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Spring in Turkey, Is Turkey a Good Place for Vacation?

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Why do people like to vacation in spring in Turkey?

Spring is a popular time to vacation in Turkey because of the mild temperatures and comfortable weather. During this time of year, the temperature is typically in the high 60s to low 70s Fahrenheit, making it comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Additionally, spring in Turkey brings beautiful scenery and blooming flowers, making it an excellent time for nature lovers. The country also offers rich culture and history, which can be enjoyed by visiting historic sites and landmarks, experiencing local customs and traditions, and trying delicious Turkish cuisine. Additionally, many popular tourist destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Antalya are less crowded in spring, making it a more pleasant vacation experience.

Spring is a great time to visit Turkey, and Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations in the country. The weather is mild and comfortable, making it perfect for exploring the city’s historic sites, landmarks, and cultural attractions. As for buying a property for sale in Istanbul, it can be a good investment option. The city is popular among tourists, making it a good location for rental properties.

Do you think about traveling to Turkey in spring?

Most people believe summer or winter is the best time to visit Turkey. But you may be surprised if you know spring in Turkey is the golden time for a vacation. Here the writer brings some reasons why spring in Turkey is a fantastic time for a vacation.  

The first reason it makes sense to prefer spring as a traveler to make your vacation trip to Turkey is calmness. Spring in Turkey is non-overcrowded. If you are looking for an indulgent place for vacation without being crowded, head to Turkey in spring.

Most European citizens wait for the summer holiday to go on vacation. It means summer is a crowded holiday season in most tourist destinations, and Turkey is no exception. Summer is a tourist peak season.

The other reason that turns Turkey in spring into a fabulous tourist destination is the eye-catching nature and plenty of options for outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, judging, and horse riding. I bet nothing could be more cheerful than doing outdoor activities through the jungle, with flowers smelling and the green scene or walking along clean and sandy beaches unique all around the world. 

Turkey in spring is a country of tulips blooming at every corner; also, in Taksim square, you can visit an incredible tulip display in spring.

Moreover, spring in Turkey is a unique time for visiting wild animals, especially birds; both migratory and local birds prepare for breeding during spring.

Animals also come out for feeding due to abundant food, and you can see them, which will be a memorable experience, you have not seen before.

The moderate climate is the other reason to travel to Turkey in spring. Spring in Turkey is the best time for vacation due to the pleasant climate, neither scorching nor cold, and you will not be afraid of the sun burning or freezing while walking out. 

While it can rain from time to time during spring in Turkey, it will never affect the vibes and charm of outdoor enjoyment.  

Is Turkey famous for vacations?

It is not easy to list all the favorite tourist attractions in Turkey, but here the writer tries to introduce some of the most adorable tourist attractions in Turkey.

One of the incredible tourist destinations in Turkey that you would better have on your list is the hot air balloon tour. If you want to attend a hot air balloon tour, you will be picked up from your hotel at 4 AM and served coffee and luxury breakfast; then, you will travel 1200 feet, and head into valleys with up-close cave houses built right into the valley. While other balloons surround you, the sun rises with colorful vibes changing from pink to blue and orange. You will never forget this scene for the rest of your life.

The other reason for traveling to Turkey is the Turkish recipes. Turkey is the country of food, so you should avoid sleeping through it.

Especially make sure to catch traditional Turkish breakfast offering everything from fresh fruit to varieties of bakeries, different slices of bread, omelets, cheese, homemade jams, and sausages.

Turkish scrumptious foods satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

It is better to know that even though Turkey is a country of fantastic food and unique recipes, you can try the best food at a highly reasonable price.

Witnessing tulips from where they were originally 

Tulips are Turkey’s national flowers. During spring in Turkey, you can visit eye-catching rainbow tulips all over the country, particularly the seaside Bosporus in Istanbul and around Taksim square.

You are highly recommended to visit Emirgân Korusu park, famous for its tulips in spring. I bet you enjoy visiting tulips blooming in every corner of the county during spring in Turkey.

Little fact stories about tulips in Turkey

Tulips, known as luxurious, extravagant, and stunning flowers in the west, originally came from the east. Although these days the Netherlands is well-known for its colorful tulips, these flowers’ hometown is Turkey and some other countries in the East, such as Azarbayjan.

Different radiant colors of tulips convey diverse meanings in cultures. For many years the red tulip has been a sample of true love, the purple tulip is known as a symbol of loyalty, and the yellow tulip shows missing love. Pink tulips represent best wishes and hope, and tulips are considered purity and respect.

Tulips have an important place in Turkish culture, art and design. They treat tulip raising with respect toward tulip raising and make this flower a national sample.


Yildiz park is a historical urban park in the Besiktas neighborhood in Istanbul and the largest public park in Turkey.

Sultan Abdolhamid II built Yildiz park, part of the palace, used only by palace dwellers. These days part of this walled park welcomes tourists. Yildiz park offers a panoramic view of the Bosporus and hosts different species of plants and flowers with a complex of plenty of trees and attracts you with green and robust trees and flourishing flowers. Some kinds of trees in Yildiz park include bay leaves, Judas trees, silver lime, and horse chestnuts. Also, Yildiz park shelters ash trees, pine, oak, yew, cedar, and cypress. Besides, the park has two artificial lakes. 


