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The importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions

Picture for blog post The importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions

Today, Turkey has become one of the countries with a high rate of buying and selling in the field of real estate. The city of Istanbul in Turkey has the highest amount of real estate transactions, because it has excellent welfare, educational and medical facilities. Therefore, the presence of a translator in Turkish transactions is very important.

It is better to know that in 2021, Istanbul was chosen as the first Turkish city with the highest rate of real estate sales. Among the reasons for choosing Istanbul, we can mention the special beauty of this city, its comfort, educational and medical facilities. In addition, Istanbul is known as one of the most lively and crowded cities in Turkey. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, and Yemen are among the countries that are among the most important buyers of Turkish real estate.

Istanbul is the main destination of tourists who travel to Turkey, as a result, it can be said that due to the expansion of the tourism industry in this city, it is the best place for foreign businessmen to invest. The presence of professional and expert real estate agents in Istanbul is very important due to the high volume of real estate transactions. CityReality properties one of the real estate transaction centers in Turkey, which offers you the best option according to your budget and priorities. CityRealty real-estate is one of the companies that conducts real estate transactions in Turkey.

But the important question that concerns the mind of the buyer in this regard is whether it is necessary to learn the Turkish language in order to establish a relationship and make a transaction in Turkey. Or can we benefit from the presence of an expert translator in the transaction?

The reasons for the importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions

As you know, learning the language of a foreign country in a short period of time is very difficult, so the best way to communicate and talk about real estate transactions with the real estate seller is to use expert and skilled translators who translate They have complete command of commercial and conversational orality. Considering this, it can be said that the presence of a translator is very important in Turkish transactions. In the following section, we want to examine the importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions from different aspects.

One of the reasons for the importance of the presence of a translator in all types of real estate transactions is the ability to provide efficient communication. The presence of a translator makes it possible for the representatives or sellers of the property to convey the necessary information to the buyer in their mother tongue and benefit from the opportunity to share their knowledge or ideas.

In addition, with the presence of a translator in Turkish transactions, the translation is done simultaneously. In this case, the messages are sent to the other party without any shortcomings and this makes it possible for people to express their views, thoughts and ideas easily in their mother tongue.

Also, with the presence of a translator in transactions, we will achieve better results. Because in this case, the correct and appropriate communication between the buyer and the seller is established and both sides of the transaction can communicate freely in their own language. As mentioned, the presence of the translator is very important in the transaction. But it is better to know that the translator present in real estate transactions must have unique characteristics and abilities. In this section, we would like to point out the characteristics of an expert translator in the field of Turkish transactions.

Features of a translator specializing in Turkish transactions

It is better to know; The desired translator for conducting business in Turkey must have sufficient command of the source and destination languages, so that he can perform the translation at the same time. For this purpose, the translator present in the transaction scene must have abilities beyond the excellent language comprehension that he learned in universities or language training institutions.

The translator should not allow too much time between translating and receiving what is said. He only needs a short pause to be able to express the words well and fluently. The translator must convert speech in the source language into the target language without any shortcomings. This type of people should update all their language skills and add to their scientific knowledge regularly.

Therefore, it can be said that the existence of a translator specializing in Turkish transactions leads to an increase in business. CityRealty real-estate is one of the companies that provide civil services in Istanbul, which, by using skilled and fluent translators, leads to an increase in efficient communication and the transfer of information with great accuracy.

In general, it can be said that a translator must be a good listener. Strengthen sensory, motor and cognitive skills. Have a wide range of vocabulary, be aware of the culture of the destination country and study about it so as not to cause discomfort during the transaction with inappropriate gestures or behavior. His self-confidence is high and he can control his stress well. He can be aware of his emotions and recognize them.

Proper communication between buyer and seller through translator

A good conversation leads to a good deal. Today we need to communicate with others. Establishing a proper communication requires excellent language skills. In some cases, we need translators who are experts in this field to communicate with people abroad, so that they can help us in doing better transactions and increasing income.

The existence of a translator is very important in real estate transactions in Istanbul, because among all Turkish cities, Istanbul has the highest amount of real estate sales. For this reason, both the seller and the buyer must be aware of all the points and rules related to their transaction so that they can obtain the necessary information about the transaction between us.

An expert translator helps them a lot in doing this. In fact, it can be said that the importance of the translator’s presence in Turkish transactions is well demonstrated. CityRealty real-estate is one of the best companies that deals with real estate in Turkey. This company has expert translators who will help you in this process and lead to a great deal. The power of excellent expression and having a very high quality of communication are the requirements for the success of people in real estate transactions, so do not neglect to pay attention to this category.

The importance of simultaneous translation in Turkish transactions

If you intend to buy a house in Istanbul , but you don’t have the ability to speak Istanbul Turkish and you can’t communicate well with the people of this country, it is better to use a translator at the same time, because understanding the content and also talking about the property Opinion is very important. Therefore, it is better for both the buyer and the seller to understand and understand all the conversations.

Having a safe and professional translator is necessary to make things easier and also to increase your communication with the other party. Today, people’s relationships around the world have become international, so attention to the presence of a translator in any real estate transactions in Turkey has increased and is becoming more colorful day by day.

The meaning of simultaneous translation is to translate the meaning of the sentences orally from the source language to the target language. It is very important that the translator has sufficient knowledge about the source language and the target language. Also, he has sufficient command of both languages and can convey all the contents well for both buyers and sellers without any mistakes. The translator must have a sense of responsibility. In addition, he can convey the expressed sentences to another person without the need to refer to the dictionary.

In addition, the presence of the translator’s mind is also very important so that he can remember the sentences well. Oral translation is a very big responsibility because it cannot be modified like a written translation. The translator must have a good knowledge of the words, terms and specialized expressions of both languages and be able to translate the sentences correctly. In addition, he must have a good memory and high listening power so that he can memorize all the speaker’s sentences well and transfer them to the recipient without any deficiencies.

By buying a property in Turkey, you can get a residence permit from the Turkish government and benefit from the benefits of Turkish citizenship. Needless to say, you will be the owner of the property when the deed is transferred to your name at the Tapu office . So, when the promissory note is only in your name, you are not considered the owner of the property.

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