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The Best Restaurants in Izmir 2023

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Izmir is located on the Aegean sea coastline and is known as Smyrna, which means an antique city. The city’s history goes back to 3000 B.C and has a fertile culture and historical background. Izmir’s deep roots in history affect the food culture of the city. These days Izmir is known as a famous center of different delicacy foods such as Boyoz to Kumru. Izmir is the center of food in Turkey and has the authority to put specific names on food besides their general Turkish name. In this paper, you get familiar with restaurants, worthwhile to see and taste foods with magnificent tastes.

Best Restaurants In Izmir

Meşhur Hisar Söğüşçüsü

Offal has occupied an important place among Izmir cuisines. The most important offal in Izmir, as well as in the whole country, is Sugos. Kella sugos is the most popular sugos in Izmir due to its special taste, a mixture of offal from the meat of lamb’s head. Walking in the street, you find ubiquitous offal restaurants in every city’s niche. Still, if you want to try an unforgettable taste of sugos, you can check out Meşhur Hisar Söğüşçüsü, famous for its cold cuts. Here sugos are made of the tongue, cheek and brain, chopped and served in a wrap with parsley, tomato, and onion. Meşhur Hisar Söğüşçüsü has served many tourists and local citizens since 1975.

Izmir Girit Restaurant – Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Vegetables are an indispensable part of the dish in Turkey. Stuffing foods made from different kinds of vegetables are a special Turkish cuisine. Stuffed Zucchini Flowers are a particular Izmir cuisine made of zucchini flowers collected in the first hours of the morning. This unique Izmir cuisine is light and delicious, and you will lose one of the most fantastic flavors in the world if you do not try it when you come to Izmir. In Girit Restaurant, you can check out the tastiest stuffed zucchini flowers.

Köfteci Mehmet Irmak – İzmir Meatballs

One of the famous meat dishes in Izmir is the meatball, a special cuisine in Izmir. If you want to try a tasty meatball dish, the best address to come from all across Turkey is Izmir. Izmir meatball cuisine is the best recommendation for those who suppose Izmir cuisine mostly includes vegetables. Izmir meatball dish history dates back to the Turk nation’s fertile history. It is served all across the country, but if you want to experience an unforgettable meatball taste, never lose Köfteci Mehmet Irmak. 

Kumrucu Ömür – Kumru

The other cuisine tied to Izmir’s reputation is Kumru, a delicacy recipe made of salami, sausages, cheese, pickle, tomato, ketchup, and mayonnaise with a slice of unique sesame bread. Kumru is the most popular cuisine, especially in the Cesme of Izmir. The particular kind of Kumru is the kumru sandwich, used after putting the special fresh dough in the refrigerator for at least 14 hours. Then it is ready to eat. For those who dislike eating Kumru with the mentioned mixture, other bakeries are served with plain sesame bread. Though in all of Turkey, Kumru is available, in Izmir Kumru, the taste is different from other areas in Turkey. Do not leave Izmir without trying Kumru, and Kumrucu Ömür is the best restaurant that welcomes you with tasty Kumru in a neat, and beautiful environment. Kumrucu Ömür has been a hub of tourists and welcoming overseas visitors, and citizens with its toothsome Kumru, since 1962.


a Dostlar Fırını – Boyoz

The first delicacy of local Izmir cuisine that comes to mind is Boyoz. According to Turkish beliefs, Boyoz is the best food for starting an energetic day. Boyoz is a kind of pastry made of unleavened dough and a lot of oil stuffed with cheese, chocolate, vegetables and others. Though boyoz is ubiquitous in every corner of Izmir, Dostlar Firini restaurant serves you the unforgivable taste of boyoz in a cozy and alluring ambience. Also, it is possible to buy frozen Boyz and keep them in the freezer for the next meal. Dostlar firini is waiting for you in Alsancak.

Çelebi Unlu Mamülleri

Bomba is a famous Izmir cuisine, liquid chocolate in a thin dough membrane, and a delicacy choice when you crave chocolate. Imagine sitting in front of the Seaview and feeling the breeze from the sea while serving a cup of Turkish coffee with delicious Bomba. It is possible to eat Bomba as soon as it comes out of the oven; it is enticing to eat fresh liquid chocolate in the middle of the dough. Though Bomba is a special dessert related to Izmir, it carries its reputation all over the country. You can find Bomba in every corner of Izmir while stepping into the city. Still, dropping in Çelebi Unlu Mamülleri, located in Konka and one of the famous traditional flavors in Turkey is recommended. 

