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The cheapest neighborhood in Istanbul to buy property in 2023

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Due to its proximity and neighborhood with Iran, Turkey sees many immigrants from Iran every year. One of the best Turkish cities that has always been attractive to Iranians is Istanbul.

This city is divided into 39 urban areas, some of these areas are located in the Asian part and some are in the European part. If you want to buy a property in the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of the article.

In Istanbul, as we get closer to the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait, we see an increase in real estate prices. So, if you are looking to buy a property in Istanbul at a reasonable price so that you can easily obtain Turkish residency and citizenship, it is better to stay with us.

In this article, we will introduce the cheapest areas of Istanbul so that you can invest in the most suitable area by fully knowing this beautiful city. You know for sure that the price of real estate varies according to the area, size, year of construction, etc.

Istanbul, with a population of about 15 million people, is considered the largest crowded city in Turkey. It is better to choose your place of residence near your workplace to save your time and money. Of course, it goes without saying that Turkey has made significant progress in the development of public transportation and has developed its transportation system well.

As you know, one of the prerequisites for immigrating to another country is knowing the prices and how to live there. This issue will be discussed further.

Advantages of buying cheap property in Istanbul

Investing in Turkey has many advantages, including the favorable economic conditions of this country and obtaining residence and citizenship of this country, which is possible by investing with a certain minimum amount. To buy a house in Istanbul , you must first determine your goal, in which area and in which type of property you want to invest. 

Many people want to buy an apartment in Istanbul. These people have chosen this option for the reasons mentioned below:

1. Price

2. Building quality

3. Dropping the price temporarily or permanently

4. High amenities

5. The annual increase of tourists and the possibility of high rent

6. The best opportunity to invest in a foreign country

Introducing the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul

1. Esenyurt neighborhood

Esenyurt is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul. This area is located in the European and western part of Istanbul and is a short distance from the city center and is very popular among Iranians living there. Esenyurt neighborhood has made significant progress in the last few years and engineers have transformed the face of this part of Istanbul with huge construction projects. This neighborhood mostly has residential apartments, among which there are also commercial units. The presence of parks and abundant green space covers the existing gaps.

2. Sultanbeyli

The Sultanbeyli area is located in the northeast of Istanbul and is considered to be the place where most of the non-natives of Turkey live. This part has a very favorable climate and also the price of real estate in this area is low. For people who are looking for good and quality weather, and in addition to that, low real estate prices are important, they choose this part for residence and investment.

The fame of this area is due to the presence of the historic Aydos Castle, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. The SultanBeyli area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and this area has made life in this area easy for people due to public amenities, including the development of taxi transportation and the construction of the subway.

3. Büyükçekmece neighborhood

One of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul is Buyukcekmece neighborhood, which is located in the western part of Istanbul. The mentioned neighborhood is more far from the center of Istanbul than other neighborhoods. This sector has a good potential for development and a bright future is waiting for it. The prices of villas and houses in this neighborhood are much cheaper than in other areas.

4. Arnavutkoy neighborhood

If you are planning to buy a house in the northern part of Istanbul, Arnavotkoy neighborhood will meet your needs. This area is near Istanbul Airport and is the most popular neighborhood after Basaksehir. Arnavotkoy has the longest coastline of the Black Sea. This neighborhood had a relatively low cultural level before 2016, but after 2021, due to the increase in the number of immigrants, the cultural level of this area of ​​Istanbul has also improved significantly. This neighborhood has many fans among non-native singles.

Arnavutkoy neighborhood is famous among tourists because of the presence of beautiful Ottoman houses.

5. Tuzla neighborhood

Tuzla is located in the eastern part of Istanbul. This area is mostly considered as an industrial area, because most of the parent factories are located in this area. And it is suitable for people whose workplace is nearby. This section also has beautiful buildings and apartments. It goes without saying that the largest area for keeping ships and shipyards is located in this area.

6. Silivri

People who want to buy a property in Istanbul in the western part and near the sea of Marmara, Silivari neighborhood is the best option for them. This neighborhood has water sports facilities. The price of a villa in Silivari is very reasonable, and this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and people who want to invest in buying a villa in Istanbul, this area is the best option. The apartments in this area do not have the same facilities, it is better not to rely solely on the photos to buy an apartment in this neighborhood. The reputation of Silivri neighborhood is due to high quality livestock and dairy production.

7. Avcilar

One of the neighborhoods located in the European area of Istanbul is Avcilar, which is 27 kilometers away from the city center. Due to its proximity to the E5 highway and various universities and industrial centers, this neighborhood is in a favorable condition in terms of comfort, and also because it is considered one of the happy areas of Istanbul, it attracts a large number of tourists, which causes the opening of restaurants and There are many cafes in this area. In addition to the mentioned points, due to many beautiful construction projects, despite all these positive features, this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and the price of real estate in this area is low.

8. Sultan Ghazi (Sultangazi)

According to the Iranian immigrants in Istanbul, the Sultan Qazi area is increasing day by day due to the easy access to the north and west of Istanbul and the location of the most important aqueduct of the Ottoman Empire in this area, as well as the proximity to the sea and the Ali Bay Dam. and it is one of the best, most desirable and cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul for investment by buying property.

9. Başakşehir

One of the European areas of Istanbul is Başakşehir, which since 2009, due to the increase of immigrants, has made significant progress in amenities and… Başakşehir is the most unrivaled district of Istanbul in terms of the number of schools and amenities.

10. Kasimpasa

Qasim Pasha neighborhood comes to you from the old areas of Istanbul and the old markets are also located in this area. From the beginning, this neighborhood has been the residence of low-income people and also has fewer amenities than other neighborhoods.

11. Esenler

This area is very suitable for people interested in discovering lesser known attractions. It is also located near Ghazi Osman Pasha and Bagcilar. The residential part of this area is very popular because of the beautiful and quiet residential houses.

12. Caglayan

If you are looking to buy a house near the center of Istanbul that has a reasonable and cheap price, Caglayan area is a good option for you. Although this area is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Istanbul, the amenities of this area have improved significantly in recent years.

13. Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is one of the areas where the number of apartments is more than other properties. The quality of the buildings and their distance from each other is very suitable, and it also has many fans due to its proximity to Esenyurt and the sea coast. Most of the residents of this area are educated people with a medium income level.

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