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Types of Turkish residence cards

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Before immigrating, people should first choose their destination country and get to know it and get complete information about how to stay and obtain citizenship of that country. Due to its neighborhood with Iran, Turkey sees many immigrants every year who go to this country for various purposes. In this article, we will examine the conditions of residence in Turkey and the types of residence cards and how to get a Kimlik card.

What is the Kimlik card of Turkey?

Kimlik in Turkish language which means identity. Turkish Kimlik card or Turkish residence card is a card that is used to identify individuals. Kimlik card is the same as Iran’s national card, which is used in government centers and… to identify and show identity. Obtaining this card is mandatory, and people who want to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months must first apply for Turkish residence and in the next step obtain a Kimlik card.

In the 90 days you are in Turkey as a tourist and you want to apply for a Kimlik card, you must complete the forms and make an appointment before that, so that your 90-day period does not end, if your three-month tourist visa When it ends, you have to leave Turkey for three months and go through these steps again after three months.

The immigration office can reject your application or accept it for a certain period of time. If all your documents are perfect during the process of completing the appointment form, you will most likely receive a one-year residence. One-year residence does not mean receiving Turkish citizenship, but it shows the duration of your stay in this country.

An 11-digit number is written on the Kimlik card, the first two digits of which are the number 99, and it contains all the information of the person, including name, surname, date of birth, place of residence and other things.

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Types of accommodation in Turkey

1. Temporary residence

You can have a temporary residence with your tourist visa, also people who have a work visa also have a temporary residence and after one year they have to renew their work permit.

2. Permanent residence

You can apply for your permanent residence card after 8 years of legal residence in Turkey, in which you have not received any social assistance from various institutions in the last three years, and at the same time you have financial resources and no criminal record. .

Types of Turkish residence cards

In general, five types of residence cards are issued in Turkey, which are:

  1. student card
  2. Asylum card
  3. Turquoise card
  4. Blue card (Calisma izni)
  5. Pink card

In this section, we want to examine all 5 types of residence cards:

– Student residence card

As it is clear from the name of this type of residence card, it is for students. Öğrenci Kimliği student card (Öğrenci Kimliği) is issued at the beginning of the first academic year for the number of student years (a person whose undergraduate period is 4 years, his residence card is also issued for 4 years). This type of residence card has the strongest type of medical service insurance.

People who have a student residence card, but the number of absences at the university is more than the allowed limit or are placed on probation due to low grades, are immediately reported to the Immigration Department .

– Asylum residence card

As it is clear from the name of this type of Kimlik card, every person who fled from his country and became a refugee in Turkey receives a Kimlik refugee card or Mülteci Kimliği. People who have this type of residence card cannot apply for education or try to convert this card into a blue card.

People with Kimlik Asylum Card can stay in Turkey until they go to another country.

– Turquaz residence card

Kimlik Turquoise card is awarded to elite people and athletes and they must apply for it through their association or club. People with Turquaz card will receive Turkish government passport after 4 years. Also, the holders of this card are given a very strong insurance.

– Blue card (Calisma izni)

People who have gone to Turkey for the purpose of working, can easily get Kimlik Blue Card or Calisma izni. This type of residence card also has insurance. People who have extended their residence in the Turkish government for 6 consecutive years can receive a Turkish passport after these 6 years have passed.

The important point is that this type of residence must be renewed every year and this must be done by the employer. People with Blue Card or Calisma izni have temporary residence.

– Pink card (Pembe Kimlik)

The most common type of residence card is the pink Kimlik card. This type of card is known as a tourist residence card and is issued to people for 1 year through the purchase or rental of property. People with a pink card have temporary residence.

Ways to stay in Turkey

It is possible to stay in Turkey in different ways, including tourist stay, stay through work, stay through company registration, etc., join us to explore the hidden corners of different ways to stay in Turkey.

1. Tourist accommodation in Turkey

One of the most common ways to obtain a Turkish government residence is to obtain a tourist residence. The duration of a tourist visa for Iranians is 90 days, and people can complete the relevant forms and make an appointment to stay longer in this country. If all the documents of the applicant are completed, the Immigration Department will grant him a one-year residence. A one-year stay does not mean obtaining citizenship in the Turkish government, but it is the permission of a foreign citizen to stay for a certain period of time.

