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Moving to Turkey From USA: All You Should Know

moving to Turkey from USA

By creating a successful leap in its economic and political development, Turkey not only sees the presence of many tourists every year but also increases the number of immigrants. Therefore, many people invest money in Turkey by buying an apartment or villa for sale in Istanbul or other big cities.

Turkey’s economic conditions have made it a suitable option for people from Europe and America to immigrate and start a new life. That’s why moving to Turkey from US has become an important issue. A significant population of Americans can immigrate to Turkey for work and education.

But the main question is this: is moving to Turkey from the USA worth it? Some issues prevent people from choosing Turkey. You should know that these issues can be resolved.

How to move to Turkey from USA? Start the process by making sure that it is the best option for you. You only need to benefit from the advice of a professional team. It will be difficult to go through the submission process without making sure the answers to these four basic questions are well understood.

Is Turkey culturally appropriate for Americans?

The region of Asia has been known for its Islamic tradition. Even Turkey has some traditional and Islamic elements, which may at first glance be contradictory to the modern combinations of American life. But you should know that this issue cannot be a serious problem for moving because Turkey is well modernized.

Turkey’s proximity to Europe and having a European and Asian city like Istanbul has brought modern western culture into their lifestyle. Therefore, culturally, there is no need to worry about differences. Turkey has been associated with the intellectual leaps of the modern world and you can start moving to Turkey from the USA without any cultural problems.

Is moving to Turkey from the USA economically safe?

The value of the Turkish currency is lower than the value of the American currency. That is why if Americans go there with their initial capital from America, they can manage their basic needs very well. You can easily buy a house and a car in this country. That is why most of the time moving there through buying property is the best option.

In addition, Turkey’s geographical location allows you to access many neighbors in Asia and Europe. Keep in mind that Turkey, with its dynamic economy and increasing foreign investment, also brings job opportunities. In terms of social services, including health services, it has performed well too.

You don’t lose your money by moving to Turkey from the USA. You just have to adjust it according to your budget. For example, you should decide to move there by buying a property or immigrate there by starting a business or even move there for academic purposes.

In order to choose the best way to avoid any issue, contact us. By having a well-organized plan from an experienced team like City Reality Turkey, you can pass any obstacle.

Can Americans find jobs in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that is traditional and advanced, in the sense that it has made significant progress in the past years but still adheres to its old customs and traditions. The economy of this country is based on three factors: tourism, agriculture, and animal farming, but most of the country’s income is obtained from the tourism industry.

By creating unique recreational places, luxurious and attractive hotels, and preserving its historical monuments and natural attractions, Turkey has built its country for the annual arrival of millions of tourists from Germany, England, Russia, and Asia, including Iran.

Since English is an international language and the official language of the entire country, the United States, Americans can find a job in Turkey easily. As someone whose native language is English, you can work in the tourism industry and communicate with other tourists.

Just after moving to Turkey from the USA, you should spend short-term internships at your workplace in Turkey. In addition, Turkey needs the English language because of its ties with tourism. This means that teaching English is also a suitable career option.

moving to Turkey from USA

Which cities are suitable for moving to Turkey from the USA?

  • Istanbul

Istanbul ranks first among Turkish cities in terms of population. Because it is located somewhere between Asia and Europe, more immigrants come to this city. This city is elegantly and stylishly prepared for foreigners. It has lots of advantages but the cost of living there is expensive. Many foreigners buy property for sale in Istanbul and live in this beautiful city.

  • Ankara

As the capital of Turkey, Ankara is in second place in terms of population. It is very advanced and modernو buildings stand out in its corners. Investing in this city is very safe and profitable.

We can say that the cost of living in Ankara is much lower than in Istanbul. Moving to Turkey from the USA can be challenging if you don’t have enough information about each town such as Ankara.

  • Izmir

The city of Izmir is located in the west of Turkey and is the third largest city in Turkey in terms of size and population. This very ancient city has seen significant progress in the past years.

Factors such as the warm Mediterranean climate, sandy beaches by the Aegean Sea, hot and humid summers along with mild winters, suitable locations, and various historical places such as the Temple of Artemis make it a good destination. Living here can be a new experience for Americans.

  • Didim

Didim is another beautiful coastal city for moving to Turkey from the USA, which has a long history. In addition to its advantages such as sandy beaches, amazing wild courtyards, the shores of the Aegean Sea, etc., the cost of living there is low too.

It is very suitable if you do not have enough money for big cities. The price of housing and items needed for living in Didim is much cheaper than in other cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.


To immigrate to Turkey, you must first make sure that you are compatible with its culture and that it is a safe country for you financially. Then you have to check if you can meet your basic needs as an American in this country. For example, finding a job and buying a house. Then, you should see which city in this country is suitable for you.

Immigration has a legal part and a research part. The research and personal part of the immigration process are more important than the legal part because you need to make sure that going through this process is worth your time and energy. Make sure to check the website of the Immigration Department.

Here, by knowing the answers to these four key questions, you have gone through the individual and self-oriented part of the process. These four steps will convince you that Turkey is a suitable destination for you.

After you become sure, contact us. We will help you choose the best way of buying property and moving to Turkey from the USA with expert advice. Also, if you are moving to Istanbul from US, you can read that article.

How to move to turkey from US, the best way?

The best way is finding a job and request for work permit

Is it hard for Americans moving to Turkey?

The USA citizens must sign up for a Turkey e-visa online before arrival. Americans can still stay 90-days out of every 180 days, but an e-visa costs $51.50


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  2. Hello there, is there an american moving to turkey??!!!
    why would anyone move from america to turkey?

    • Hi, of course. some people come to turkey for work. for example as a translator

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