Istanbul has many clean and beautiful beaches, located 20 to 60 km away from the city, and offers diverse entertainment. As a beach-goer, you can walk along the neat and sandy beaches, lounge under the sun, and sunbathe. Also, many sea activities are available for adventures, such as rafting, sailing, boating and diving. Moreover, you enjoy sipping brandy cocktails in bars or sunbathing on Istanbul international beach. It is better to know that most beaches in Turkey have international licenses for cleaning and facilities.

Remember, you can check the cleanliness of the water sea from the Turkish Ministry of Health’s Sea Water Measurement System.

Florya Güneş Beach

Istanbul has many beaches as the city is between the Marmara sea and the Black sea, but it is challenging to find serene and top beach facilities. Florya Güneş Beach is the number one beach in Istanbul, which offers a clean beach, top beach facilities, and fantastic restaurants; never miss it. Florya Güneş Beach is affiliated with the Istanbul Municipality Administration and is considered one of the Marmara sea beaches. There is no regret while lounging under wooden umbrellas and drinking cool beverages on a calm, clean beach with a blue sea overview in front of you.

Remember you need to pay an entrance fee compared with private beach costs before coming to the beach. 


Bosphorus tours are a terrific choice to swap from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul streets and experience a calm and maybe a romantic sea sightseeing. There are different boats with miscellaneous fees and facilities. You can have dinner or lunch and enjoy live music or other entertainment; if you want to plan a romantic tour or prefer a private tour with your family, reserve a private cruise tour.


Rumelihisari is a fortress on the European bank of Bosphorus and built on a series of hills. The fortress gets its name from the nearby neighborhood around the Sariyer district. 

Rumeli Hisari fortress was built on the order of Sultan Mohamad II between 1451 to 1452. The Rumelihisari complex was planned and built to siege the Byzantine city of Constantinople to cut off military aid to Byzantines that was swapped to Byzantine through Bosphorus.

In 1951 on the order of president Celab Bayar, the inhabitant was renewed and extended. After that, Rumelihisari was changed into a museum and opened for public visit. Also, the place is used as an open-air theater and concerts during summer.


Gulhane park is translated to Rose Park adjacent to Top Gapi. Gulhane Park is the oldest and largest urban park in Istanbul. Previously the park was used as an outer ottoman palace garden and was not open to the public. Since 1912 the park has been serving the public with its old walnut and oak trees. The park also is surrounded by numerous monuments of Istanbul and museums. 

During spring in Turkey, GüLHANE PARK is decorated with colorful and radiant tulip flowers and creates a magnificent landscape. It will be a massive regret if you miss GüLHANE PARK on your trip to Turkey in spring, especially between March to April.

Note that many people who came as tourists to Istanbul were attracted by the beauties of Istanbul and consider Istanbul a satisfying place for permanent living. Then they set their goal to purchase a house in Istanbul.


Phaselis is a new destination for tourists who want a privileged holiday in Antalya and Kemer. Phase is an archaeological and worthwhile historic landmark next to the Mediterranean sea. If you want to do something special when settling in Antalya, visit Phaselis in the Tekirova region.


Cappadocia is famous for its rock formation nature and hot air balloon tours. It is the most popular Turkey landscape and natural wonder in the world.

Cappadocia is one of the Unesco world heritage sites, which is famous for Ghormeh national park with epic rock formations called fairy chimneys. Inside the rocks, you will visit houses, churches and other ancient constructions. Every day, early in the morning, tourists can experience a hot air balloon tour as the wind condition is the best for flying balloons in the early morning, then before sunrise, balloons are released into the sky. It will be fantastic to look at a spectacular sun-rising scene in the middle of the sky and enjoy the color changing of light from blue, pink, orange, and yellow to white. Plan at least two days to stay in Cappadocia to visit all highlights. If you want to participate in a balloon tour, think about a two-day special, as sometimes the tour may be put off due to weather conditions.


Kursunlu is one of the natural highlights of sightseeing in Turkey- Antalya. Kurşunlu waterfall is a unique and fantastic waterfall at the foot of the Taurus mountains. Be sure you will have an enjoyable time with your family and friends at Kursunlu waterfall.

Do not forget a 4-century water mill on your way to KURşUNLU WATERFALL, which still meets the village dwellers grinding needs.

The best season to visit KURşUNLU WATERFALL is spring, as snow storages start melting, and you will have a chance to see a waterlogged waterfall.


Safranbolu is a traditional town located in Karabuk province, west of the Black Sea in Turkey. The town earned a UNESCO heritage inclusion list because it successfully preserved historical sightseeing.

Safranbolu has collocated glorious ancient ottoman houses and other worthwhile old and historical stuff representing and reflecting Turkish culture and lifestyle during the past decades.


It serves as a center of religious, political, and artistic life for Byzantine life and reveals a worthy scholarly sight of the Byzantine period.

In 1453 after Sultan Mohammad II conquered Constantinople, Hagia Sophia was designed as a masque structure.

