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How To Retire In Turkey

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Retirement In Turkey

Retirement is the dessert of many years of human life. You spend your time and energy so you can see its result when you retire. These years of retirement are very important, which is why some people choose to retire in Turkey.

Turkey is a great choice to have a proper social and economic life during this time. Retirement in Turkey has become one of the most popular choices among European and American and even Asian countries. Their most important motivation is to enjoy the endless benefits that living in Turkey brings them.

On the other hand, if you are still looking for a destination, be prepared to make Turkey your main choice after knowing the benefits of retirement in Turkey.

Advantages of retirement in turkey

1- Easy and excellent transportation

If you are planning to live in any city in the world, you should consider transportation in that city. This is especially important for retirement in Turkey. During this period, you will want to go to different places and have fun, and the platform to have access to these places should be already there.  

The possibility of using public transport or urban roads with a personal car has provided this opportunity for you. Turkey has considered these two issues in all its cities. Deciding to retire in Turkey means that you will not have any hassle with urban transportation, which is a major advantage.

Usually at this age, getting involved with urban transportation problems can be overwhelming. In addition, public transportation lines and urban traffic situations are well managed. This management is one of the benefits of having a residency in Turkey and shows their respect for the citizens.

2- Fantastic climate and weather

The climate of the country where you are going to retire is very important. You cannot stay in extreme weather due to your physical changes during retirement. You should choose an area with the most varied climates that your body is compatible with at this age. This makes retirement in Turkey a great option.

Turkey is a dream place for retirees due to its nature, long, clean beaches and therapeutic Mediterranean climate. From August to the middle of October, great beaches offer different activities like swimming, walking, and sunbathing. During winter, you have a chance to visit a winter sports resort or enjoy beautiful winter nature. Not to mention always, cruise ships are ready for different sea tours.

It is a four-season country with a well-preserved climate. Because of this, you can easily enjoy the natural changes in the weather. In addition, the intensity of the changes is not such that it is considered a threat to your physical condition. Deciding to retire in Turkey with a four-seasonal climate is a major psychological, physical and regional advantage.

Also, having such a climate means that you can enjoy different seasonal entertainment. So having good weather directly affects your hobbies and variety of entertainment, including sports that you can have.

It is a four-season country with a well-preserved climate. Because of this, you can easily enjoy the natural changes in the weather. In addition, the intensity of the changes is not such that it is considered a threat to your physical condition. Deciding to retire in Turkey with a four-seasonal climate is a major psychological, physical and regional advantage.

3- Low cost of property

The importance of the financial aspect of retirement in Turkey is almost indisputable. You need to make sure that you can afford to live and retire in Turkey. The purpose of retiring in Turkey is to have years full of peace but financial worries can destroy this peace.

The cost of living in Turkey is much lower than in some European and American countries. At the same time, its benefits are far more than its costs. Fortunately, you will not need a lot of money to retire in Turkey. You just need to have enough money to buy a residential property or invest in a project to earn citizenship.

According to Turkey, retirees do not need to pay tax income. That is an excellent chance for foreigner pensions since they can live on their pension income from their own country while living in Turkey. It is an excellent bonus for foreign retirees who want to move more value for their money. Note that the high value of the Euro, as opposed to the lira, and the low cost of living in Turkey, encourage many retirees to live on their pensions in Turkey.

4- Variety of amazing foods

Why having a variety of foods should be an advantage. Well, varied food means that every taste has a place in this country. For this reason, no matter what your culture or food style is, there are some delicious dishes for you in the Turkish food style.

Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous things about this country in the world. When you retire in Turkey, you have the opportunity to taste and enjoy dozens of new and varied foods. Remember that this diversity is very important for keeping your spirits fresh in your retirement life.

5- Different types of hobbies

Having fun in retirement in Turkey means having a fresh and dynamic life. Many countries have entertainment for young people and usually, retirees do not have many options. However, because Turkey pays special attention to retirees, it has provided various entertainments for them.

One of my best hobbies is access to international waters and various beaches. You will have access to the sea in many cities of Turkey, which means that you can have sea activities from sunbathing to fishing.

On the other hand, the strong historical background of this country has been a factor of entertainment. There are many historical sites, museums, mosques, etc., which are good to go when you retire in Turkey. Therefore, be assured that in this country you will never get bored.

6- Beautiful cities to live 

The geographical diversity of Turkey and its vastness is an advantage to retire in Turkey. Most of the cities in this country have historic places to visit. Social and civic services are also well provided in these cities.

7- Geographical aspects of choosing Turkey

Turkey is a great destination geographically. If you want to retire in Turkey, you will have many international communication options. You are indeed choosing a country to spend your leisure time in, but it is still important to have communication.

This connection is a significant issue for having different trips and being acquainted with the culture of other countries. Turkey now has geographical access to both European and Asian countries. In addition, politically, you will have no problem communicating with these countries because Turkey’s politics does not limit its geography.

