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Important points to know about the history of architecture in Turkey!

Picture for blog post Important points to know about the history of architecture in Turkey!

The history of architecture in Turkey , which is a combination of modern architecture and historical architecture, has received much attention as one of the rich historical heritages after the rise of the Ottoman Empire, and in the last century, its effects on the architecture of other countries were also very evident. Is. Considering that the changes in the history of architecture in Turkey have had a great impact on the properties and houses of this country, we have decided to continue providing you with information about the architecture of houses and villas in this country and you will be introduced to the formation of the current architecture of Turkey. to introduce

Getting to know the styles and history of architecture in Turkey

When the republican government started in Turkey, Ottoman and Seljuk architecture became more popular than other architectures in Turkey, but since the beginning of 1930, Western architects such as Austrian, French and German architects have significantly witnessed the activity and performance in this country. This is what caused the architectural style in this country to move towards modernity, and after that, the modernization of Turkish architecture is seen more than ever before, and now the history of architecture in Turkey is achieved in this way.

This is the reason why the traditional structures of Turkey are seen less than its modern structures in buildings today, and this shows the growth of modern architecture in this country.

The architectural difference between Istanbul and Antalya buildings

It is good to know that different cities of Turkey have been influenced by the history of architecture in Turkey and modernity, and at the same time, there are many differences in the architecture of these cities.

Some of the buildings located in the east of the city of Istanbul have a very old and traditional texture, and the historical texture is quite evident in these buildings, but in the west of this city, a different architectural history can be seen, and the buildings have completely moved towards modernity. Hence the purchase of a penthouse in Istanbul and the purchase of a villa in Antalya require various investigations that can only be done by experienced CityRealty real estate consultants.

This issue can be seen in other cities such as Antalya, and in this city it can be seen that the architecture of the buildings have joined the European architecture, and in Antalya, the historical and traditional texture is no longer visible, and all the textures of the buildings in this city are modern. It might be interesting for you to know that this is why the prices of villas and other properties in Antalya are 43% cheaper than in Istanbul.

The most common architectural style in the history of architecture in Turkey

When you have the necessary consultation with the real estate consultants of the city to buy and rent a house in this country, you will realize that the buildings that have been built in this country today are all designed to solve all the defects of the previous structures and meet the needs of the residents of this country. Buildings are built. To create a very natural and simple atmosphere in modern and realistic designs, bright colors are considered for these structures.

Also, modern architecture and historical architecture are combined in the history of architecture in Turkey , and new styles such as the normal use of circles and villas are more visible in Turkey from 1980 to this moment.

How to connect European architecture and Turkish architecture and the formation of the history of architecture in Turkey

Today, a special architectural style is seen in Turkey, which is competing with the architecture of the European Union, and in the process of upgrading all its architectural standards, in large cities such as Ankara or Antalya and Istanbul, commercial buildings and large buildings in The construction of this country has been prioritized, and this kind of modernization is being done at a very fast pace in Turkey. Therefore, to rent office buildings with a large area in the mentioned cities, you can have the necessary consultation with the city’s real estate and after getting the necessary advice in this field, you can rent or buy and sell the units you want.

Maybe until 1950, we didn’t see the existence of skilled and capable architects in Turkey, but after that, the influence of countries like Austria, France, and Germany, caused Turkish architects to start building structures with architecture in Ankara and Istanbul. modernize and put various projects under construction and use modern architecture in the construction of these buildings so that today the history of architecture in Turkey will be like this. This has caused us to see a combination of modern architecture and historical architecture in different cities of Turkey such as Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya.

History of architecture in Turkey and types of architectural styles in this country

Four modern house building styles can be seen in the history of architecture in Turkey, which are divided into 4 categories, which include sites and circle style, and the style of residences and villas.

Fortunately, all the four mentioned categories can be seen in newly constructed buildings in Turkey, and if you are interested in any of these categories, you can describe your expectations to the real estate consultants of CityRealty properties and all your expectations will be met, Tell us about the building or house you are interested in and buy a villa in Antalya more quickly or a penthouse in Istanbul more quickly. In the following, we will introduce the four named categories to your service.

In the history of architecture in Turkey, we see a style called Cite. Sites is the name of a group that includes a large number of complexes with the same shape and architecture, all of which are built on one site.

Depending on the conditions of each project, the facilities of each site are different, and depending on the facilities of these buildings, each of them has different prices.

This style of construction is not limited to a specific area of Turkey and those interested in this style can build this type of structure in any part of the city, but the prevalence of this type of construction industry in the modern media of Turkey is more than others. We see parts.

Residence style in Turkish construction

Despite all the changes we have witnessed in the history of architecture in Turkey, today modern towers known as residences are being built in this country and as new buildings, very high quality, modern and up-to-date materials are used in They have been used and are considered one of the most popular buildings in this country.

These structures are fully equipped and are a suitable choice for those who are interested in modern life. Depending on which neighborhood you want to live in, the price of buying or renting each of the buildings with this type of architecture is different, and to get more information, CityRealty real-estate agency will provide you with very good advice in this field.

Despite the changes in the history of architecture in Turkey, today in the coastal cities of this country, such as Istanbul, we see the construction of villas with high facilities, which rich people who want a luxurious or prosperous life buy these types of villas. are

Therefore, in the very famous docks of the city of Turkey, people live a more prosperous life than in other parts, and in these areas, we see the expansion of construction in Turkey, where special attention is paid to meeting the needs of the residents of these villas and buildings. Is.

Depending on the size and facilities you want to buy this type of villa, you have to pay different fees from about 35 thousand dollars and above. Of course, these prices have a lot of fluctuations, so for more information, we recommend that you consult with active consultants in the CityRealty real estate to get the necessary information about the details of the prices of these villas and buildings.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul, unlike the city of Tehran, has structures or textures of the same type, and the upper or lower neighborhoods of the city have no meaning in this city. This is why you may see a combination of old and historical buildings and new and modern buildings in one neighborhood of this city. This has caused price fluctuations in Turkish houses, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, more than in other cities of this country.

In 2020, the process of upgrading and growing houses in this country has become very intense, and for this reason, the price increase in newly built houses has brought many problems for home buyers.

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