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The Best Beaches in Turkey

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Turkey has been the prime beach destination with the longest western coastline that laps to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Flocks of tourists every summer reach Turkey in their droves to soak up sun, sea, and sand for a few weeks. With the huge number of beach activities, every tourist has something to do, even the picky ones.

Antalya is a popular tourist destination offering visitors a diverse range of activities. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation or a mix of city and nature, Antalya has something to offer. The abundance of tourist attractions in the area has led many people to invest in property for sale in Antalya and rent it out to tourists.

Additionally, the city’s beaches are known for being both uncrowded and picturesque, making them an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful and natural setting to spend time with family and friends.

If you are looking for a place in Turkey to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it would be better to set your trip time in spring. Otherwise, summer is the peak tourist time, and prices are skyrocketing.

Find the best places for your next seaside vacation with the help of our list that gathers the best beaches in Turkey. 

Best Beaches in Turkey

If you’re thinking about jetting off to the Aegean sea, you are probably curious about where to find the best beaches in Turkey. Frankly speaking, you will be hard-pressed to find a Turkish beach that does not hit the spot but here, the writer selected favorites from the family spot to off-the-beaten-track games. These highlights will urge you to book the ticket in no time.

Bodrum Peninsula Beaches

Bodrum beach laps the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea. Like most beaches in Turkey, the beach won the blue flag award for its crystal clear and turquoise water. Bodrum’s clean and warm water brings numerous outdoor activities like snorkeling, swimming, and diving. Shingles and golden sand cover Bodrum beach. Every year army fans of Bodrum beach head here and stay at least two weeks to enjoy the sunshine. Most travelers to Bodrum beach are from European countries.

Altinkum Beaches

Altinkum beach is located 123 Km from Aydin city. The beach laps the Aegean sea and deeps into ancient Apollo temple ruins and Lonia city. Altinkum beach has grown recently and has become one of the fun-loving resorts; the beach’s reputation is in sudden drop, thanks to ancient Didim city near Altinkum beach. The name Altinkum means golden sand, and due to the shining golden sand that covers the beach, the beach is called Altinkum. Altinkum beach has three impressive beaches and attracts many beach lovers every year.

Cesme Peninsula

Cesme peninsula belongs to Izmir province in the Aegean region, the largest metropolitan center in the Aragon region of Turkey. Cesme is a popular holiday resort due to many tourist attractions such as cesme castle, Alacati, and waterfront cesme.

Patara Beach

Patara beach is the longest beach in turkey, 18 Km, with minimal development. It is easy to find a spot and enjoy it privately. Patara beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and long walks on sandy beaches. Patara has warm and shallow water. This unspoiled paradise is made of limestone and ruling white dunes that are part of national parks. Beach is a protected breeding ground for loggerhead turtles. Because of that, Patara beach is not too developed to prevent a safe place for turtles. There are just small communities such as cafes, and also you can rent parasols. When the sun sets, Patara beach is off limits for humans to make a safe and free range of sand.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas beach is the most beautiful beach in Turkey, the coastal road between Kas Kalakan. The stunning beach is set beneath two forest cliffs at the entrance of Kaputas canyon. There is a staircase of 178 steps that rich you to the canyon. Don’t forget to memorialize this scene in the camera while down the stairs, marvel at the view, and join other details. 

Once you descend, you can sprawl on pale pebbled sand and sunbathe. Also, you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming in clean, pure, and turquoise blue water in the Mediterranean climate. Kids also experience pleasant moments by swimming in shallow parts of the sea. All family members can take advantage of modern amenities recently added to Kaputas beach. While Kaputas is popular with locals and tourists, you do not need to be concerned about crowds during your vacation. Just enough visitors keep beach cafes running. 

Limanagzi Beach

To be suggested, start your trip from Kas municipality beach, then route to Limanagzi beach with fabulous nature and views. There are many bays around the Kas coastline, and Limanagzi is one of the bays worth visiting. Limanagzi beach is located south of Uzun Caris. The only way to reach Limanagzi is by boat, which must be one on your Kas tour list. Limangagi is on the left of Kas. This location leads to the long sun shining in the bay. Limanagzi beach is located at the foot of steep hillsides, and hills start from the water; therefore, the beach area is small. The hills behind the beach are covered by vegetation.

Kalkan Beach

Kalakan is famed for its turquoise beach, known for its crystal-clear water, hidden deep in Lycia ruins. If the solace of the empty bay is more to your liking, drive through the coastal road to Kas, and enjoy more privacy. Kalakan white pebbles indicate pure and clean water. The beach holds blue flag statues. Kalakan beach has easy access to the central part of town and propers good facilities like restaurants and others. Keep in mind that in summer, Kalakan is a busy coastal vacation destination in Turkey.

Cirali Beach

It is unbelievable that the serene Cirali beach is just one hour’s driving time away from Antalya, tucked away in the middle of the Taurus mountains.  