8- Delightful lifestyle and culture

Turkish culture is one of the most beautiful and rich cultures in the world. Due to its historical antiquity, its cultural elements are interesting to the world. Deciding to retire in Turkey means living in the heart of this beautiful and rich culture.

You will have the opportunity to face a world beyond the cultural framework of your community. This is a challenge and a hotspot for retirement in Turkey. This kind of retirement will be a sweet challenge for you.

9- Social respect for retirees

Turkey is a large country situated on a crossroad between Asia and Europe; this unique situation exposes the country to influences of both western and Eastern cultures from the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Europe to central Asia and the Caucasus. Moreover, Turkey is a rare mixture of traditional and modern conventions and religious and secular parties. Note that Turkey is a pioneer in starting negotiations about its identity as a large country with many secular citizens in the Islamic world. 

It is better to know cultural practices, lifestyles, and social attitudes vary across the country. Some essential items cause subtle differences among citizens. Some essential items mentioned are socioeconomic status, educational level, and ethnicity. However, Turkish nations share core cultural values such as a sense of honor, hospitality, and neighborliness.

In Turkish culture and society, old people and retirees are highly respected. Unlike some countries, which consider retirees to be insignificant members of society, retirement in Turkey has a completely different meaning. In this country, everyone shows special respect for these people, and in fact, they are considered the pioneers of society.

This way of thinking and behaving in society will bring you peace. Deciding to retire in Turkey brings you closer to a country that respects every single year of your youth. It is not possible to have such a position in any country, although Turkey has created this positive view of retirees.

10- Enjoying municipal and government services for retirees

The social service system in Turkey has had special programs and views towards retirees. The planning and executive policies of this government are such that you can enjoy a wide range of services if you retire in Turkey.

These services are generally intended for all retired citizens of Turkey, which alleviates some of the retirement concerns. Upon retirement in Turkey, you would receive residence in this country. Having this residence means that you are also a citizen and will have the right to use these services.

Some of these services are related to the medical field, which is very important for retirees. The quality of health care in-country should be one of the criteria for choosing to retire in Turkey. During this period, the need for health and medical services may be more than before, and being sure of the quality of services provided in Turkey can be good news.

11- Healthcare for retirement in Turkey

According to numerous foreign residents in Turkey, the country is one of the rare destinations for settling down during retirement. Besides the beautiful nature, vibrant culture, high-quality lifestyle, and excellent health care system contributing to modest cost of living, Turkey has turned into a favorite retirement country. 

 Adequate health care is required to enjoy the post-work era, as a retiree can join the Turkish government’s SGK schema and get personal coverage. In any case, you benefit from top healthcare services at highly reasonable payments.

12- Family-friendly parks in Turkey

If you enjoy thrill rides with modern parks, such as theme parks, the following samples of theme parks are recommended to be on your itinerary.

Adaland Aquapark

Adaland Aquapark in Kusadasi offers numerous water activities for a fulfilling day. It is a family-friendly park that can be a fantastic chance for long-lived memories with your family. Adaland park is a realm of boundless excitement and makes you and your family speechless. This adrenaline-pumping theme park is 80 Km from Izmir; thus, you have a chance to visit the picturesque nature.

Istanbul Aquarium

If you want to see an outstanding aquarium with a variety of marine creatures, and a unique structure among European countries, then do not miss Istanbul Aquarium. 

This conspicuous complex is 6000 square meters and is 1.2 Km between the black sea and the pacific ocean. Note that this complex has a 470 square meter zone.

Moreover, there are souvenir shops and coffee shops in the complex for visitor convenience.

Sazonova Park

The other family friend park worthwhile to visit is Sazova park in Eskisehir. You can benefit from fresh air, beautiful nature, and a rolling yard with your family. Some park attractions are Fairy Tale Castle, Pirate Ships, Mushroom Playhouses, and the Science Center. 

13- Well Maintained Sites In Turkey

Unesco lists at least 80 sites in Turkey that are of cultural and historical significance and published in its tentative world heritage site. However, 18 sites out of 80 tentative nominations are inscribed on the Unesco endless list. These maintained sites, in various parts across the country, are worthy of being on your travel bucket list to visit. Although it may not be possible to visit all of them in a single round trip, you need to make a schedule for years to come. 

 Sümela Monastery

This mysterious monastery is located in Karadag, in southern Trabzon along the Black sea, with marvelous nature.

Saint Nicholas Church

A short drive from the whimsical ancient city of Mayra, Saint Nicholas Church was founded. It is one of the tourist attractions and pilgrims’ gathering places.

The ancient city of Sagalassos

A scenic Zenit of Taurus Mountain, in Burdur is one of Turkey’s ancient cities open all the time for history lovers with magnificent nature.

14- Community Spirit in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country that is practicing secularism and religion. In other words, Turkey is a pioneer in pushing forward two spirits in the community. Turkey is an example of a traditional community with the intention of modernity which seems to have achieved an appropriate balance between the two parties. These days Turkey focuses on joining the European Union, which is a vital sign of the Turkish community’s tendency to experience democracy with a traditional background. 