Zeynel Ergin Gevrek Bakery – Gevrek

Sime is a well-known pastry and indispensable for breakfast in Turkey. It is a bakery with a lot of sesame seeds and is classified as a kind of Bilvrak, popular for breakfast time or evening snacks. Simit with a slice of tasty cheese, olive and a good-smelling hot cup of tea is the most memorable breakfast in the pleasant Izmir climate. Zeynel Ergin Gevrek Bakery is waiting for you with its special crispy simit and a cup of tea any time in Alsancak of Izmir.


Izmir is known as the bride of Turkey. It has a long history, host to various nations such as Amazons, Lydians, Alexander the Great and his generals, Romans, Arabs, Umayyads, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. According to legend, Alexander the Great fell asleep under a tree after hunting, and the Nemesis goddess ordered him to rebuild Smyrna in the exact place of Izmir, the most prosperous city in its history.

Izmir is located at the start point of a bay and is decorated by cruise ships and yachts. Izmir is a beautiful coastal city with a typical Mediterranean climate and a cool breeze from the sea that takes away the sun’s heat. Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey; it is a cosmopolitan city and occupies the dominant place in Turkish culture since the numerous international Festivals and Fairs are held in Izmir every year. All coastal roads are enchanting, and you have a lot to do on the Izmir coastlines, from walking and playing with your kids on the clean and beautiful beach to doing different summer activities. Also, remember that Izmir welcomes guests with its unique dishes and hosts many local and international restaurants. Alsancak and Karşıyaka are the best places and are full of restaurants and coffees that you must try.


One of the Best Kebap Restaurant: Tavaci Recep Usta

Tavaci Recep Usta is open from 8:30AM to 1PM every day, and it’s our pleasure to serve you a delicious Turkish meat dish, besides unique desserts such as Baklava and semolina halva. Kebab is served with rice, ribs, and tandoori rice. 

Enjoy the Live Music in Cafe Plaza Brasserie Bomonti

Cafe plaza is located on Gul street, the most crowded place in Alsancak and the best place for celebrations. Live music is played from time to time. You can order drinks, beer, wine, or other types of drinks, as well as snacks. If you do not want to lose the liveliness of the city and crowdedness, and have fun, on the one hand, Cafe Plaza is the best choice.

An Amazing Atmosphere in Less Ordinary

Here is where you need to stop when you come to Izmir. You have a chance to drink different beverages, food, snacks, and flavors you can not find anywhere. Lavender is a pricey and high-quality beverage, which you can not find easily anywhere, and is served here. Less Ordinary welcomes guests in a lavish environment with an open guard.

Have Your Meal by the Sea in North Pier’s

North pier is located in Konak Pier, the modern shopping center in the Alsancak region. The North Pier restaurant is a fantastic combination of European and Turkish menu. It is a famous restaurant for seafood lovers since North pier is well-known for its seafood and delicacy red wine.

You should visit the North Pier, with its beautiful and delicious ambience, before leaving Izmir, as you can have your drink while looking at Seaview, take care of your body and food and recover yourself.

Italian Vibes in Murano’s

It is hard to find someone who does not like Italian cuisine. At this time, when I write about Italian food, Pizza, Pasta, cheese, and others, my mouth gets watery, and I think you do too. It could be interesting to find Italian cuisine outside of Italy, with incompatible prices, fresh ingredients, and amazing tests.

Italian Vibes in Murano is the best restaurant that serves you simple, delicious food with the best ingredients, inspired by northern and southern Italian cuisine.

Have a Good Evening at Soiree Restaurant

Soiree restaurant is located in the Konak shopping center, like Pier restaurant. Soiree in French means evening. Soiree restaurant welcomes you with an opening garden and Seaview, besides a delicious menu and pleasant beverages.

Though soiree restaurants mean evening restaurants, their breakfast cuisines are highly recommended according to clients’ points of view. In addition to all these, do not forget to try Soiree restaurant’s nice cocktails.

Soiree restaurant is ready to serve clients from 10 AM to 1 AM.

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