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How Long Can You Stay in Turkey If You Own a Property?

Picture for blog post How Long Can You Stay in Turkey If You Own a Property?

Owning property in Turkey not only serves as a wise investment but also offers an opportunity to extend your stay beyond the standard 90-day period within 180 days, applicable to foreigners. This becomes possible through acquiring a residence permit, which is crucial for those intending to stay longer. Property owners have the added advantage of using their ownership as a basis for the residence permit application, emphasizing the need for the property to be residential, like apartments or houses, and not commercial.

Key Tips for Residence Permit via Real Estate

Housing Use Requirement

For a successful residence permit application, the property purchased must be intended for residential purposes. Ownership of apartments or houses falls under this criterion, whereas commercial properties or agricultural lands do not qualify.

Renewal and Time Limits

Residence permits linked to property ownership require annual renewal. This process begins 60 days before the current permit's expiration. Adherence to this timeframe is crucial.

Address Changes

Any relocation within Turkey necessitates notifying the authorities within 20 days, directing the information to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship.

Work Permit Distinction

Holding a residence permit does not grant employment rights in Turkey. A separate work permit is necessary for employment, which also covers residency during its validity. However, the conclusion of a work permit signifies the end of residence rights as well.

Rental Agreements

While rental agreements can pave the way for a touristic residence permit, they offer limited advantages and face potential rejection during renewal applications.

Pathway to Citizenship

Legal residence in Turkey for a continuous period of five years opens the door to applying for Turkish citizenship, thereby offering permanent residence and additional privileges.

City Realty Turkey stands ready to assist with real estate purchases and navigating the residency process as a property owner. Our expertise ensures tailored guidance towards finding your ideal home and understanding the nuances of residency permits in Turkey.

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