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Istanbul Districts

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There are 39 districts in Istanbul; 25 are located on the European side and 14 on the Asian side.

These 39 beautiful Istanbul districts on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, beautify a wonderful city and make it a pleasure to explore. Whether it’s excellent shopping, great nightlife, or a family-friendly neighborhood for home buyers, every district of Istanbul offers something unique.

Istanbul is the main target of most foreigners to buy property in turkey; knowing Istanbul districts will also make it a more amazing real estate investment. While some areas are famed for their historic pretensions or modern tribute to the urban lifestyle, others have an excellent reputation for tourists looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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European Side Districts

Let’s take a look at the European side of Istanbul districts:

1. Arnavutkoy

Arnavutköy in Istanbul was once a well-kept secret but now has grown in popularity over the past decade as more tourists try to explore the city away from the main attractions of Sultanahmet Square.

Arnavutköy is located in the north of Istanbul districts, and real estate investments have tripled in recent years due to mega projects such as the planned canal route and Istanbul’s new airport.

2. Avcilar

Avcilar is famous for its location next to one of Istanbul’s most vital roads and close to the city’s most active urban spots, and its proximity to Istanbul’s new canal project.

The rapid urban transformation has resulted in sizeable residential housing projects with extensive facilities creating high-standard properties for sale in the city.

3. Bagcilar

Bağcılar is city’s center. It has significant value on both sides, for investment purposes and housing in its suburbs. It has a robust transportation system consisting of various vehicles operated by the metro network, facilitating transportation to multiple parts of Istanbul and serving its residents with more than one station.

This district is also famous as it offers the most exclusive and reasonable apartments for sale in Istanbul districts.

4. Bahcelievler

Bahçelievler, which means houses with gardens in Turkish, is a primarily residential area on the European side of Istanbul districts.

Which connects the airport to the Asian side of the city and covers 5% of the city’s landscape. Its one of the best areas of Istanbul districts for investment as it generates a lot of rental income because tourism is a lot popular in this region

5. Bakirkoy

Bakırköy is distinguished from the rest of Istanbul by its strategic location close to the city center; It is adjacent to Florya district and Zeytinburnu district, an investment area.

This coastal residential area is becoming famous as a commercial and shopping hub with landmarks such as 76,000 square meters Carousel Shopping Center welcomes over one million visitors each year with food, shopping, and entertainment centers.

6. Basaksehir

It is one of the most modern and original districts of Istanbul districts, characterized by numerous features. It includes the city’s largest and most prestigious real estate projects. Thus, wealthy Arabs residing in Istanbul took over the housing estates. They have a goal to start their business in all types and fields for business projects.

7. Bayrampasa

Istanbul’s Bayrampaşa district was one of the least talked about areas. Still, it has lost its old reputation for its professionalism, excellent urban planning, and family atmosphere in the last decade. Turkish real estate buyers consider Bayrampaşa the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while being close enough to the heart and soul of the city.

8. Besiktas

Besiktas is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul districts, located on the European side of Istanbul. It is also considered one of the city centers, both residential and commercial, especially for small businesses.

It includes everything a tourist can do from the bazaar, fish market, cultural and artistic events, shopping malls, historical buildings, football clubs, beach recreation, and restaurants.

9. Beylikduzu

Beylikdüzü is a beautiful and modern suburb, with views of the Marmara Sea on one side and Büyükçekmece Bay on the other.

Beylikdüzü has gained popularity in recent years and has become an important area for real estate investment for many reasons, such as its location and the nature of its land.

10. Beyoglu

Beyoğlu is the cosmopolitan heart of Istanbul. The 1.6 km long Istiklal Avenue shopping street and Taksim Square are located in Beyoğlu. The lively area is full of restaurants and cafes, and the famous Istiklal Street is one of the significant landmarks of the Beyoğlu district.

For those who love active life and want to taste the different world of life, this region seems to be the most suitable accommodation for its taste, which constantly adopts a prosperous lifestyle.

11. Buyukcekmece

Büyükçekmece is one of the essential modern districts of European Istanbul and contains high-quality real estate and magnificent tourist attractions.

Büyükçekmece is undoubtedly one of the preferred regions for comfortable accommodation in Istanbul districts; With its main attractions such as Büyükçekmece Lake, a picturesque nature reserve, and the Corniche overlooking the Sea of Marmara.

12. Catalca

Çatalca, as per area, is the largest European region of Istanbul districts in terms of surface area. Located close to the city center, Çatalca is one of the most important stations you can visit on your touristic trips. This district is now in the process of making investment opportunities.

13. Esenler

Esenler does not have a large area but has a large population. Many immigrants from Anatolia and other parts of Asia have settled here in the last 50 years. After a great wave of immigration, the population rose to 150,000 in 1985 and has continued to grow to 450,000 to date.

14. Esenyurt

Esenyurt has become one of the fastest-growing regions in recent years due to the many benefits it brings to investors and many people to live or invest here.  There are many new low-cost properties, Esenyurt has managed to attract many foreigners to settle.

15. Eyup

The district is located on the southern shore of the Golden Horn, just outside the walls. It has many historical artifacts from the Ottoman period. Due to this historic structure, real estate projects have increased rapidly in the district, where interest is relatively high.

Many residences, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc., are under construction. And there is a lot of investment in infrastructure.

16. Fatih

Istanbul’s most crucial historic district is famous for its historic streets, hotels, and popular restaurants serving local delicacies. Fatih is also full of beings that will fascinate you at the beginning of your journey.