Visa & Resident Permits Are Easier In Turkey

In general, resident permits in Turkey include short-term residency and long-term residency permits. As it is predictable, short-term residency is proper permission for those who want to stay in Turkey for a while, like entrepreneurs who run a business in Turkey. According to Turkish foreign affair legislation, a short-term residence permit is valid for one year.

After passing that time, a short-term residency permit needs to be extended, or the applicants must apply for a long-term residency permit. We manage an interview with one of Turkish the immigration lawyers to extract accurate information about residency rights in Turkey; if you have a plan to get a residency permit in Turkey, stick to reading and obtain exact information. 

Note that the process of getting residency permits in Turkey is not a complicated or overwhelming one.

A short-term residency permit is an appropriate selection for employment and students. Also, for medical purposes, training and family reunification, a short-term residency is a good option. The expected time for obtaining a short-term residency permit from applying to having permission is around 1 to 3 months. The validity of a short-term residency is one year that can be extended to two years.

Applicants need to hand in some necessary documents for obtaining short-term residencies, such as a valid passport, proof of income, health insurance, four photos, and a former temporary resident permit.

Foreigner citizens who want to stay longer in Turkey and obtain a long-term residence permit need to submit the following documents to Turkey authorities.

  • Application form
  • Two photos at passport size
  • A valid passport and a copy of it
  • A documented proof indicates the applicant has not received special aid from turkey authorities. 
  • Declaring your financial ability and proving that you can stay in Turkey for at least one year.
  • Your property document in turkey, if you have one
  • Police record
  • Your medical insurance

Note that to extend an applicant for a residency permit can be made online to the Directorate General of Migration Management. If this is your first time applying for a residency permit, you must go to the migration office and present the required documents in person. Remember, residence permits can be for a person or family, students, and humanitarian residents. 

Terms and costs of deciding to retire in Turkey

Many retirees want to spend their retirement in Turkey, but currently, Turkey does not offer a visa called a retirement visa. Instead of a retirement visa, people can think about getting permanent residence in Turkey through other means, such as buying or renting a property.

 Among these ways, we can mention the quarterly stay and its extension through renting the property, as well as getting permanent residence through buying property to retire in Turkey.

 Applicants can get temporary residence in Turkey by renting or buying a property worth less than $ 250,000, or they can get permanent residence and Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth more than $ 250,000.

People who intend to have Turkish residency and citizenship as foreigners will have easy ways to achieve this. Retirees can buy a property worth $ 250,000. Purchasing a property for less than $ 250,000 will result in a one-year and short-term residence permit.

 If you have enough money and you are certain about deciding to retire in Turkey, do not hesitate. Turkey is a great county for buying property and your money is well spent. Being worried about your money is natural but if you look at the economy of Turkey, you will understand that it is not a bad choice. 

 After living in Turkey on a short-term visa for 8 years, they can apply for a long-term residence permit. In addition, people can get temporary residence in Turkey by buying and renting a property in this country and showing the necessary financial means for 6,000 dollars for each member of their family.

Given all these conditions and rules, be sure to try to choose a suitably skilled team to have the opportunity to retire in Turkey. It would be almost impossible to do so without the advice of knowledgeable people. A lawyer familiar with the law of retirement in Turkey as well as a financial advisor will pave the way for you.

 Note that due to the importance of the legal dimension of the case, be sure to do more reflection and research on selecting your desired team. A professional and experienced team like CityRealtyTurkey can well overcome all the challenges and obstacles to be able to retire in Turkey.

Best places to retire in Turkey:

According to statistics, Istanbul is the best place to retire in Turkey. Here is the list of cities recommended for retirement.

  • Antalya
  • Alanya
  • Ankara
  • Bodrum
  • Bursa
  • Fethiye
  • Istanbul
  • Izmir
  • Marmari
  • Mersin
  • Yalikavak

Final word

Retirement will be one of the best times of life for any person who should see and enjoy the result of his many years of working. This enjoyment and starting a new life can start with choosing to retire in Turkey.

Turkey is a great destination for retirees to spend these years of their lives. The benefits of staying in Turkey with the vote of retirees are one of the most important reasons for choosing this country. 

Now, considering all these issues and advantages, if you intend to stay in this country, you cannot do it alone. Immigrating to a new country always means facing its legal system. 

Facing these legal complexities is difficult and of course unknown to ordinary people. Therefore, benefiting from the services of active teams in this field will help you to have a great retirement in Turkey. 

City realty Turkey is one of the best in this field that helps you to have the opportunity to spend your retirement in Turkey in a short time. This team will assist you in all legal and financial steps. Having years of experience in this field and successful cases have made city realty Turkey the best choice for you.

If you want to retire in Turkey, you can contact our expert and ask all your questions about this life-changing decision. 

It is not a specific number because of many factors such as owning property, the city the retiree is located and other reasons. But you need at least 5000 lira a month.

Is there a Turkey retirement visa?

There is no retirement visa in Turkey, so you must apply for a residency permit.

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