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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Living in Esenyurt: Is it the Right Choice for You?

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A brief overview of Esenyurt, Turkey

Esenyurt is a district in Istanbul province under the rule of the Istanbul municipality. As an investor, you may be curious about living in Esenyurt. Most investors who want to live in Esenyurt ask, is living in Esenyurt good?

Esenyurt recently experienced a construction boom and benefited from significant development that will make the area suitable for living.

Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul and borders Acilar, Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece lakes on the west Basaksehir, Arnavutkoy and TEM road on the north and Belikdozo and E-5 motorway on the south.


Is Esenyurt Istanbul a good place to live?

Esenyurt is ideal for immigrants since the region is filled with new constructions and modern public amenities that change the neighborhood’s appearance. Note that the area offers reasonably priced properties, a strong point in attracting many immigrants. Therefore, is Esenyurt an excellent place to live? The answer is, Esenyurt provides a new and modern lifestyle at a low price; hence Esenyurt is an ideal place to live.

What are the Pros of Living in Esenyurt?

Whenever you plan on living in Esenyurt, it would be better to be informed about the pros of living in the district, and you can find a fulfilled answer to the question that you have in your mind: is Esenyurt an excellent place to live?

Access to amenities and services

It is easy to get to Esenyurt from other parts of Istanbul since there are many transportation alternatives. Also, it is easy to get to Istanbul from Esenyurt by subway. Moreover, traveling inside Esenyurt is easily possible by transportation systems such as mini buses, taxis and buses continuously moving in the neighborhood. In AdditionAddition, by way of Istanbul airport, you can travel to other countries from Esenyurt without any problem. 

Affordable housing options

Esenyurt is famous for its brand-new apartment and reasonably priced properties. Since property values are rising persistently, many investors are looking for a neighborhood with modern facilities at low prices. Esenyurt offers affordable options with solid future growth in a contemporary environment.

The growing economy and job opportunities

Since Esenyurt has many shopping centers, universities, and other public facilities on the one hand and affordable properties on the other, it leads to overpopulation that causes a growing economy and job opportunities.  

The vibrant social and cultural scene

 There are four cultural centers in Esenyurt such as Esenyurt Cultural Centre, Saadetdere Cultural Centre, Yenikent Cultural Centre and Yunus Balta Cultural Center; also Esenyurt is home of Istanbul Esenyurt University; moreover, it is close to Beykent University, Fatih University, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul University and Istanbul Gelisim University. In AdditionAddition, Esenyurt hosts many international exhibitions. This cultural atmosphere gathers many nations in Esenyurt. Arabian, Egyptian, Yemeni, Syrian, and Iraqi families are eager to live in Esenyurt.

Safety and Security

Esenyort has law enforcement in terms of street fights. From time to time, police arrest drug dealers. But according to statistical reports, the crime rate in Esenyurt is lower compared to the USA, and this area is 78% safer than the USA.

What are the cons of living in Esenyurt?

An immigrant who wants an affordable living place will find Esenyurt a lovely neighborhood. But every district has disadvantages; since the writer wants to be honest and gives you a complete overview to choose wisely, here brings you some cons of living in Esenyurt according to the citizens’ point of view.

  • It takes time during weekdays to get somewhere such as size.
  • Some areas in Esenyurt far from Metrobus are primarily insecure.
  • Esenyurt needs to have a historical place.
  • The area is not a tourist attraction zone.
  • Poor green space is visible in Esenyurt.
  • Society’s culture is traditional. 

Where do most ex-pats live in Istanbul?

Overview of popular expat-expat neighborhoods in Istanbul

Here is the most popular neighborhood for ex-pats in Istanbul:

Central of Istanbul. The areas in central Istanbul, such as Etiler, Ulus, Levent, and Ortaköy, host many immigrants. Levent is the most expensive neighborhood in the central part of Istanbul.

The European side of Istanbul always successfully attracts prosperous and educated ex-pats. This area donates a beautiful scene to citizens due to the phosphorus bridge.

Since property prices are usually high in the European side of Istanbul, besides some people prefer to run away from the crowded, the suburbs of Istanbul offer them a reasonable investment; also, they will be pleased with peace.

Comparison with Esenyurt

Esenyurt, in contrast with Istanbul, is a relatively quiet neighborhood. Since the area lacks tourist attractions, the area is not full of tourists during holidays. The opposite of Istanbul Esenyurt demonstrates a traditional culture.

Poor green space is the most devastating part of the lifestyle in Esenyurt. But the government follows some policies to do much development in this area. As a helpful overview, Esenyurt is a good neighborhood with a future growth guarantee. 