For people who want to receive permanent residence of the Turkish government, tourist residence is one of his requirements in this way.

The documents required to obtain a Turkish tourist residence are:

  • Application form for temporary or short-term residence
  • The original and copy of the foreigner’s passport
  • Providing a certificate of having sufficient funds to stay in this country
  • Provide 4 photos
  • Insurance
  • The right visa

Conditions for obtaining a tourist residence permit

To get a tourist residence in Turkey, you must pay attention to the following:

  1. There is no permission to study or work with a tourist stay.
  2. If you plan to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months as a tourist, you must inform the Turkish consulate before your trip.
  3. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months or at least 60 days after the visa expires.

The cost of tourist accommodation in Turkey

The cost of tourist accommodation in Turkey is cheaper than other methods and it is the most convenient way to get a residence in this country.

2. Residence in Turkey with a lease

If you want to stay in Turkey by renting a property, then after visiting Turkey, you must receive documents such as a lease, home insurance policy and tax number. Then you have to schedule an interview with the immigration office. The time of your interview varies between 2 days and 2 months and depends on the city of your residence.

Your interview will be conducted in Turkish or English. The result of your interview will be emailed to you after 90 days, and if your residence is accepted, your residence card will be sent to your residence by post.

Documents required to obtain a one-year residence by renting a property in Turkey

  1. Lease obtained from the official office
  2. Valid health insurance
  3. Tax number
  4. Interview or rendezvous request form
  5. The original and copy of the foreigner’s passport
  6. Translation of marriage certificate for married people
  7. Translation of children’s birth certificate and official certificate of their sponsorship
  8. Receipt of all expenses of the immigration office
  9. Background certificate

The cost of obtaining a one-year residence through a lease

  1. The cost of renting a house is more than 700 liras.
  2. The cost of translating the documents required for the Turkish Immigration Department is about 300 thousand tomans for each document.
  3. The cost of the official office, which is equivalent to 200 to 300 liras.
  4. The cost of getting a one-year insurance depends on the age of the person and is between 200 and 900 liras.
  5. Foreign citizen’s tax or land tax, which varies between 80 and 90 dollars.

3. Obtaining Turkish residence through company registration

At the beginning, you should know the purpose of company registration and be aware of why you are registering the company. By registering the company, you can be selected as the CEO and receive a one-year residence permit from the Turkish government with your family.

Residence through company registration depends on many factors including company capital, taxes paid, company life, company plan and purpose, business invitations and other factors. This type of stay in Turkey is one of the most expensive methods.

By registering the company, you can also get residence and citizenship of the Turkish government.

There are 7 types of companies in Turkey, which we discuss below, but two of them are very widely used, which are ANONIM and LIMITED.

  1. Organizational companies where the minimum capital required to register this type of company is 100 thousand liras.
  2. Anonymous companies, the minimum capital required to register this type of company is 50 thousand liras.
  3. Limited companies, the minimum capital required to register this type of company is 10 thousand liras.
  4. Cooperative companies, the minimum capital required to register this type of company depends on their statutes.
  5. Non-organizational companies whose minimum capital required to register this type of company depends on their articles of association.
  6. Collective companies without minimum capital.
  7. limited liability companies without minimum capital.

Benefits of obtaining residence through company registration

  1. Turkish residence permit for the company’s CEO and his family
  2. Obtaining a work permit and obtaining Turkish residency and citizenship after 5 years
  3. Opening an international bank account
  4. Starting your own business legally
  5. Obtaining a business card from the Turkish government
  6. Insuring the CEO of the company

Company registration procedures in Turkey

  1. Go to the tax office and get the tax code for the founder of the company.
  2. Refer to the Companies Registration Office after notarizing the statutes and documents.
  3. Approval of documents and statutes.
  4. Delivery of verified documents.
  5. Visit of an inspector from the government to the established company.
  6. Granting the company registration code after completing the documents and paying the fees.
  7. Acting to receive Vergi levhasi

4. Obtaining Turkish residence through work

To stay in a foreign country through work, you must first check the working conditions and unemployment rate of the destination country. Turkey has 3 types of work permits, which are:

  1. Temporary work permit in Turkey

In this type of work permit, a foreigner cannot apply for a work permit independently, but the employer must submit this request. In this type of permits, after working in Turkey for one year, a foreigner can apply for an extension of the work permit, and if the evaluation of the records of the foreign national in Turkey is positive, the Turkish government will issue his work permit for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 3 years. he does.