In 1935 Hagia Sophia was turned into a museum on the order of Ata Turk, and in 1953 was designated as a component of the UNESCO heritage list. After that, Hagia Sophia was called the historic area of Istanbul.


Grand Bazar of Istanbul is located in the Fethiye neighborhood and easily accessible from Sultanahmet- Sirkeci tram. Grand Bazar is the largest covered mall in the world, with 63 covered streets and 4000 shops, 

It is 30700 square meters.


Dol, apache palace is located in the Besiktas district in the Istanbul European side of the Bosphorus. It was built on the order of sultan abdulmecid I between 1843 to 1856. Previously the Ottoman Sultan and his family lived in the Topkapi complex, which did not offer comfort and facilities like European palaces; he decided to construct the new palace on Besiktas Sahil. Dolma Bahceh was taken from the Turkish language. Dolma means file, and Bahceh means garden. Many wooden pavilions and summer places were built in Dolma Bahceh, and the place is known as Besiktas waterfront palace.

lDolma Bahceh is confined by Bosphorus on the East, and there are steep precipices on the west, and gardens surround the whole monoblock palace. The Dolma Bahia palace is the largest palace in Istanbul that consists of two main parts. Northern wing and southern wing.

The northern wing was a private part and related to the Sultan and his family; also, the haram is located in the northern wing.

The southern wing was the public part used for foreign diplomats and other formal meetings. 


Uskudar is a neighborhood of Istanbul on the Asian side of the Bosphorus across the Besiktas. Uskudar is famous for its beautiful coastline. You enjoy walking along the coastline, bathing, and many other outdoor activities. 


It is an ancient library building in Ephesus, Anatolia, today near the modern city of Selguk, in the Izmir province in western Turkey. Celsus library is considered an excellent architectural site and is the only sample of ancient libraries worldwide.


The giant ancient cistern related to Byzantine emperor Justin I. Basilica Cistern is located beneath Istanbul. A cistern is a waterproof space for gathering rainwater. These days in the Basilica Cistern, there is little water for public access inside the space.


HADRIAN CASTLE GATE, or UC kapilar in turkey, means three doors, and it was built in honor of Hadrian, the emperor of Byzantine, who the first time he visited Antalya. HADRIAN CASTLE GATE is the only remaining entrance door in the wall surrounding the city.


It is a national rafting park in Antalya. The canyon is 400 meters deep somewhere and 14 Km along the Kurpu river. Whenever you make a trip to Antalya, never miss the KöPRüLü CANYON. Remember to try seafood restaurants in this area.

Antalya castle

Antalya castle was built as a part of the Kizil Kala campaign on the order of Alaeddin Keykubad I, one of the Seljuq Sultans, following the conquering of the Rum city in 1220. The construction was built on the remnant of Byzantine and Roman eras fortification. After the ottoman got control of the area, the castle was not used as a purely defensive construction, and many villas were constructed in the 19th century.

These days Antalya castle embraces tourists as an open museum. Some parts of the building, including seawards, are ticked, but others, such as landwards, are free. Antalya castle is located 250 meters high on a rocky peninsula jutting inside the Mediterranean sea, surrounding the castle from triple edges.

Fewer Crowds and Better Prices in Turkey

You can enjoy traveling to Turkey with any budget if you know when to plan for traveling and booking affordable flights and accommodations. Also, plan to travel to Turkey and enjoy sightseeing with low crowds in a peaceful environment to concentrate on historical places, lounge on the beach, sunbathe, or walk along the beach. Peak tourist season will be a different time. 

The best time for traveling to Turkey is between May and April and between September and October.

Remember, Turkey in spring is full of tulips that bloom in every corner of the country. Also, you have a chance to visit the tulip festival, which turns into an unforgettable memory.

Seasonal Spring Products in Turkey

Turkey has fertile soil, and most areas can raise agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, Turkey is surrounded by several seas, the Marmara sea, the Mediterranean sea, and the Black sea, so the country is the capital of delicious sea foods. Spring in Turkey is the right time to try fresh Turkish traditional foods and also international recipes prepared better than their original taste.

Longer Spring Days and Better Health

Spring in Turkey is the best time for traveling due to the pleasant climate and longer days that give you much more time to enjoy outdoor activities and inhale fresh air into your lungs.

Spring Festivals in Turkey

One of the important festivals in Turkey is the cappadox festival, which attracts many international artists from around the world in different fields such as music, theater and others. This festival is held annually in April.

The other festival in spring is the tulip flower celebration that attracts numerous tourists from every corner of the world. The tulip flower festival is celebrated in the last three weeks in April annually when tulip flowers are at their best attraction. Contrary to many people’s knowledge, tulips are Turkish ethnic flowers.

Alaçatı Herb Festival from the 5th of April to 8th

According to many tourist narratives, Alacati in the Cheshmeh province is the secret joy and beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Alacati could be your luxury destination in Turkey, a fishing village with cobblestone streets, exciting alleyways, and windswept beaches. All these natural features could be more excellent with coffee smiling from coffee shops that urge people to sit and dine in a calm and alluring atmosphere.

Although it is enchanting so far escaped mass tourists, these days has changed into the elite’ favorite place and is known by foreign tourists.

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