This unspoiled shingle beach is a dream spot for everyone, even the pickiest tourists. Cirali beach is a place for nature lovers and history buffs. On one side of the beach, you can see the ruins of Olympus, and on the other side, the eternal flame of the illusion is visible. Endangered loggerhead turtles nest in a protected area on the sandy road between two of these monuments.

Cirali beach is hard to reach unless you know exactly where to go; therefore, the beach lacks overpopulation, and since Cirali Beach is a protected national beach and kept low-developed, you will not be bothered by loud bars, restaurants or shopping centers. There are just a handful of restaurants, sun loungers, and picnic areas. Visitors enjoy crystal clear water, swimming and snorkeling.

Merril Beach

It is out of your mind that you can find a fantastic beach in the heart of bustling Antalya, but it is possible. No more than a stone’s throw from the center of Antalya, Mermerli beach is tucked away next to the old port. Since Antalya is a pedestrian zone area, the only way to reach Mermerli is on foot. Keep in mind nothing is more worthwhile than swimming, relaxing, sunbathing and trying tasty food after a morning walking in a pleasing environment.

Not that you reach the beach through a descending wooden stairway. You need to pay a fee at the entrance of Mermerli beach consisting of sunbathing seats, parasol, eating and drinking from restaurants that bring your orders right to your sitting place. Wooden terraces and a stone plateau to the golden sandy seashore extend the beach.


Konyalti beach is the best place to spend a whole afternoon with your family and enjoy lots of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and parasailing. Besides, Konyaalti beach is developed, and you can easily access restaurants and other facilities. Entrance to konyaalti is free for visitors unless you want to use sunbathing seats, drink and eat. Keep in mind Konyaalti beach is a pebble beach. If you like sandy beaches, then it would be better to choose another beach for your coastal vacation.

Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra is a reputed beach in the center of Antalya, at the foothill of its iconic medieval fortress, Antalya castle. Kleopatra beach extends 2.5 Km, and its name is related to the well-known Cleopatra queen, who gave this name to the beach as the marvelous turquoise sea water allured her. You will understand her sense if you see the shining blue sea at Kleopatra beach.

Cleopatra is a spotless beach lined with a picturesque walkway, with certain amenities to match and families relax knowing kids’ facilities are on offer. Because of Kleopatra beach’s beauty and relaxing environment, every year, 2 million visitors make their seashore vacation destination to this beach. Cleopatra beach has warm, clean water suitable for swimming, snorkeling and every time sea sports like surfing and paragliding are available.

Lara Beach

Lara beach’s reputation is for upscale beachfront hotels with top and modern facilities, besides clean sanded and clear water, that turn the beach into a favorite coastal destination for families. Kids have lots of fun. Lara beach’s coastline meets the Mediterranean sea and the Aegean sea. The beach won the blue flag beach award. Lara sandy beach is an authentic coastal vacation destination with a golden sandy beach that stretches 12 Km. At the same time, the clean and warm water is the best place for swimming with entire family members as the shallow parts of the sea are safe for kids.

Kabak Beach

Kabak is 25 Km away from Oludeniz; you come across Bohemia village to reach Kabak beach, frequented by yogis, nature adventurers, and backpackers. It takes 30 minutes on foot to take you to the steep trail leading down to Kabak beach. The bay is surrounded by pine trees and mountains accessible just through by steep, and you can reach there by descending food, but the serene and alluring beach is well worth the effort.

On the pebbled sandy beach of Kabak, you will be in the company of locals and backpackers travelers through the Lycian way. You will not find beach seats, watersports, or other amenities. People come here mostly for pleased nature and undisturbed stillness during their holiday. There are some shaded areas to escape from the sun with beer and juice that you grab from the bars. Moreover, loggerhead turtles keep you company.

Belek Beach

Belek beach gives you everything you expect from a Mediterranean beach that won a blue flag reward for its clean water and shining sandy beach extended a long distance. Belek beach is located on the southern Turkish coast. Belek beach is known for its hotels with top facilities for families and spas. There are different spas and mineral water for nature lovers and history buffs. Pine forests and vegetation surround the beach. Also, Belek hosts lots of historical monuments like the Roman ruins at Perge and the Aspendos amphitheater.

Olympos Beach

You can get to Olympos beach by bus from Antalya. Buses are available every minute at Antalya bus station and carry passengers to Kumluca- Fethiye direction to Olympos station. Also, You can take a bus from Antalya airport to Olympic station. 

Olympos beach is a string of pensions and tourist activities strung from a narrow road to the bottom of a valley. Olympos beach is considered part of the Mediterranean sea beaches and is located in the ancient Roman city of Lycia. Olympos has great nature that is worth it to visit.

Ladies Beach

Ladies beach gets its name from the segregation of women’s bathers. In Turkish, the beach is known as Kadinlar Deneizi. Ladies beach is located in Kusadasi.  

