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The cheapest areas in Izmir to buy a house in 2023

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Introducing the city of Izmir

The city of Izmir is located in the west of Turkey on the Aegean coast and is the second largest city on the Aegean coast. In addition, after Istanbul and Ankara, it is the third most populated city in Turkey. Due to its privileged location, Izmir is considered a commercial, industrial and port city. This city has an area of about 7340 square kilometers and a population of 4,367,251.

The city of Izmir is 3000 years old and is considered one of the ancient cities of the Greeks. Until 1930, the name used for this city instead of Izmir was Smyrna. Izmir is known as the city of olive groves and forests of pine trees.

The regions of Izmir are:

  1. Aligo
  2. Balchua
  3. Bayandir
  4. Bairakli
  5. Bergama
  6. Bey dag
  7. Born Abuja
  8. Cisme
  9. Chili
  10. Dikili
  11. Fucha
  12. Vali Emir
  13. Guzel Bahce
  14. Kara Baghlar
  15. Kara bron
  16. Karshiaka
  17. Kamal Pasha
  18. Cynic
  19. Kiraz
  20. Konak
  21. Menderes
  22. Menemen
  23. Narli Valley
  24. Odmish
  25. Hisar tepe
  26. Selcuk
  27. Tire
  28. Turbali
  29. Orla

Izmir city weather

Considering that the city of Izmir is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, we find that its climate is Mediterranean and moderate. From December to March, the people of this region witness rainfall every year.

Izmir and economic conditions

In recent years, this city has gained a special place among real estate buyers due to the significant progress it has made in the region as well as the reception of tourists to this city for buying and selling and conducting transactions. Among the very important reasons that investors choose this city, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Good and advanced facilities
  2. Universities with excellent global rankings
  3. Good weather conditions
  4. With the best companies
  5. Close to the Mediterranean coast
  6. Agricultural boom
  7. Advances in medical practice
  8. Registration of very important companies in Izmir
  9. Progress of artistic activities

Izmir is one of the most popular and attractive provinces for investors. You can contact us to buy a villa in Izmir .

Izmir universities

Turkey currently accepts many immigrants from different countries every year. Many people choose educational immigration to immigrate to this country. For this reason, the Turkish government has decided to update and improve the educational centers and information of its university professors every year. This has become one of the important reasons for the progress of universities in Izmir.

Below we have introduced all the universities of Izmir:

List of public universities in Izmir:

  1. University of the Aegean
  2. Bakrchoi University
  3. National Defense University
  4. Duquesne University of Eylul
  5. Democracy University
  6. Marmara University
  7. Air Force University
  8. University of Technology

List of private universities in Izmir:

  1. Izmir Air Engine University
  2. Tinaz Tepe University of Izmir
  3. Izmir University of Economics
  4. Yashar University of Izmir
  5. Izmir Technical and Professional Institute

Izmir tourist attractions

Due to its 3000-year history, this city is one of the oldest cities in Greece and has many historical and touristic places, including:

  1. Cave Companions Cave
  2. Hazrat Maryam’s house
  3. Church of Saint Paul Card
  4. The historical city of Ephesus
  5. Atatürk Monument in Cumhuriyet Square
  6. Aegean coast
  7. Clock tower located in Konak square
  8. Elevator building
  9. Luxury places

Comparison of Izmir with other Turkish cities

As mentioned above, Izmir is one of the three big cities of Turkey and has a good economic, commercial and port position. In general, the characteristics of Izmir compared to other cities in Turkey are as follows:

  1. Better weather due to its location on the Aegean coast
  2. Being cheaper than other Turkish cities like Istanbul
  3. Compared to other cities, it is considered to be a calm and borderless city.
  4. The cost of renting a house is very low.
  5. It is considered the industrial hub of Turkey.

Introducing the cheapest areas of Izmir to buy property

In this article, we have tried to get to know the city of Izmir and its cheap areas, the cheap areas of the city of Izmir are given below, so stay with us to know them.

1. Balchova area (Balcola)

Balchova is one of the cheap areas of Izmir and has a population of about 71 thousand people. This area has a small area and is one of the 11 areas of Izmir city. The state of education in this area is good. The condition of facilities and life in this area is grade-A.

2. Bayrakli region

Another cheap area of Izmir is Bayrakli area. This area has a population of 307 thousand people and has a B+ rating for living.

3. Buca region

Boja area is also in the category of cheap areas of Izmir city. It has a population of 500,000 people and has a +B rating for social facilities. The price of buying a property in this area is more than 400 thousand liras.

4. Bornova region

If we want to mention another item for the cheap areas of Izmir, Bornova is a good option. This area is located at the foot of Yamanlar mountain. This city has a population of 400,000 people and is ranked A- in terms of facilities and accessibility. Of course, this area has seen a significant boom recently and is considered a good option for investment.

This area includes most public and private universities. This area has different neighborhoods, including:

  1. Qazi Amir neighborhood
  2. Chili neighborhood
  3. Narli Valley neighborhood

5. Karabağlar region of Izmir

Karabaghlar is one of the cheap areas of Denizli, Turkey. The level of facilities in this area is average and rated B. This area has a population of about 450 thousand people. This area is considered one of the good areas for buying a house in Izmir.

6. Konak area

Konak can be mentioned as one of the cheap and popular areas of Izmir. This area is very popular because of its symbolic buildings. Saat Tower, Cordon, Kemeralti, Konak Square, etc. are located in this area. Konak Square and Alsanjak are considered to be busy parts of this area, and the oldest market of the city, Kemeralti, is also located in this area. This area has a population of about 350,000 people, and the standard of living and facilities is in A rank.

7. Bergama region

Bergama area has a very reasonable price for both renting a house and buying a property in Izmir. The name of this city is taken from Pergamon and it was the capital of Pergamon at the time of Helsinki.

8. Odemis region

This area has a population of 133,000 and the rank of this area in Izmir city is C in terms of facilities and comfort and living.

9. Cigli area

One of the good areas to buy property in Izmir is Chighli. This region has a population of 200,000 and the quality of life, facilities and welfare of this region is B.

10. Kemalpaşa region

One of the areas of Izmir is called Kamal Pasha and has many beauties such as Imran Baradan Museum, Dokhtar Tower, Nif Mountain, Karail Monument from the Hittite period, Olujak Hill, Hamze Baba’s Tomb, etc. The population of this area is 1to10,000 people and its life and facilities rating is +C.

11. Aliağa region

One of the areas that is located at a short distance from Izmir city is Ali Agha area. The population of this area is 100,000 people, and C rank is assigned to the facilities and standard of living in this area.

12. Bayındır region of Izmir

One of the least populated areas of Izmir is the Bayindir area, which has a population of 40,000. The rank of this area is C in terms of living conditions.

13. Beydağ region

If we want to mention another example of sparsely populated areas of Izmir, it is Bay Dag area. This area has a population of 12,000 people and the quality of life in it is C.

14. Kiraz region

This area has almost 40 thousand people and the level of living in this area is C.

Advantages of buying property in Izmir

  1. Low cost of living
  2. It has a good economic, commercial and port position
  3. Many business opportunities in Izmir
  4. Has good amenities
  5. Has tourist attractions
  6. low population
  7. Modern buildings
  8. And…

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