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Is Turkey Cheap to Live?

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Cost of Living in Turkey – How Cheap is Turkey?

An average budget for a family of four without renting is around 22,870TL, equivalent to 1,242$ in a month. Single person needed 6,523TL, equivalent to 354$ ,except general, to answer the question, how cheap is Turkey? It would be best if you compared expenses with other developed countries.

Statistic researchers prove that it is cheaper to live in Turkey compared to other developed countries such as the United states. For instance, the cost of living in Turkey, on average, is 60.96% lower than in the United States. Moreover, renting cost in Turkey, on average 85.91%, is lower compared to the United States.

What are the living costs for Turkey?

You would better know the cost of living in Turkey is incredibly cheaper than in other developed countries like European Union countries. Turkey’s most budget consumer sectors are food, rent, transportation, health care and education, which are significantly lower than Germany, Sweden, and Russia.


Restaurants are affordable in Turkey; even you can order in a nice restaurant at a reasonable price. A paw tiger, Turkey is the era of foods and desserts. You will never be in a shortage of food. Varieties of food and desserts, sweets, and pastries are ubiquitous on every corner. On average, the cost of food in a street restaurant is 60 TL, and expensive restaurants with luxury service start from 300TL.


Groceries in Turkey generally are fresh, affordable and ubiquitous. The only things that might be a bit expensive compared to other groceries are red meat and fish. Vegetables and fruits are fresh to use and cheap, especially during the weekly bazaar. Other essential requirements, such as dairy products, are delicious and inexpensive. Cleaning solutions like shampoo, body cleaning lesions, and others are high quality at reasonably priced.


A single ticket for the public transportation system is 15 TL for a passenger. It is possible to buy two 2-ride tickets for 25 or three ride tickets for 35. Also, an innovative digital cart is used for all transportation systems. 

Note that the entire Turkey is covered by a capable transportation system, like long-distance buses, minibosses, and domestic flights. Also, these days an age railroad transportation system is overhauled with a modern and decent one that connects the main capital cities in Turkey.

Traveling to Turkey is possible by bus and plan. It is obvious traveling to turkey by plane is the quickest choice; also, domestic flights in Turkey give service at amazingly reasonable prices.

The other option for traveling to Turkey is using buses. Modern and comfortable buses transfer passengers to Turkey for 8 TL per 100 Km(63ml). Intercity bus care varies by company, day of the week, time of day, distance and special events.

Taxis in Turkey are classified as an expensive transportation system. Although taxi fares are calculated based on per meter, in capital cities like Istanbul, due to traffic jams, the final fare usually is more than expected. Note that Turkey’s taxi scam is a regular event, especially in capital cities. So you should be cautious if you do not want to be overcharged.



The electricity bill for a two-bedroom apartment in Turkey is around 80 to 200 TL per month. The central rising electricity consuming item is the air conditioner. Because of that, many citizens install standing or ceiling fans to lower their electricity bills.


Gas in turkey is used for the oven, and depending on how much you use the oven, the bill rate will change. Also, there are special bottles of gas at the market, sold at 70 TL. Depending on the amount of usage, you can change the bottle.


Old-fashioned water meters are replaced with pay-as-you-go meters. The average cost for water usage is one lira per cubic water. A large family needs to pay 30 Lira per month for water consumption.


The internet will cost about 50 lire per month for all-year-round living. If you drop in during holidays, you can lease dongles from companies that deliver to your doorstep.

Sport and leisure 

Sport and leisure cost an ignorable price for foreigners. Movie tickets are mainly the most negligible leisure activity to pay, which cost 2.50 dollars, at high-tech movie saloons. As a foreigner, you can afford tennis courts or others as your purchasing power is higher than the lira.  


If you know it or not, Turkey is one of the most potent sectors in textiles and clothes manufacturing. Therefore ubiquitous, trending clothes are available across the country to cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. With different modern and traditional shopping centers and high-quality clothes production, turkey has turned into a hub of clothes lovers from every corner of the

 It estimates casual clothes and shoes cost around 250 to 300 TL on average. However, it could be changeable based on individuals, clothes brands, and seasons. Usually at the end of each season clothes are offered at a considerable discount.  


