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What is the net and gross margin in buying a property in Turkey?

Picture for blog post What is the net and gross margin in buying a property in Turkey?

When buying a property in Turkey, its size is one of the most important factors to consider. In Turkey, the size of a property is expressed by net square footage and Brut gross square footage. There is no single standard for real estate advertising in Turkey, and as a result, people will encounter wide differences in property sizes when buying property in Istanbul, as some construction companies use net measurements, while Some others use impurity measurement. That’s why it is very important to consider the net and gross size when buying a property in Turkey.

What is net and gross meterage?

Net or gross square footage is the total area of the enclosed space measured from the exterior walls of the property. It is a transactional term in buying property in Turkey that includes everything in a property, including unused spaces, such as areas between walls. This is the amount of space that a property occupies, regardless of whether that space is used or not.

Meanwhile, gross or net square footage is the area of usable space that is available for furniture, equipment, and people. gross is basically the net square footage, minus the unused space. Areas in net square meters are measured from the interior finished surface of the surrounding walls, excluding any area bounded by structural columns, shafts or exterior finished surfaces.

Rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies are all counted when considering the total usable area of the property. If we want to say in a simpler language what is net and gross square footage, we should say that net square footage is the amount of space inside a house from the boundary walls to the inside. Gross exterior square footage includes exterior areas such as landscaped gardens, parking lots, or social facilities of the apartment complex. Indoor net meterage refers to areas such as elevators or public stairways.

Meanwhile, in comparison, gross or net square footage is the amount of space that can be physically used in a house. This can be defined by net external square meters such as balconies and terraces or net internal square meters which refers to the usable space inside the rooms.

Transaction terms in buying property in Turkey

But why should we know the transaction terms and why is it important to analyze the property purchase contract in Istanbul completely before signing it. Since there is no net area data on the title deed, a convenient way to know the net area is to request a property appraisal or purchase it from an expert such as CityRealty real-estate agency.

If the property is being built off-plan or is still in the early stages of construction, buyers or their representatives should request a floor plan as well as a specific number of net and gross (gross and net) square footage to be included in the contract.

When buying a property in Istanbul, it is important to fully evaluate the contract. The contract must include the net and gross square meter specifications of the property. It is very important not to sign the contract in a hurry. If your contract does not include net and gross details, it is recommended that you ask for this information to be added.

You can work with professional agents like CityRealty real-estate who will take this into account and get signed documents to prove the declared net and gross. These are one of the most important transactional terms in buying property in Turkey.

Buying property in Istanbul

If you are comparing properties on the internet or in brochures and you decide to buy a property in Istanbul, you will definitely come across different prices accompanied by terms that confuse you. One of these matters is what net and gross square footage is and what role it plays in prices when buying a property in Turkey.

Fortunately, these days, most real estate professionals such as CityRealty real-estate use laser measuring tools that can instantly calculate the net square footage, which is the most important aspect of a property purchase contract in Turkey. Also, the registry office can confirm the total gross area of ​​a private villa or apartment complex.

If you need expert guidance in this regard, you can benefit from the city’s real estate services and advice. Buying a property from CityRealty Properties has the advantage that you will benefit from their experience and knowledge in order to fully understand the terms of transactions in buying property in Turkey, and you will have a safe purchase.

Why should we know trading terms?

Now the point is raised, why should we know trading terms and understand the difference between net and gross meterage? Since contractors base their sales price estimates on the gross floor, this makes it very important to potential buyers.

On the other hand, customers cannot compare rates based on net areas and may make mistakes when comparing prices when buying property in Istanbul. On the other hand, if you’re comparing properties where one is offered gross and the other net, it may seem like the bigger price is the better deal.

If the net square footage of the property is only three-quarters of the usable area, the property that looks like more on paper may be less than you think. That is why knowledge of transactional terms in buying property in Turkey is of particular importance.

Buying a penthouse in Istanbul

Penthouse apartments provide many advantages to their owners. While making a profitable investment in a central city location, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Dominating the surrounding landscape
  • Outdoor comfort with terrace
  • High and wide ceilings
  • Selection of quality materials
  • A living area dominating the landscape
  • Functional kitchens with various designs

The design of a penthouse apartment, which is located on the top floor of the structure, provides the maximum view for the interior space. For this, there are large windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, which give a relaxing effect to its residents. You can purchase a penthouse in Istanbul using the expertise and experience of CityRealty real estate.

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