Is Esenyurt on the European or the Asiaian side of Istanbul?

The geographical location of Esenyurt

If you want to know, is living in Esenyurt good? The first step is to have information about the geographical location of Esenyurt. The area is located on the European side of Istanbul. As you know, the European side of Istanbul is popular among ex-pats. Esenyurt borders Beylikdüzü on the north. Also, Esenyurt is close to the E-5 meters from the south.

Importance of knowing the location

No matter where you want to buy a property or live permanently, the best way to know whether the chosen area is your cup of tea is to get information about the location. Istanbul is a metropolitan with many neighborhoods, each of which has its characteristics; therefore, you need more information about the area’s place to choose the best location for yourself.  

Is Istanbul a good place to live for foreigners?

Overview of living in Istanbul as a foreigner

Istanbul has four years of seasons, cold winter, hot summer, chilly autumn, and spring. It prefers cheap health care, bright life, and cultural diversity. Also, Istanbul is a city of delicious local foods. Due to the high lifestyle and affordable expenses, Istanbul has changed into the heaven of Europeans. 

Pros of living in Istanbul

The pros of living in Istanbul are unlimited:

Beautiful nature

Welcome Citizens

Scientific universities and schools

High-level public facilities

Cheap life expenses

Numerous positions for economic activities

Good place for investments

Dynamic economy system

Clean and fresh air

facilities in esenyurt

Cons of living in Istanbul

Due to tourist attractions, Istanbul is crowded, although you can find some calm neighborhoods.

Istanbul is a metropolitan; therefore, finding an affordable investment or place for permanent life is not easy without investigating in advance.

What are the Important Areas of Esenyurt?

Overview of critical locations in Esenyurt

Esenyurt is a famous place in Istanbul located on the European side of the city, under the rule of the Istanbul municipality.

Description of essential areas and their significance

Esenyurt comprises 33 regions, including Ataturk, Jomhori, Ornak, Esteghlal, and Pinar.

The areas which are near Metrobus are safe for living. Also, areas near universities are safe, and most citizens are educated. The areas far from the Metrobus need to be more secure to settle.  

What are the Malls in Esenyurt District in Istanbul?

List of malls in Esenyurt

Like other areas in Istanbul, Esenyurt has shopping centers. The most famous shopping centers in Esenyurt are: Akbati

  • Eskule
  • Torium
  • Marmara Park
  • Bauhaus
  • Isik Mall
  • City Center Mall
marmara park

Description of each mall and its facilities

  •   Eskule shopping center is the central part of Esenyurt, with 100 stores and restaurants. Esklue shopping center is both too big and too small.
  • Marmara park is a two-floor mall; a vast open area at the park entrance links to the first floor, which contains stores that prepare different products, from new brand clothes and shoes to home utensils. The second floor of Marmara mall is full of restaurants that offer Turkish and international foods. 
  • Torium shopping center is adjacent to the metro bus and offers good local products. Also, it has a food court with tasty menus.

Benefits of owning an apartment in Esenyurt

Buying an apartment in Esenyurt means an affordable investment in an environment with modern public facilities. Also, Esenyurt experiences fast development that guarantees your property raises the price.

Comparison with other neighborhoods in Istanbul

If you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you must pay much more than an apartment in Esenyurt with the same condition.

What are the Investment Options in Esenyurt?

Overview of investment opportunities in Esenyurt

Suppose you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul and make an affordable investment. In that case, Esenyurt is your place with fast development with high growth in the property index in the Turkish real estate market. 

List of popular investment options

Houses and apartments for sale in Istanbul are the most popular investment options. 

popular investment options in istanbul

How to Invest in Real Estate in Esenyurt?

Steps to invest in real estate in Esenyurt

First, you should set your goal of buying a property in Esenyurt. Whether you want to buy a property for renting, permanent living, or benefit from future growth, choose a location based on your investment intention. Then you get information about the range of prices in the area. If you ask for help from a professional real estate agency, you can get what you want quickly without getting yourself in trouble.

Advice and tips for successful investment

  • Investment analysis
  • Choosing the best area
  • Be informed about real estate investment law in Turkey
  • checking the title deed before buying
advices on successful investment


Summary of key points

This article tries to cover the question: is living in Esenyurt good? The answer is Esenyurt is a good place for immigrants or ones who put their feet on the property investment market ladder for the first time because Esenyurt offers reasonable properties with future investment growth.

Final thoughts on living in Esenyurt

If you’re curious, is it good living in Esenyurt? 

It’s better to know Esenyurt is an opportunity in the Turkish real estate market since it experiences fast development and guarantees future prosperity.

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