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What is the use of Nomaratage in Turkey?

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Numarataj number is one of the most important documents that can bring you Turkish residence. The positive features of Turkey, such as unique employment opportunities, economic growth and income generation, etc., have made immigration to this country a priority for Iranian citizens. But today, Turkey has considered new laws for immigrants to ensure their intention to settle. Obtaining a registration form is one of the new immigration laws of this country, which will be required to be received and submitted to the immigration office for all people who decide to obtain Turkish residence through the purchase of property.

Methods of obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

Today, Turkey has become one of the countries that accept immigration, where countless foreign nationals seek to obtain citizenship and permanent residence in this country every year. One of the simple ways by which you can obtain a permanent residence permit in Turkey is buying property and apartments in different cities of Turkey, including buying and selling apartments in Istanbul . Of course, provided that its value is more than 400 thousand dollars.

For this reason, after purchasing a property at the value set by the Turkish government, foreigners can apply for residency in this country. However, in order to realize this, it will be necessary to present valid documents that show the seriousness of people to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of these documents is a sheet known as numbering or numarataj, which we will discuss in detail below.

What is Numarataj?

Currently, there are whispers about Turkey’s new immigration laws, which foreign nationals are required to comply with in order to receive the citizenship of this country. Although the presentation of the number sheet is not mentioned as an official document on the Turkish immigration website, but according to the predictions, this law will probably be implemented seriously from the beginning of the new year.

According to this new law, citizens who want to obtain permanent residence in Turkey must submit the number document to the Immigration Department of this country. Numarataj sheet is a valid document issued by the Turkish government and provides detailed information about the map address of a person’s habitable property in this country and its legal details to the immigration officers.

How to obtain a number

According to the recent strictures of the Turkish government to provide citizenship rights to immigrants, receiving a number sheet has become a necessary and mandatory matter. In order to receive this document, immigrants need to go to the municipality of the area in which they want to buy property and submit the request for the Numara Taj document along with the required additional documents to the relevant staff. The municipal officials will also issue the number certificate on the same day after reviewing the documents provided by the immigrants. It is worth noting that the municipality will not charge any fees for the issuance of number plates and all the services provided in this regard will be provided to the immigrants for free.

The documents required to receive the NumeraTaj card

One of the solutions that can be considered as a positive point for you to receive Turkish citizenship as soon as possible is to submit the required residence documents in a completed form. Because if there are defects in the documents, your appointment at the embassy will be postponed. For this reason, it is recommended that you receive the number sheet from the municipality as soon as you specify the residential property. But you should know that in order to receive this official and important document, you must also deliver documents to the municipality.

The first document required to receive the number sheet is the rendezvous message, which is sent to immigrants via email or SMS. Presentation of tapu is also considered as one of the important documents for obtaining nomarataj. Note that if you cannot afford to buy the property and you are a tenant in a residential unit, you must submit your lease to the municipality in addition to the tapu for review.

What does tapu have to do with numarataj?

In Turkey, residential property ownership documents are known as tapu . In fact, if you buy a residential property in this country, a title deed will be issued in your name. This document is one of the most important documents that you have to submit to the municipality in both original and copy form to receive the numarataj. Contrary to the opinion of some immigrants, it will be possible to get Turkish citizenship even if you live in rented houses.

In this case, it is necessary to deliver a copy of the title deed of the rented house in the name of the owner to the municipality. Do not forget that along with the owner’s tapu, it is necessary to provide the original and copy of the lease along with other documents to the employees of the municipality’s immigration department.

Email rendezvous

The Turkish government, like other countries, provides several different types of visas to those interested, the most common type of visa in this country can be considered a tourist visa. In general, the validity period of a tourist visa is three months or 90 days, and after the expiration of its validity, foreign nationals are required to return to their country. Of course, if foreigners decide to obtain permanent residence, they must first obtain a tourist visa and arrange an appointment with the Turkish Immigration Office before its validity expires.

Requesting an appointment with the Turkish immigration staff is known as a rendezvous, and all foreign nationals who intend to obtain permanent residence in this country must submit their rendezvous request to the Turkish Immigration Department. After that, a message about reserving the date and time of the rendezvous will be sent to the expatriates via SMS or email. After receiving the rendezvous message, the immigrants should go to the municipality and show it to the relevant officials.

Submitting a rendezvous request in order to receive a registration number is for the municipal staff to ensure the serious intention of the immigrants to stay permanently in Turkey. It should be noted that if you do not intend to obtain the right of Turkish citizenship, but you want to extend your tourist visa, you must go to the Turkish Immigration Office and submit your request to attend the rendezvous meeting to the immigration officials.

The validity period of the number card or Numarataj

In general, it can be said that the validity period of the numbering document depends on various factors. If you have purchased a property in the first year of your stay in Turkey and have received its registration form, you can easily apply for your residence in this country by visiting the Turkish Immigration Office. The registration form obtained under these conditions does not need to be renewed in the following years, and the immigrants in the following years can receive the right of Turkish citizenship again with the same number registration document as their previous one.

However, if you sell your current property and buy a new residential property in the following years, the current Numarataj will no longer be valid and you will have to get a new Numarataj form again through the municipality. However, this process has no effect on obtaining Turkish residence, and for this purpose, only one registration form will be issued. This has caused administrative activities related to residence extension to be reduced and residence extension processes to be carried out more quickly.

Information recorded in the Numarataj

All the information recorded in the numbering document actually proves your ownership of a property and your residence in it. In other words, this document is known as the TAPU supplementary document and its receipt will be mandatory for all foreign applicants to obtain Turkish residence. In this document, two types of general information can be seen, the first type belongs to the personal information of the owner.

In this section, the owner’s name and surname, age, nationality, marital status, education status, employment status, etc. are mentioned in detail so that the immigration department can obtain detailed information about the owner of the house. In the next part, all the properties of the purchased property will be recorded in detail, including the size of the property, its real value, etc. It is worth noting that this document is only for the purpose of informing the immigration department about the residential status of the immigrants and will not have any other use.

The services of CityRealty real estate agency in order to receive registration number

Obtaining Turkish residence requires timely attendance and submission of various documents to the immigration office of this country, which will be accompanied by difficulty in knowing all the steps and completing them on time. For this reason, the presence of an intermediary company can help you in immigration matters. CityRealty real-estate Agency is one of the reliable Iranian institutions active in Turkey, which will guide immigrants to buy suitable properties.

This well-known brand also has extensive activities in the field of acquiring number registration documents, and its consultants and experts can facilitate the process of obtaining number registration and finally obtaining Turkish residence for immigrants. In order to get more detailed information, you can contact the real estate consultants of the city.


It is possible to obtain Turkish residence through various methods such as buying real estate, employment, establishing a company, studying, etc. However, if you have a good financial situation, buying residential real estate will be the best option to get residence in this country. For this purpose, it is necessary to receive the number sheet. This document is actually a document proving your ownership, which will be issued by the municipality and must be provided to the immigration department. Numbering is known as a positive point for obtaining Turkish citizenship and will speed up the process of obtaining residence in this country.

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