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What is expertise?

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Expertise is a report on the real value of real estate in Turkey, which is required for foreigners who intend to invest in real estate in this country. By receiving this report and purchasing the property according to its true value, you can easily obtain Turkish citizenship and permanent residence.

Property expertise report in Turkey

Today, Turkey is considered a popular country for Iranians to invest, because many Iranian citizens can easily obtain permanent residence in this country by purchasing real estate in Istanbul . This has caused a significant expansion of property transfers in this country. But what is important when buying real estate in Turkey is to receive an expertise report . Expertise report is actually a report that discloses the true value of real estate to buyers.

This report is very important for people who decide to obtain Turkish residency and citizenship. Because by using this report, they can easily buy the desired property in Turkey and be officially recognized as a citizen of this country. This report will be known by other titles such as evaluation report or property price valuation in Turkey.

Contents of property expertise report in Turkey

The evaluation report reflects all the accurate and correct information of the desired property, which is verified by the government and provided to the buyers. Documentary information about the desired property such as its geographical location, square footage, exact price of the property, etc. can be seen in the evaluation report. This report also includes real photos of properties, property debt status and technical specifications of the property in the General Directorate of Land Registration and Municipality, etc.

In addition, by receiving the evaluation report, you can see the predicted price of your desired property and other similar properties. In general, it can be said that the Expertise report will reveal all the positive and negative features and detailed information of the property you want in Turkey, so that buyers can purchase real estate with real value in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

How is the property expertise report received?

If you intend to buy real estate in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must first choose the desired property through the relevant experts. CityRealty real-estate is one of the best real estate agencies in Turkey that, with high work experience and the use of relevant experts and specialists, introduce you to the best real estate options according to the investment budget. After choosing the desired property and meeting with the property owner, you must receive the evaluation report.

This report is usually received by the property owner. The property owner must inform the capital market board of the request for the evaluation report , and then the licensed experts, after visiting the property and evaluating it, prepare the real price and relevant specifications in the form of an official report and provide it to the property owner. Finally, this report will be provided to the buyer through the property owner, and the transfer of the property document will take place. You should know that a copy of the expertise report will still remain in the Land Registry Office.

Costs of transfer of real estate documents in Turkey

In general, the costs of real estate transfers in Turkey since 2020 are four percent of the real value of the property, which the buyer and seller must pay to the real estate agency according to the agreement. Note that in order to receive the expertise report, you have to pay a separate fee to the relevant government body, which is determined according to the size and characteristics of the property in question. But on average, this cost is between 1000 and 2500 liras. It is worth noting that the CityRealty real estate agency will not charge any fees for the evaluation report, and provides the related services for free to its customers.

Is it necessary to receive the evaluation report?

Receiving the expertise report is important for those pilgrims who intend to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport. For this purpose, it is necessary to receive the evaluation report for the transfer of the document and the official purchase of the property. But people who decide to make small investments in this country and often look for properties with a maximum price of 250 thousand liras, will not need to receive an evaluation report.

Of course, you should note that many property owners in Turkey, due to tax evasion, state the price of properties much lower than their real value in order to avoid paying taxes, for this purpose, the government has received expert reports since 2019 . has declared it necessary for all property transfers of foreign nationals.

How long does it take to prepare and validate the evaluation report?

When the owner of the property informs the relevant government bodies about the request to receive the expertise report, the experts will visit the property and check all the documents and maps registered by the municipality, and finally they will provide the evaluation report. This process takes about 2-3 days. It should be noted that the property evaluation report is about 20 to 35 pages long and should be provided to the foreign buyer of the property.

Also, in accordance with the new property laws, the validity of the evaluation report is a maximum of 3 months, after the expiration of the validity period, the evaluation report will be worthless, and if the transfer of the document is not done within this period of 3 months, the property owner must again receive the Do the evaluation report.

Which investments require a valuation report?

Expertise report is not only for residential real estate buyers, but receiving this report is necessary for all investments of foreign nationals in Turkey. Investing in land and residential properties, buying a hotel in Turkey, buying business centers and investing in them, buying a villa in Turkey, etc. are among the investments that require receiving an evaluation report.

In addition, investments in agriculture and industry, as well as the purchase of related parts and equipment, also require an evaluation report. Creating commercial brands, buying airplanes, ships, investing in urban projects and mines, as well as buying companies are other investments that cannot be transferred without an evaluation report.

The difference between the property price and its value in the appraisal report

One of the reasons why it became mandatory for foreign buyers of real estate in Turkey to receive an expertise report was that some property owners, in order to receive a higher price from the sale of their property, charged several times more than the real value of the property from the buyers, which of course This is still observed in some transactions. In general, a 20% difference between the real value of the property and the price stated by the seller is normal.

However, you should note that the Turkish government only considers the real value of the property, which is included in the evaluation report, as a criterion for providing citizenship of this country to foreigners. For example, if you paid 300,000 liras when you bought it, but the real value of the property in the appraisal report is equal to 150,000 liras, you will not be granted Turkish citizenship. For this reason, to buy real estate in Turkey, it is better to get help from CityRealty real-estate agency consultants so that there is no disruption in the process of obtaining citizenship and permanent residence in this country.

Benefits of receiving an evaluation report

Receiving the expertise report allows you to analyze the plans of the desired property and its features with an open view and make a cost-effective purchase. In addition, listing the real value of the property for the buyers caused the destruction of many fraudsters and real estate brokers.

Another piece of information mentioned in the appraisal report is information about the area of the desired property and the forecast of the value of that area in the coming years. This has caused many foreign buyers to learn about the future value of their investment, which has had a significant impact on the purchase of real estate in areas with a bright investment future.

The best real estate agency in Turkey

In order to be able to buy real estate in Turkey with confidence, you can visit the city real estate agency. CityRealty real-estate agency, consisting of professional and expert forces, is the best option for foreign buyers in Turkey. The agency also provides free property consultations to its clients and shares the best investment opportunities with buyers on a daily basis.


One of the solutions that can bring Turkish passport and citizenship to foreigners is investing and buying property. To achieve this, it is necessary for the buyers to receive the expertise report . This report reflects all the detailed information and specifications and the real value of the property desired by the buyer and is considered the main requirement for the transfer of the document and the official purchase of the property. The validity period of this report is 3 months and it must be received by the property owner from the General Land Registry Office and be given to the buyer.

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