  1. Permanent or independent work permit in Turkey

If a person has continuously lived in Turkey for 5 years and applies for a work permit, the Turkish government will issue him a permanent work permit.

  1. Permit to work with a turquoise card

People who have a higher university education can apply for a job to the Turkish government, they can get a work permit in this country by receiving a turquoise card. These people receive a permanent work permit from Turkey by receiving a turquoise card. People with a turquoise card benefit from all the facilities of a Turkish citizen, such as insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.

Documents required to obtain work residence in Turkey

  1. Valid identification documents with official translation
  2. Obtaining a health certificate from an accredited doctor
  3. A copy of the residence permit issued by the Turkish government that does not have educational purposes and is valid for at least 6 months.
  4. Passport
  5. Valid educational certificates with the seal and signature of the Immigration Department
  6. Providing a bank certificate of financial ability
  7. Presenting a work contract between a foreign employer
  8. The principle of work permit
  9. Residential lease
  10. Four photos
  11. Visa fee payment certificate
  12. Providing a valid insurance policy in Turkey
  13. Certificate of no bad background

5. Residence in Turkey through education

To get a residence in Turkey through a work visa, you must first register in one of the schools or universities in Turkey, then if your registration is done and you are accepted by the educational institution, you must apply for a study visa. Step If you live in Iran, you can go to the Turkish Embassy in Iran and apply for a student visa by submitting documents.

The duration of your stay in Turkey with a study visa is directly related to the duration of your studies. If people have spent their primary and secondary education in Turkey and their expenses are paid by natural or legal persons and they have a family consent, they can receive a one-year residency.

Documents required to obtain a study visa in Turkey

  1. Last educational certificate
  2. Academic course transcripts
  3. Identification documents with expiration date
  4. A person’s resume in scientific research and technical activities
  5. Acceptance letter in the educational institute exam
  6. Providing a certificate of personal financial ability
  7. Recommendations

6. Residence in Turkey through investment

By investing in Turkey, you can travel to 115 countries without the need for a visa, and when your investment visa is at the E1 or E2 level, you can also invest in America. In addition to the mentioned points, investing in Turkey has many other benefits, including the issuance of a passport within 2 months, the possibility of working in England, the possibility of dual citizenship, etc. Investing in Turkey has different forms that we will examine in this section:

  1. Investing in Turkey by buying a property worth 400 thousand US dollars

In this way, you can buy real estate worth 400 thousand US dollars and keep it for 3 years. In this method, it is not possible to buy the property in installments.

You can buy a house in Istanbul with the help of real estate consultants and take advantage of its benefits.

  1. Deposit in one of the Turkish banks worth 500 thousand US dollars for 3 years

You can easily apply for Turkish residence by investing in one of the Turkish banks.

  1. Investment worth USD 500,000 in real estate investment fund or venture capital fund

With this method, you have to purchase bonds or Turkish investment companies. Before this investment, you need the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Turkish government. The Ministry of Treasury of Turkey has taken all responsibility for investing in this way.

  1. Immigration by creating employment and entrepreneurship

This option has recently been added to the methods of obtaining residency in Turkey through investment. You can get a Turkish government residence by being an entrepreneur in the Turkish government and creating 50 new jobs that are approved by the Department of Labor, Family and Social Security.

Conditions for obtaining work residence in Turkey

  1. It has an age limit and the person must be above 18 years.
  2. It has not entered the territory of Turkey illegally.
  3. Certificate of no bad background
  4. Payment of taxes and costs of examining the citizenship case in the required time

Documents required to obtain residence through investment in Turkey

  1. Valid identification and identity documents with translation
  2. Biometric photo
  3. Valid passport
  4. Health certificate and no bad background
  5. Bank certificate for capital transfer

5. Residence in Turkey through marriage

Marriage is one of the easiest ways to obtain Turkish residence. In this method, there are conditions for the immigration department to issue the passport of the Turkish government to a foreigner. This method has been abused a lot in the past years, that’s why the country of Turkey only allows a foreigner to stay for a short time after marriage, and the foreigner does not receive a Turkish passport and citizenship at the beginning of marriage.

