stepped in history that boasts the unique situation to take attention of people from every corner of the world with various destinations from traveling and relaxing in a wave of peace, to long life leaving. 

Antalya ticks all boxes for tourist expectations and desires. But the scope of the paper is to explore everything about the living features of Antalya. 

How is Antalya Living?

When you choose the destination for a holiday, it is completely different from a permanent living purpose. During vacation, we ignore some infrastructure in return for unique experiences. But when you consider living permanently, you should put on a practical hat. 

If you wished to be a citizen in a city as an expat, you would need fundamental comfort and modern infrastructures to enjoy day-to-day life. 

It is crystal clear Antalya is a hub of tourists looking for a compilation of nature and history, but stick to reading to find out whether Antalya is a place that caters to applicants’ needs for daily life.

You will be shocked if you realize Antalya is Turkey’s second sought-after place for foreign property buyers, the majority of them buy villa for sale in Antalya. This characteristic changes Turkey into a global place with international citizens consisting of more European nationalities rather than Turkish. 

 One of the best possibilities for Antalya is that the city consists of numerous expat hotspots, villages, and coastal cities; therefore, citizens do not have to settle in Antalya It self.

Antalya’s other fantastic life feature is that citizens have metropolitan life, and everything related to modern day life is available ,simultaneously; the city feeds your appetizer for nature and meets the needs of people who skip the typical urban lifestyle. 

On the other hand, shopping in Antalya is delightful as abundant malls offer new brands and supermarkets with top-brand production. Colorful malls , shopping systems, and different offered choices  in supermarkets, provide ease and a sense of luxury before citizens yearn for ease.

The surprise of the Antalya market is the compilation of quality, fashion, and reasonable prices.

Daily life requirements are much lower than European countries such as Russia and Cyprus. 

Note that the Antalya market is not the center of trend in cosmopolitan productions. It is also a prominent traditional mark that catches the attention of hand-made arts like rugs and local agricultural products such as dried fruits, jams, spices, and others.

Citizens in Antalya have lots to do. They never experienced shortages of entertainment because the city is a dominant tourism destination designed for high tourists absorption. Some many modern cinemas and theaters release novel movies in English and Turkish languages.

Also, citizens in Antalya benefit from magnificent parks, for instance, Dedeman Park. Also, Antalya hosts the longest beach in Turkey, Lara beach, which is 12 Km long. Lara beach is near the central part of Antalya, and citizens who settle in the central section of Antalya can enjoy walking every day. 

Although property prices along Lara beach are higher than in other parts of Antalya, citizens are happy to set back more for a beach-side urban lifestyle. 

The best residential areas in Antalya

  • Antalya, Konyaalti region

Konyaalti is a luxury place in Antalya and more convenient for living. People prefer Konyaalti both for vacation and permanent living. Konyalti is the best beach in Antalya and sits on the city’s west side, surrounded by the alluring turquoise Mediterranean sea and sky-touching Taurus mountain. 

Konyaalti is the longest beach in Antalya, and one of its most famous beaches is the pebble, extending eight kilometers along the coastline.

Konyalti has many facilities for leisure time, such as a basketball court, exceptional cycling path, jogging and hiking road, fabulous parks and fountains for kids. Also, Konyalti was granted an international blue flag for its cleanliness.

  • Belek district in Antalya 

Black is 36 km east of Antalya and south of the Mediterranean sea; it is a hub of tourist vacation thanks to modern coastal resorts such as luxury hotels and lush golf courts. 

  • Lara district in Antalya

It sits in the Antalya Aksu region, a famous tourist zone in Turkey. Most hotels model themselves after global landmarks such as Tajmahal and Kremlin. Lara is nominated for small Las Vegas in Turkey. 

All hotels are inclusive with top convenient amenities like swimming pools and kids’ activities. Every year during Christmas, a vast festival takes place in Lara, and hotels are full of visitors during the new year celebration. A tiger paw, when you come to Lara, you will never like to leave unless exploring other parts of Antalya.  

