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How To Get Turkish Passport With Buying Property In Turkey

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If you want a Turkish passport, then you are at the right place. Turkey offers an investment program Turkish citizenship law that can make you get a Turkish visa. We could guide you on how to get a Turkish passport with buying property in the right investment. But at first look at the benefits!

Everyone can get Turkish passport with buying property in Turkey as it offers an investment program Turkish citizenship law that can make you get a Turkish visa. For more information contact us in CityRealtyTurkey.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship:

1. Visa-free travel

Turkish passport has an advanced global position, globally ranking 34th, registering 114 points on the Visa-Free Travel Index, and permits its holder for entering more than 72 countries without a prior visa! 

2. You can be a Non-Resident

Citizenship remains throughout your life. You can keep multiple citizenships along with your Turkish Citizenship. You can get Turkish passport with buying property and come and go whenever you please, so whether you want to live here or just come to Turkey for summer, you have the freedom to do so.

3. Future of your family

Spouses, children under 18, and parents if they are dependent also qualify for Citizenship. Still, if you decide to have a family or add more children later, they will automatically become Turkish citizens by birth. So, a citizenship application also gives a family members peace of mind.

4. Health Standards in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most modernized countries when it comes to healthcare. By becoming a citizen through getting a Turkish passport with buying property, you are coming into a healthy healthcare system.

5. Citizen benefits

A residency permit would give you the right to live in Turkey, but you must apply for another license if you want to work. If you are going as a student, you have to take many other permits. But by gaining Turkish Citizenship by investment, you are set to live, work and Study. Planning your future was never this easier.

6. Turkish Aroma

Investing in Turkey does not mean you are buying mortar and bricks; instead, it offers much more. Its weather is refreshing and international cuisine is next level.

7. Turkish society

Turkish hospitality is known for friendliness the world over. It is easy to settle here and make new friends. It feels like home to home.

Let’s see who are the rightful applicants to get a Turkish passport with buying property in investment program.

1. Rightful applicants

Turkey, the minimum entry level for Citizenship, was $ 1 million. But after consultations, the Turkish government realized that it was wiping out a large part of the world’s population. And the foreign direct capital investment was not happening as expected. 

After issuing the amendment to the Law on Granting Turkish Citizenship to Investors in 2018, It became possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship and obtain a strong passport such as a Turkish passport with buying property in Turkey by investing in property which is worth at least $ 250,000. 

It was the best investment program in the world. All nationalities can now buy property in Turkey. Only Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and people living in Cuba cannot accept any property in Turkey. Anyone can apply for the Citizenship by Investment program from all over the world. Now we are going to walk you through the steps to get your Turkey Citizenship!

2. Getting Turkish Tax number

Turkish Tax identification is a ten-digit number assigned to the individual.

Foreigners should have tax numbers for opening a bank account, buying a property, taking utility services, issuing insurance, doing notarial processes, applying for residence permits, etc.

3. How do you get a Turkish Tax ID number

Getting a Tax ID number is an easy application. You will need to go to any local tax office in the province and apply for it. The documents you need for this transaction are

“Your original passport” and a “copy of your passport.” Registration is free of charge. After you are done with registration, your tax ID number s monitored at all Turkish financial institutions.

This transaction usually takes around fifteen minutes. After receiving your tax ID number, you can open your bank account and carry out any official transactions.

4. First bank account opening

Once you have the Turkish Tax ID number, you can choose from many Turkish and international banks like HSBC, AK bank, and Garanti. It is needed to give the bank the tan number and a utility bill showing your current address for verification. All this takes 30 minutes, and you will walk out with your bank account. 

5. Finding your property

You may already like an area to buy property, but if not, we can advise you on this. We recommend popular Turkish provinces and towns. At this point, you will need to consider how you will use the property investment since you will keep it for the first three years.

Istanbul city is always a good destination for investing your capital. Its best for mid to long-term capital appreciation. However, the Antalya region in Mediterranean Turkey would be far better for summers getaways by the beach. Make some passive income on your investments by renting out your home in Antalya, Fethiye, and Bodrum.

6. $250,000- Minimum property worth

All homes are not eligible for Citizenship by investment. So be wise in choosing a property. A property should be worth at least $250,000. Contact us today so we can share options with you!

7. Investment Program Property

For an Investment program, your property investment should be worth at least $250,000. It should have a habitation certification and be suitable for valuation reports.

And when signing title deeds, be sure to state the reason for buying for citizenship purposes for at least three years you pledge to keep the property. Make all transactions via Turkish bank account.

8. Turkish residency Certificate after property evaluation

After all of the above steps, you will get an official valuation report of the property worth.

Authorities will send the residency cards through the post. After this, it’s time to apply for your Turkish Citizenship by investment.

9. Applying for Turkish Citizenship

An applicant applying for the Turkish citizenship program should have the following documents:

  • Proof of Turkey residence
  • All documents that show the number of dependents
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Birth certificate
  • Attested copy of foreign documents
  • Health insurance proof

This application process takes only six months. Congratulations! Now you and your family have Turkish Citizenship and can enjoy life in Turkey.

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