No matter where you want to live in Turkey, the main expense is rent. On the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the expected renting cost is around 4.000 TL to 6.000 TL per month for an ordinary two-bedroom house.

However, renting expenses in Turkey vary depending on location. For instance, rent in Istanbul, the black sheep of Turkey, is significantly higher than in other cities in Turkey. An introductory studio on the outskirts of Istanbul costs as much as 3500 TL. Not to mention, prices are rising for homes near the city’s center.

Renal costs in Taksim and other dominant locations can reach as much as 100000 TL.

Costs of healthcare and medicine in Turkey

It takes 150 TL if you make an appointment with your doctor once a month. If you are taking traditional medicine and vitamins, it will average cost 200 LT. Note that medicines in Turkey are manufactured in high quality based on European standards.

You can join SKG, Turkish official insurance, as a foreigner, after getting your residence permit. When you become one of SKG members, you can use free-charge state hospitals service, and all your family members can benefit from free-charge health care and treatment services at state hospitals. In 2021 SKG costs 700 LT for a year. 

Remember, foreigners are not obliged to provide this insurance.

Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages in Turkey

The local currency in Turkey is Lira. One dollar is equivalent to 8.65 TL, and 1euro equals 10.26 TL. However, these estimations relate to the date of this article. The minimum wage in Turkey is almost 2,825 lira in a month. A full-time worker in Turkey earns around 7.830 TL each month. Salaries tolerance between 1980TL the lowest one, to 35000. Note that salaries vary in a wide range depending on occupation level. 

According to Turkish legislation, in coordination with foreign investment absorption, banks offer different loans to foreigners who intend to buy a property in Turkey. Banks differ in loan quantity, interest rate, and offer condition. Turkish banks give mortgage loans to foreigners only in local currency. Although it is permissible to take a loan to cover the entire value of a property, It is common to secure a loan for some percent of a property value.

Inexpensive Cities in Turkey to Live in

The cheapest cities in Turkey are Sanliurfa, Kayseri, Mersin, Konya, Iskenderun, and Hatay. They show off alluring nature, with a satisfying living standard at a low price compared to other cities. But the negative point is, the mentioned cities are far from the capital. 

According to statistical research, the surprising result revealed that among the ten cheapest cities in the world, two cities from Turkey sit on top of the list. Ankara and following Istanbul are respectively the first and sixth cheapest cities in the world.  

Additional expenses in Turkey

There are some additional expenses, such as a mobile network price of 100 Turkish lira, going to coffee shops three times a week costs around 350 lire, and the cost of extending your residency permit is around 100 lira. Total additional expenses in Turkey averagely is 700 lire, equivalent to 90 dollars.

How Does the Average Person Spend Their Money in Turkey?

Spending pattern in Turkey, like any other place in the world, depends on your living location and your lifestyle. The cost of living in capital cities like Istanbul or luxurious cities like Antalya is higher in terms of public services, supermarkets, and food shopping. The primary budget consumption is renting. Due to high renting fees, many applicants prefer to live on the outskirts.

Families who have a property in Turkey and do not have to pay rent can save 15% of their salary and benefit from a high-level lifestyle.

If you have a plan for permanent living in Turkey, it would be better to decide to buy a property for sale in Istanbul or other cities in Turkey before moving. In this case, your cost of living in Turkey will decrease.

Without rent, the expenses related to shopping from supermarkets and the expenses related to clothes. Buying property in Turkey not only helps you to save money, but also it is an affordable investment with a prosperous future growing. Moreover, by buying a property in Turkey, you have a chance to get a residency permit, and under special conditions, you can get your citizen’s permission.

In conclusion, the ranting fee sits on top of expenses in Turkey. Although as a foreigner who lives in Turkey on a wage from own country, the rent is not high, it would be better to buy a property, to save your money and leverage your lifestyle, besides you could benefit from financial prosperity.

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