  • Muratpasa district, Antalyal

Muratpasa is a famous beach in Antalya, extending 20 Km along the Mediterranean sea. Muratpasa is a borough of Antalya with impressive landmarks and attracts the attention of local and overseas visitors. 

Muratpasa is close to the turquoise Mediterranean sea and makes a decisive scene. Also, Muratpasa has significant must-see landmarks such as Duden waterfalls related to the Selcuk structure and others. Moreover, the strong point of Muratpasa is near the city center and amenities. 


  • Serik district in Antalya 

Serik is one of the essential boroughs in the Antalya district overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It extends over 1550 along the coastline and has a population of 124,335. Serik is the seat of different civilizations of past nations throughout history. 

Tourism is a vital sector during summer vacation and is the primary source of income in serik. Although the working life in Serlik depends on the seasons. In winter, most of the serik population work in agriculture. Generally, tourism and agriculture are primary income sources in serik. 

Serik has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.

Zeytintaşı Cave, located in the village, and the Uçansu waterfalls in the village of Akçapınar are natural wonders in serik. Also, famous water currents from Serik leverage the borough’s beauty.

How Much Does Life Cost in Antalya?

One of the main reasons that turned Antalya into a destination for foreigners’ permanent life is the low cost of living as opposed to European countries and America. Living in Antalya becomes more deceptive when citizens access high-tech and low-price amenities. 

Also, fresh vegetables and fruit are on hand in all corners of Antalya at a fair price. The bottom line is life is pleasant and cheap in Antalya.

It is possible to live in Antalya for 500 dollars a month and rent a one-bedroom small flat in a mid-range price area. After paying rent, a family needs 1000 dollars for health insurance and residency permission. Take in mind health insurance is obligatory for people over 65 years old. Day-to-day living expenses like grocery shopping and utilities are cheap.

 If you are economical, price-sensitive, or on a short budget, you can save money by using the public transportation system, eating at cheap restaurants called yukata, and buying from low-cost supermarkets. 

The other life feature of Antalya is its capable international transportation system. It is easy to travel through excellent airlines. Due to competitive flight prices, it is easy to find bargain flights to Europe. 

More than this, Antalya has a modern and scientific health center with highly educated experts that provides top services in different fields with high-tech equipment. Many foreigners prefer turkey for health service purposes due to its high quality and low price.

Advantages of living in Antalya

Antalya has all the advantages and characteristics of a big city. Like low crime rate, accessibility to public transport, many cultural leisure activities, education, shopping, and a large variety of real estate available for purchase. 

It is still a comfortable place to live in, all thanks to its cheaper cost of living, friendliness of the local population and its fantastic equipped vacation zone. The most important thing that increases fans of Antalya is the excellent subtropical climate with 300 sunny days a year. 

The temperature never drops below zero, and the incredible Mediterranean sea with many beaches was granted the international blue flags award for its cleanliness.

 Antalya hosts abandoned modern and scientific universities and schools. Also, there are many well-equipped hospitals with well-known specialists.  

Disadvantages of living and residence in Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful and alluring city with complete modern amenities and facilities. It is hard to find a weak point. But it could be mentioned that Antalya is changed into a hub of international tourists and visitors from August to October. 

The constant flow of tourists may spoil the calm environment of citizens who prefer to stay in their corners and relax.    

Last words

Antalya could be your choice for permanent living for several reasons. First, Antalya has an ongoing and prosperous economic system because of its successful tourist industry. Also, Antalya hosts capable infrastructures for day-to-day life. 

Above that, Antalya is a heaven on earth with a glistening combination of the shining sun. Golden sand and a turquoise sea surrounded by mountains and green plants. 

It is a place for those who want modernity in a beach-urban feature to experience peace in a vigorous environment. Ultimately, the cost of living in Antalya is extremely lower than in other modern European cities.  

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