The stages of marriage of a Turkish wife with an Iranian person

  1. Refer to the consulate of Iran in Turkey
  2. Certificate of approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
  3. Providing blood test results
  4. Submission of official document form
  5. Reservation of official marriage time
  6. The presence of two witnesses

Documents required for the marriage of an Iranian person with a Turkish spouse

  1. Four photos
  2. Original documents from both sides with official translation
  3. Providing a blood test certificate
  4. Presenting the celibacy certificate received from the Iranian consulate in Turkey

Necessary conditions to obtain residence and Turkish citizenship through marriage

  1. Providing a document to prove that the marriage is real
  2. The person should not be a threat to the national security of Turkey.
  3. Husband and wife have lived under the same roof for three years.
  4. The foreign national should not have behaviors that cause harm to the married life of people.

Necessary documents to get Kimlik card

One of the most important points for obtaining a residence card is to have a sufficient command of the Turkish language. Because if you are fluent in this language, you will not face any problem when completing the residence card application forms. If you fill out a form incorrectly, your application will be suspended for one year and you will be disqualified. Below are the documents required to receive a Kimlik card:

  1. Original passport of the applicant
  2. Color printing of the forms available on the site
  3. A color print must be available from the last entry of the applicant to Turkey and the received stamp.
  4. The original insurance policy is necessary for people aged 18 to 65.
  5. Six pieces of photos written on the back
  6. Confirmation of the municipality of residence
  7. Copy of national card for people who applied to renew their Kimlik card.
  8. People who are separated from their spouses must have custody documents for their children.
  9. Providing birth certificates for people under 18 years old

Benefits of using a residence card or Kimlik in Turkey

  1. You can easily open a bank account.
  2. Registration in schools or training courses
  3. car purchase
  4. Pay bills and taxes
  5. Use of medical treatment services
  6. Property rental
  7. A report of debts and payments

How to get a Turkish residence card

When Iranian tourists enter Turkey, they receive a 3-month visa at the same airport, and if they want to stay in Turkey longer than this period, they must apply for a residence card.

The residence card is the same as the national card of Iran and has the same value, and if this card is lost or stolen, you will lose a period of one month and you will have to go through a difficult path to get a copy.

Conditions for receiving Kimlik card

To obtain a Kimlik card of Turkey, you must first obtain the residence of this country. In order to obtain Turkish residence, one must apply through marriage, education, work, investment, etc.

The duration of Turkish government residence is one year, and it is better to buy or rent a property in this period. Purchase of health insurance is one of the conditions for receiving Kimlik Turkey card. After receiving the residence of the Turkish government, you should apply for a Kimlik card, because having a Kimlik card is mandatory.

The cost of receiving Kimlik card

Iranians who immigrate to Turkey do not need a visa and can start their immigration only with their passport. They can stay in Turkey for 90 days without a residence card, but after this period of time, they must apply for permanent or temporary residence. The cost of accommodation through Kimlik card is about 200 dollars per person. The relevant costs are:

  1. Translation of the applicant’s passport
  2. One-year tax payment to the Turkish Tax Office
  3. Newer approval fee
  4. One year health insurance
  5. Rent
  6. Official office expenses
  7. Costs related to medical examinations
  8. Embassy fees for document verification

Details mentioned on the residence card

Details written on the residence card

  1. Person’s image
  2. first name and last name
  3. Date of birth
  4. 11-digit code starting with 99.
  5. Nationality
  6. Card serial number

Details written on the back of the residence card

  1. The type of residence received by the Turkish government
  2. Residence issuance date
  3. Expiration date of residence in Turkey
  4. Date of residence permit
  5. The name of the city where you first applied for a residence card.

final word

If you want to obtain citizenship and permanent residence by purchasing a property in Istanbul, you can contact the consultants of the CityRealty’s real estate team. They will be your guide on this path.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cheapest and least expensive way to get Turkish residence?

The cheapest way to get Turkish residence is tourist residence, which is the best option in the first year through renting a house and in the following years buying a house.

2. What methods are there to extend the tourist stay in Turkey?

If you want to extend your tourist stay, work permit, company registration, study in Turkey and real estate are the best options.

3. What are the characteristics of the Turkish asylum card?

This card is given to refugees and is only for staying in Turkey, and people with refugee cards do not have the right to study in Turkey

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