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Tips to know about the difference between blue and red property documents in Turkey!

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What is the difference between blue and red real estate documents in Turkey ? These days, the number of people who are eager to buy property in Istanbul or other Turkish cities is increasing day by day. Especially after the concessions recently given by the Turkish government to foreign owners. Among the most important of these privileges, we can mention the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate. But there are important things that you must know before buying a property in Turkey.

One of the most important issues that you should know is the difference and how to recognize the blue and red document , which we have explained in detail below. We suggest that you read this important article and if you have any questions, contact us at CityRealty real-estate consulting agency.

What is the use of a property deed or tapu?

A property deed, or tapu in Turkish, is actually a document through which you can prove the ownership of a property. In this document, all the basic information about the property, the owner’s name and photo, and details related to the background of the property are written.

It is important to know that this document should only be in the hands of the original owner and no other person has the right to carry this document under Turkish law. In case of partnership ownership, the names of all owners should be written in full detail. If only one owner’s name is mentioned in this document and his ownership percentage of the property is not mentioned, according to the rules of document reading and property documentation in Turkey, all the ownership will belong to the mentioned person. This document must be in Turkish and registered in the Real Estate Department of Turkey.

How to distinguish blue and red documents

Turkey has many lands, each of which may be different from the other. For this reason, the Turkish government had to find a way to categorize these properties and consider different ways to profit from them. It was here that the red and blue realty document came up.

What is the difference between blue and red real estate documents in Turkey?

  1. Blue property document

The blue property deed is actually considered an agricultural deed and is assigned to agricultural lands in Turkey. According to this document, the owner of such land has the right to carry out agricultural and livestock activities on this land.

The blue property document in Turkey is divided into two types:

  • Blue Earth document

Land with this type of document can be under cultivation and under construction. This type of document is assigned only to lands that include the organizational plan of the city. In the topic   of document reading and document analysis of the property , if you are the owner of this document, after receiving the necessary permits, you can also do construction on this land.

  • Agricultural blue document

This type of property document or tapu is assigned to large lands in Turkey. According to this document, the owner can do construction on this land in addition to agriculture. But the desired structure can cover only 20% of the entire land.

  1. Red property document

The way to distinguish between blue and red real estate documents is that the red real estate documents include residential or commercial land. According to this document, such lands can be under construction and become villas, arcades, offices, or houses and apartments. The red property document in Turkey is divided into three categories:

  • Red document with partnership ownership

This type of red document is given to properties that have more than one owner. This type of ownership is usually used in Turkey for spending holidays. According to this document, each of the owners will be considered the owner of the desired property in a certain period of the year.

  • The right to own a high floor (Kat Mülkiyet)

In terms of document reading and property documentation , this type of red document is awarded to owners who purchase the land before construction. According to this document, the locations of this land are divided so that after the construction, it is clear which part of the land belongs to which owner.

  • Height and floor right (Kat Mülkiyeti)

This type of red document is awarded to the owners who make their purchase after the completion of the construction. According to this document, ownership of a specific floor of the building is granted to the owner.

How to recognize blue and red national document

The question is, what is the difference between blue and red real estate documents in Turkey ? The most basic difference between the blue and red land titles in Turkey is that the owners of the blue land titles do not have the right to build on these lands (unless they have obtained permission under certain conditions). The owners of the red certificate also do not have the right to carry out agricultural and livestock activities on such lands.

Without paying attention to this important issue in the law of document reading and property documentation , you will face problems in the future. For example, if you want to use the land for residential or commercial purposes, the blue property document will not be suitable for you at all.

If you do not pay attention to this point when receiving the document from the previous owner and receive a blue document but start construction on the land, your work will be considered illegal. This is why it is very important to pay attention to document reading and property documentation in Turkey.

What documents do we need to get a blue or red real estate document?

  • Photos of land seller and land buyer.
  • National card of buyer and seller. (Both persons must also be present.)
  • Obtaining the Turkish tax code (this issue is obligatory for every person who wants to buy a property in Turkey.)
  • Earthquake document (this document will actually be considered as a kind of insurance for your land against natural disasters. For this document, the Turkish government will be obliged to pay you compensation in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes.)
  • If for any reason one of the persons (seller or buyer) cannot attend, another person who is considered his legal representative must be present to complete the process of buying and selling the property.
  • After all the required documents are prepared, the seller and the buyer have to appear at the government department. At this stage, after making agreements on the amount, the signatures of both parties will be required. After completing these steps, ownership of the desired property will be transferred from the seller to the buyer and the new owner will receive a blue or red document.

What services does CityRealty real-estate agency provide in relation to buying property in Turkey?

We at CityRealty real-estate consulting agency are at your service to guide you in the best way to buy a property in Turkey. We don’t just help you buy a property, we will be with you from start to finish to ensure that your investment goes smoothly. We are not sellers, but our advisors and consultants’ job is to put you on the way to making a profitable investments. Our services in CityRealty properties includes the following:

  • Legal Consultancy

Buying a property in another country definitely requires legal advice. Without receiving correct legal advice, you may face problems and troubles due to lack of knowledge about real estate laws and property document reading and notarization in Turkey. Our consultants at CityRealty real-estate will ensure that your buying and selling process will be done without any problems.

  • Property management

If you own a property and intend to rent it, we will be your right hand in this direction. From finding a tenant to setting up and executing the agreement, collecting the rent and maintaining the security of the property, you can leave it to us.

  • Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship

After investing in Turkish real estate, you no longer need to worry about obtaining Turkish citizenship. Our experts in city real estate consulting will provide Turkish citizenship to you, dear investors, through the fastest possible methods.

Why choose to buy a property from CityRealty properties?

The specialized team of CityRealty real-estate, with years of experience in buying and selling property in Turkey, is here to make the process of buying property in this country easier than ever.

  • There are many investment opportunities in Turkey. But the main question is, what is the best choice for you? The specialized team of CityRealty real-estate will help you to choose the most profitable investment according to your budget.
  • Our experts have complete knowledge of real estate legal laws and document reading and real estate notarization in Turkey. Therefore, they are able to guide you in such a way that there are no future problems for your property.

  • Are you worried about getting involved in complicated legal matters and not having enough time and energy to deal with them? We understand. For this reason, we do our best to ensure that you, as an investor, spend the least amount of time and energy. You just need to take action and leave the rest to us.

last word

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this article about city real estate. If you are planning to buy an office in Istanbul , buy a penthouse in Istanbul, or any other investment in the beautiful country of Turkey, we are at your service. If you have any questions about buying property in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.

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