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Is It Easy To Find A Job In Turkey?

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Is it easy to find a job in Turkey? – Nowadays, Turkey has captured the attention of many countries’ citizens, and many people who want to apply for long-term residence in Turkey are considering working in this country. Before deciding to migrate, you need to make sure if you can find a job in Turkey.

Lately, due to the economic development of Turkey, we have witnessed an increasing number of migrants to this country, and millions of people are looking for property for sale in Turkey and also finding a suitable career. It’s worth mentioning that Turkey has a high ranking compared to other countries when it comes to employment.

In this article, we will answer the question it is easy to find a job in Turkey, and you will also get all the necessary information you need about this case. And if you need more details you can contact us in CityRealtyTurkey.

How can foreigners work in Turkey?

As a foreigner, before starting to find a job in Turkey, you need to obtain a work permit. Although if you’re a conditional refugee with secondary protection, you’re even allowed to open your workplace within six months after getting this title. You can obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Services. Also, you can apply for a work permit inside and outside of Turkey. Note that to apply for a work permit, a company or organization should apply to the Ministry of Labor and submit the necessary documents, and you can’t do it individually.

Is it necessary to know Turkish for working?

If you want to find a job in Turkey, the most important thing is that you need to be familiar with the language of Turkey, Istanbul Turkish. Having enough knowledge of Istanbul Turkish means that you should be able to talk fluently, write and do administrative correspondence in the correct way.

By mastering the Turkish language, you can successfully find a job in Turkey, and you will get better job offers. Of course, knowing other languages such as English, German and French will help you look for a job in multinational or even international Turkey’s companies. So it’s recommended to master Istanbul Turkish and other useful languages that can help you before moving there.

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Is It Necessary to have work permission in turkey?

A work permit is designed for foreigners trying to apply for work in other countries, and some types of work permits consider the foreigners’ conditions. Before trying to find a job in Turkey, you need to obtain a work permit to be able to work in any job, and you’re allowed to find a job in Turkey after your work permit is approved; otherwise, you might be punished and may even be deported or detained. Unless you’re willing to apply as a self-employed expert, you have to have an agreed contract with your employer before even considering migrating to this country. This way, your employer can apply for your job permit and gather the important documentation to support you.

How to get work permission in Turkey?

The first thing you need to know before applying for a work permit is that there’s no such thing as a work Visa in Turkey, unlike European countries. To obtain Turkish residency through work migration to Turkey, you need to have the following conditions:

  • Receive a job offer from a Turkish employer
  • Take job training courses to obtain a work permit in this country
  • Use a tourist Visa to apply for a job
  • Register your own company in Turkey

Note that you can only use the above methods to receive support from the government and only these methods are legal. 

You can obtain a work permit from Turkey or apply from the country you live in

Applying for a work permit from Turkey 

If you have the residence permit of Turkey and six months of validity left, you’re allowed to apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security directly. In this case, you and your employee should use the necessary documents to make an online application to the Ministry, submitted within six days. After 30 days, you will receive an electronic and written response. Also, after your arrival, you have 30 days to apply for a residence permit, particularly for working purposes. This way, you can obtain a work permit and find a job in Turkey.

Applying for a work permit from outside Turkey 

Suppose you’re not in Turkey or you don’t hold a valid residence permit, or you’re on your tourist visa. In that case, you need to apply to the Turkish consulate in the country you live in or the country of citizenship with the necessary documents such as your passport, a copy of your job offer, and a picture.

Suppose you apply to the Ministry directly after contacting the consulate. In that case, your employer can make an application within ten days, and after the submission of all documents, your application will be approved in 30 days.

How to find a job in Turkey?

The most vital thing that you need to consider before migrating to Turkey is finding a job in Turkey. Many countries such as Australia and Canada have specific policies for foreign immigrants. Anyone seeking permanent residence in these countries must have a suitable job and be hired by an Australian or Canadian country. But countries like Turkey allow foreign immigrants to live in these countries with only a Visa and passport. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should look for a job, and you need to make sure of your capabilities, skills, and expertise to immigrate with an acceptable resume. There are different methods for finding a job in Turkey that you can read in the following:

The first method: newspapers

Just like any other country, there are various newspapers in Turkey where they publish their job offers, such as Zaman, Hurriyet, and Posta. You can find a job in Turkey by using the job advertisement section of these newspapers.

The second method: sites

Another method for finding a job is to use Turkey’s reputable sites. There are some sites where you can send your resume, and after the employer’s approval, you might get an interview. For example, Karyiar, Kariyerzirvesi, yenibiris, Elemanonline, and LinkedIn are some of the best websites that you can use in this case.

Don’t forget that you need a work permit in Turkey and you’re not allowed to work in this country just by finding a job.

The Third method: training classes

One of the best methods for finding a job in Turkey is participating in Turkey’s training classes to increase your skills and expertise.

Vocational training classes

These types of training classes are designed to increase the skills of the unemployed so that they can easily find a job.

Start working training classes. 

These classes are for increasing work experience for the unemployed. An employer trains people who participate in these classes, and they can either find the employer they want themselves or ask the organization to find them an employer.

Entrepreneurship training classes

These classes are designed for people who want to become entrepreneurs or get a promotion at their jobs.

Kinds of jobs and works you can do in Turkey

There are various kinds of jobs and works that you can do in Turkey. For example, one of the jobs you can choose is becoming a real estate agent to offer property for sale in Turkey. Due to the living conditions of Turkey, high-paying jobs are becoming more important every day in this country. Since the amount of income is very important to people who want to find a job in Turkey, we have decided to discuss some high-paying jobs that you can choose in this country.

1- Financial Manager

One of the high-paying jobs worth mentioning is a financial manager who oversees the finances of a company. People in this profession must have graduated in economics and finance, banking, and business, and their average income is about 13 thousand Liras per month.

2- Biochemist

Another high-paying job in Turkey includes biochemistry. A biochemist is an expert who can perform all the necessary steps and interpret the results of patients. To become a professional in this job, six years of medical education and four years of specialized education are needed.

3- Information Technology (IT) Manager 

An IT manager is one of the most important jobs in Turkey, and this occupation plays a fundamental role in the world of business. As days go by, this profession is becoming more and more vital in organizations and companies.

4- Financial advisor

Sometimes a financial adviser can be considered a professional accountant. The average income of a financial adviser can depend on many factors such as their skills and experience but in general; it’s one of the most lucrative jobs that you can find in Turkey.

5- Marketing manager

Nowadays, marketing managers who graduate in fields such as economics and management are receiving more attention than ever before due to the high competition of companies. This job is among the highest-paid jobs available in Turkey.

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