17. Gaziosmanpasa

Gaziosmanpaşa is a famous district of Istanbul. Its population changed rapidly. The massive immigration has brought diversity to the neighborhood. 

New urban transformation projects provide hospitals, shopping malls, mega outlets, and new housing projects.

18. Gungoren

Güngören district, which is expected to be re-established within the scope of the urban transformation project, was named after a village in the Mahmutbey district of Bakırköy.

It is the third smallest district of Istanbul in terms of surface area after the Islands and Eminönü. Güngören consists of 11 neighborhoods.

19. Kagithane

Middle-class employees buy real estate in this district and travel to big city centers. It’s a future potential with excellent transportation infrastructure and a well-established real estate market.

20. Kucukcekmece

Küçükçekmece attracts real estate investors due to its location on the planned route of the Istanbul Canal, including a large lake of the same name (Küçükçekmece Lake). TEM and E5 highways are approximate distances and are ideal for vehicles.

21. Sariyer

Sarıyer is one of the most desirable areas of Istanbul districts with history to explore. In recent years, its popularity has also spread to the Turkish real estate market, with more and more Turkish and foreign buyers purchasing property for their vacations and retirement.

22. Silivri

Silivri is a coastal town located in the westernmost part of Istanbul, on the border of Tekirdağ province and Büyükçekmece district. Although Silivri is a large district, it has a small population. Silivri attracts many tourists with its fine beaches in the summer months.

23. Sultangazi

In addition to its valuable location, the region is also the focal point of urban transformation projects. Many branded housing projects are being implemented in the neighborhood, which is increasing day by day.

24. Sisli

Home to famous districts such as Esentepe and Nişantı, Şişli is a high-profile district with highlights such as the Istanbul Military Museum, Türk Telekom Stadium, four shopping malls, and the city’s two tallest skyscrapers.

25. Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul districts that still preserves its residential value today.

Zeytinburnu is surrounded by walls on the outskirts of the historical center of Istanbul districts. Zeytinburnu promises to be a valuable place with its recent improvements and many new projects.

Asian Side Districts

1. Atasehir 

This district has the headquarters of many companies, so this district is a business hub. The district offers a business opportunity with many luxury residences, and people with higher income live here. Means of transportation are reasonable in this business hub district.

New investments are coming into this district. Being a business hub investment made here will give a lifetime benefit.

2. Cekmekoy

This district has a big university campus, so it mainly attracts students. Buying an apartment or an apartment building is an excellent investment as university students will always demand it. This secure investee is life lasting. This site has less tourism as it has more minor tourist spots.

3. Kadikoy

Investment in real estate in this district brings out huge benefits. As this is the Asians famous district and it attracts tourists. This district is always a busy place as there are a lot of activities for tourists to do. It has a major ferry port. Whenever you visit this district, do visit its fish market.

4. Pendik

Today this district is crowded and is mix with middle-class homes and expensive apartments just along the coast. It’s always busy as it attracts a lot of tourists. Castle, formula one racetrack, and this area mosque are pretty good to visit.

5. Sancaktepe

The district attracts working locals as it’s not expensive to live in. Many locals live in rented apartments, so investing in a rental is an excellent opportunity. It has a relatively good local market and has a large amount of green space.

6. Sultanbeyli

It was farmland on the outskirts of Istanbul until 1980, when many people moved to settle in here. The transport links in this district made it attractive for settlement. It is excellent for the working-class suburb.

7. Üsküdar

Üsküdar is one of the most famous touristic areas of Istanbul districts. Üsküdar district is located on the Anatolian side of the eastern shore of the Bosphorus. It is one of the city’s most populated areas and is connected to other parts of the town and the European region by ferry.

8. Ümraniye

Ümraniye is the fastest urbanizing district of Istanbul. It is known as the district with the most significant infrastructure with the real estate investments made by the big companies in the market in this region.

It passes through the highways connecting Turkey and Europe.

9. Adalar- Princes’ Island

The Princes’ Island is a popular destination for trips for locals and tourists consisting. People visit this island by ferry ride from Istanbul. There is almost no traffic in this district. Bicycles, Horses, and carts are used only. It is a good tourist attraction, and investing here generates excellent rental income.

10. Tuzla

With economic and tourist activities in this district, it also has two universities, an educational center. It also has the leading industrial machine and is giving an economic impact. Fresh Fish restaurant on the coastline brings a lot of tourists in here.

11. Beykoz

This district has miles of coastline, which is a good destination spot for locals and tourists. Many politicians and the elite class live along this coastline in well-built villas.

This Istanbul district is also rich in history. The grave of Prophet Yusha, the successor to Prophet Musa, is here.

12. Sile

This is famous for its beaches, and being the northernmost point of Istanbul, it shares the sea conditions as the black sea. It also attracts the tourist for locally made cloth and a castle to see. Suitable for investment in terms it attracts locals and tourists.

13. Maltepe

The population has multiplied in Maltepe today. It’s straightforward to commute from here to the city with a highway bridge, buses to ferry docks. It’s famous for young families and newlyweds as apartments can be bought at lower prices as of now.

14. Kartal

It is a highly populated district due to its excellent transport links. Luxury apartments built on the coast have attracted shops and infrastructure. Two reputable universities and several schools are in this area. This area attracts investors as of every facility like shopping malls, museums, and successful marketplaces.

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