Kadirga Bay

Kadirga bay is located just before the ancient Assos city on the beautiful Assos coast. The bay crosses directly to Lesbos island. It is 35 driving away from Lesbos. Kadirga is known for its blue water and sandy beach and is a protected national park to preserve pure nature.  

Pırlanta beach Alaçati

Penalty beach is located in Izmir, a protected area; therefore, it provides visitors a fabulous nature with a turquoise sea and shining sand like diamonds. The water is warm and shallow, nice for kids and family. The length of the beach is about 450 to 500 meters, and the sea level is around 200 meters.

Akbuk Beach

Akbuk beach is located in Mogula province, surrounded by trees that give an alluring scene of nature. The best thing about Akbuk beach is that it is not too crowded during the season. Akbuk is a suitable coastal destination for travelers, like relaxation gateway lovers, lonely travelers, and nature lovers. Akbuk beach is open to everyone and provides sun loungers, toilets, restaurants, and boat riding. Also, you can do outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, and diving. 

Lifeguards supervise the area during the season.

Incekum Beach

Incekum beach is a beautiful tourist zone in Turkey related to Alanya province. The beach belongs to the Mediterranean sea beaches and attracts a flock of tourists from every corner due to the white sandy beach and turquoise water. The beach extends around 4 Km and covers the entire city. Finding a hotel is not hard, as many hotels with top amenities are available beside the beach.

Ilica Beach

Llica is a famous and popular beach in Cesme. Also, Llica is the longest beach in Cesme. It is 12 Km away from the cesme center and 4.5 from Alcatel. Llica stands out for its warm water, especially its adjacency to underground spring water. Llica is the best place for travelers who want to benefit from the thermal water medical effect. You can stay in llica beach comfortably with different kinds of budgets. Domestic and foreign travelers visit Llica.

Amos Beach

Amos beach is a popular beach in Mogula province. The beach is known for its fine pebbles and soft sands. Also, the turquoise water with surrounding mountains creates a picturesque scene. Ammos beach is a great coastal holiday destination for different kinds of travelers, like, relaxation gateway lovers, lonely travelers, partygoers, and families. The coast line of Ammos beach is accompanied by numerous bars and restaurants, and resort visitors can use coastal facilities like sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, toilets, and changing rooms.  

Gumusluk Bay

Gumusluk beach is located in Mogula province that has beautiful nature and beeps in the heart of the mountain. Gumusluk is a destination for travelers looking for a luxury holiday in beautiful nature. The bay is full of luxury hotels with modern facilities. The turquoise water and sandy beach attract a string of tourists every year. Keep in mind Gumusluk is a crowded place in high visitor seasons.

Oludeniz Beach/Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz, or blue lagoon, is the most beautiful beach in Turkey. Many buffs visit the beach because of its alluring nature; few places in the world match this natural beauty. Tourists are drawn to the vibrant nature and blue waters for a few hours of unwinding by the sea.

The bay is located where the Aegean and Mediterranean sea meet each other, inside the protected national park, with Babadag mountain in the background. Most visitors preferred shallow parts with warm water safe for early 1980; Oludeniz was mostly hidden and known to backpackers and nature adventures. These days the area is well-developed with bars, restaurants, and numerous activities. One of the most picturesque scenes to enjoy is paragliding near the mountain. You can also stay at sea level and rent a paddleboat to explore the bay.

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu is an eye-catching beach, and it is a fantastic place for travelers looking for a calm place and less crowded with pure nature. Iztuzu beach is surrounded by pine trees, golden sand and turquoise water. The beach laps Delta water from one side and the Mediterranean sea on the other. Iztuzu is a habitat of endangered turtles and a protected natural area.  

Tourists can visit this unique area from 8 AM to 8 PM to give turtles a safer environment. You can rent a boat to explore more of that area. There are minimal constructions around the beach to preserve the pure nature of Iztuzu beach, with just a few cafes and restaurants.

Butterfly Valley  

Butterfly valley, in Turkish, is called Kapaklar visit, related to 100 species of butterfly habitat. 

Butterfly valley is a paradise in Fethiye frequented by campers and backpackers eager to connect to pure nature in a friendly atmosphere.

If you are not into staying in a tent during the night or eating an ordinary meal around a fire, then Butterfly is not your cup of tea.

The valley is reachable by boat from Oludeniz, or steep hiking is better left to veteran climbers. Note that Butterfly valley is a bit off the beaten track and tacked to the foothills of Babadag mountain.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler beach is located in the Dalaman area in Icmeler itself and takes 10 minutes to drive from Marmaris. The beach is wide and sandy, and the sea is clear. Icmeler is a calm mediterranean sea surrounded by pine forests. The beach is full of bars and restaurants, and you have everything from lazing on the beach to scuba diving.

Ovabuku Beach

If you are looking for a peaceful beach in touch with nature, the Ovabuku in Datça is your place for vacation; never crowded during the season, thanks to the vast land. The beach is a mixture of pebbles and sand. There are many restaurants in front of the sea, and you can try fresh seafood.

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